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  1. ahh that is a great album. One of my all time favorites. I think the Leon Russel influence on him was what made that album so great. I was just hearing it the other day... :scratchin:
  2. Love - Forever Changes A true late 60's gem of a album. It was said to be one of Jim Morrison's favorite bands and it still sounds damn good! :righteousdude:
  3. Richard Ashcroft - Alone with Everybody Bit of allmusic Review: Review by MacKenzie Wilson He experienced what could have been a traumatic blow to his inventiveness and creativity as a musician but ex-Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft is fresh. He has moved on from the effervescent prettiness of his former band to make music for himself — something the Verve might have done somewhere in time, but it wouldn't have been so honest or stripped as this solo jaunt, Alone With Everybody. Another look into the shoegazing mind of this singer/songwriter, this record is not a comeback. Just a cool album :electroguitar: Oh Yeah, hiya folks!
  4. How about lost windows drivers? damn i had some hassles with that recently hehe
  5. Listening to a 80's punk band called :"X" album titled "Los Angeles" - The worlds a mess, it's in my kiss :strumma: kooperman, thanks for reminding me of Danny O'Keefe, I used to have some of his records and I'm gonna try and find 'em again hehehe peace
  6. rickio

    frank zappa

    The first Zappa albums I ever heard were, "Absolutely Free" & "We're only in it for the Money" I had some hippie, beatnik uncles and as I kid I would sneak in there room when they were gone and trip out on the wild music they had. lol I was definately hooked by Zappa's sense of humor and by the time "Hot Rat's" and "Weasels ripped my flesh" came out I was way avid over his music. I recently found a few albums I had not heard of before of his. One was titled "Piquantique" and the other was a japanese import called "Boulez conducts Zappa" and it is Zappa not just someone playing his music. I found a write up on it. It's interesting to still find stuff I had not heard of his just pop up now and then. lol btw I live in his hometown lol peace Little blurb of allmusic.com about Boulez conducts Zappa: Having recorded some works with a large orchestra in January 1983, in January 1984, Frank Zappa arranged for some of his chamber works to be performed by Pierre Boulez's Ensemble InterContemporain, a 16-piece group. "The Perfect Stranger," "Naval Aviation In Art?," and "Dupree's Paradise" were given this treatment, and the four remaining tracks are the product of Zappa's music synthesizer, the Synclavier. As usual, Zappa's "serious" works are rhythmically interesting and make for challenging listening. Originally released on LP on the classical Angel/EMI label, this album was reissued on CD on Zappa's Barking Pumpkin label in 1992, at which time he resequenced it. — William Ruhlmann
  7. I also saw Blind Faith in concert and Ginger Baker's drum solo was the height of the concert. I would say he was also a very strong drummer in that from what I heard, he would regularly destroy a drum set with the power of his assault on his drum kit. Listening to Ginger Baker you have to note the sheer power of his drumming. I have to mention though that Keith Moon and Mitch Mitchell ar up there as well. Mitchell had a really wild technique that was perectly suited to Hendrix. Just listen to Mitchell just going all over the place with his drums, he was really unique.
  8. There is also another Allman Brother's , anthology cd set. A 4 cd set that apparently came out in 1989. It's titled "Dreams" ,but I cannot find any information on it. It has material from Pre Allman Brother's days. Allman Joys, Hourglass, 31'st of Febuary & Duane Allman before the Allman Bro's band and then their music till about '89 Very good cd anthology but as I said I cannot find it listed anywhere. Just lucked out in snagging a copy I guess... Great pics folks and as always, Kiwibank you always provide great info. I find it enjoyable to look up and listen to what you refer to. Great taste my friend. :-) peace
  9. The reasoning behind why I picked Hendrix as number one was his intuitive feel for the guitar and the sounds he could make, his soulful nature coupled with his technique. There is never one quality that makes a person number one. In fact Zappa may be in some technical ways a bit more advanced. But at least for me, music is of the heart and soul and it takes those qualities to make one the best in my humble opinion. Technique with heart and artistry is what I look at in terms of best. Clapton is great because he realises that flash does not make the guitar player but the ability to convey emotion and heart. I believe he said in some interview that he in fact attempted to be more gritty, less polished. I think he had that attitude as it is the music he is focused on, not just technique, though interesting enough his approach is still technique from his own experience. The technique of no technique lol...sounds kinda zen. Also you have to put in perspective that people like Zappa, Hendrix and Clapton who I mention just for perspective. Are not simply great guitar players but inovators. One must put in perspective what came before them to recognise how good they really were. In the end it's what you enjoy that is best. lol... peace
  10. Actually I was just thinking before I logged in here that Zappa was more of a technician, he was a perfectionist and lot of his work was out there and not as accessable as some other great guitatists. Though he recorded so much, he does cover all the bases and has some accessable material. And in the scheme of things second best is nothing to sneeze at lol... Yes different styles but we were asked who was best and I think Hendrix was technically better but just my opinion and after all it's only the ears and heart that can make the final points lol. I was also thinking that a lot of great meterial is so far in the past now, only real avid music fans would dig it up to listen to all of it. So we lose some of the impact of greatness because of time. Also I was gonna mention a few other great guitarsit I did not see mentioned. Jeff Beck,Johnny Winter, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani off the top of my head. But I am only basing my ideas on technical ability and music itself is another matter I believe. Some of the best music of all time is written and played by good but not the best musicians. I'm gonna check out some more George Lynch now because you mentioned him. :-) peace
  11. ahh Hendrix is definately the best with zappa nipping at his heals. lol but you should make a poll asking who you enjoy as a guitarist, as best is best and songs you like the most many times another thing. ;-p Hendrix just blows everyone away. Most likely many folks have not heard all his work as well. peace
  12. Do you like Blackest Eyes? I actually just got a copy of "In Absentia" by PT, in a bunch of files I got recently. I really like Porcupine Tree, but will give that a listen. It's so hard to keep up with all the great music out there. I always feel like I am just skimming the surfice. But it's all fun ;-)
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