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el mas suelto

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  1. el mas suelto


    i agree with lil dice , if it wasnt for the djs and producers that worked hard to put thier music out on the street doing thier thing at the clubs and partys the under ground movement wouldve been dead , thats y i give props to the pioneers of the music like Playero, DJ Negro( The Noise ) and others that helped put out artists that are now dominating the genre , but the only defect is see is since the musics getting more commercial its loosing some of its value , ppl who have been listening to the music for years can tell you , but still there are artists out there that keep it real and represent what they do to the fullest but i saw a few posts up that N.O.R.E was listed umong some artists , N.O.R.E is not a real reggaeton artist , nothign wrong with coming out with a few songs , but theres to many biters out there trying to get a on music just cuase its gettin more well known international , when back in the day or even a few years ago ppl wouldnt ahve given two shits about the reggaeton , now every body wants reggaeton if any one is interesed in info or songs , or anything old school my e mail [email protected]
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