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  1. The Beatles - Don't Let Me Down R.I.P. Billy Preston "The Fifth Beatle"
  2. How long until Igor joins Soulfly? From:sepultura.com OFFICIAL STATEMENT TO THE PRESS Since the beginning of SEPULTURA the ideas of the band were based on the open mindedness, a strong attitude, and the belief in what ever it is that you set your mind to do do it with all your heart. This band has grown to become more then just the individuals in it, with it's additions of members from the start and until now. The ideas and determination from all the members co-founders or not has kept this band together for many years along with the important belief from our supportive fan base. We set out to create, perform, and communicate our music to the world, an aspect of SEPULTURA that is still alive with us. We do not want to quit in the middle of what we started because this means something to us and to the people that believe in us. We created an album and video with the idea of supporting them 100% and that is what we plan to do with our releases. We will finish the touring cycle world wide for Dante XXI which we already started. We have enlisted (Jean Dolabella from Belo Horizonte) to come to complete the touring cycle on the road who will bring the positive attitude, passion and drive that has given the integrity to the name SEPULTURA. Despite of all our efforts to compromise and respecting Igor's desire to have a break for himself we needed to follow up with our new release with touring which is what was expected of us to do. With Igor's full understanding that we would continue the touring cycle with someone else it was accepted and fully understood by him. Upon return from the first part of the tour Igor decided to leave the band by his own choice and we can accept that. We wish him all the luck in what ever it is he wishes to pursue. Igor Cavalera's statement: sepultura.com One of the founders of the Brazilian biggest heavy metal band, Iggor Cavalera, announces that he is leaving Sepultura. Cavalera, drummer and musician claims outworn and incompatibility of thoughts with the remaining band members, and signalizes new projects “A lot of reasons made me take this important decision in my life and I would like to share it with everybody. I believe my mission in Sepultura has come to an end. I am very proud of all we have done, but nowadays I feel that the band formation no longer lives up to my expectations. Since my last European tour in 2004, I have noticed that my ideas didn’t match with the others.”, asserts Iggor. Since 1985, Sepultura has putted out ten world wide releases (“Bestial Devastation”, 1985; “Morbid Visions”, 1986; “Schizophrenia”, 1987; “Beneath the Remains”, 1989; “Arise”, 1991; “Roots”, 1996; “Against”, 1998; “Nation”, 2001 “Roorback”, 2003 e Dante XXI, 2006), that sold millions of copies. The band reached it’s peak in 1996, with the release of the album “Roots” which represented a musical swerve in the heavy metal scene, introducing new experiences as tribal percussions and the work with the Brazilian Indian tribe, Xavantes. However, after the album release and the world tour of “Roots”, guitarist, singer and Iggor’s brother, Max Cavalera, left the band to continue his solo career. Sepultura continued their works and success with a new singer, Derrick Green. Apart from touring since 2005, when he was substituted by Roy Mayorga, Iggor noticed that his personal ambitions where worlds apart from the rest of the band and slightly detached from the creative process of Sepultura. “Many years of work in group, made the relationship get outworn and I feel that there isn’t compatibility of thoughts and ideas between the rest of the band and me. I tried to make this clear and suggested that we should take a break. However their priority was to continue playing in despite of my permanence”, says Iggor. As a drummer and musician, Iggor persists and look forward to new references to produce something authentic and real, which may represent what Sepultura was once in his life. Lately the musician researches a contemporary view of the heavy metal scene, looking for different influences such as hip hop, hardcore, tribal percussions and electronic music. According to Iggor, the decision of leaving Sepultura was one of the most difficult in his career, once that, as founder of the band, he dedicated most of his life to it. “I would like to immeasurably thank all of the fans which supported me and continue encouraging our music. And also to everyone who had worked to make Sepultura exist.”
  3. I got satellite radio about a year and a half ago and I havent listened to regular radio since. It's only gonna get worse with the increase in fines....I heard they wanted to fine the individual (DJ) as well as the radio station.
  4. R.L. Burnside is one of my favorites...you should check out some of music. He has an edge to his playing that I think is great! R.I.P. He died Semptember 2 2005 Amazon.com
  5. I heard them on sirius a couple days ago....brings back memories of Saxon and Iron Maiden type music. Edit: Lyrically speaking
  6. sickman

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    I just registered, looked over the rules and wanted to say what an awesome site this is! I should have clicked that link in your sig along time ago Rainbowdemon!
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