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  1. I'm actually from the sticks of Louisiana but I moved to Biloxi last year and have loved it since.
  2. I heard the same shit on 97.9 WCPR in Biloxi, MS on Sunday night. All they had said is that rumor is that Scott Strap is dead. Personally I hope he is, simply because of the fact that CREED SUCKS DOG DICK FOR QUARTERS.
  3. I use to live in a town about 20 minutes from Escatawpa and use to always bullshit with Brad and Matt at parties and shit in the area, because we knew alot of the same people and them are some really cool dudes. And FYI: I have been hearing Kryptonite on the radio since 98 cause the station in south Mississippi (97.9 WCPR) was the first station in the country to start playing it.
  4. drnkbudweiser


    Three 6 Mafia all the way
  5. You can also download kazaa off of techtv.com. That is where I got my copy at.
  6. I am headed up to my grandparents and I know my grandma is going to hook it up with a turkey (unless I end up deep frying it) and a ham, plus I know she is going to have chicken and dumplins, green bean caserole, potato salad, dressing (and I am bringing an oyster dressing) fruit salad, pecan pie, and choclate pie. Then after we eat we will sit around and watch football and pass out. LOL
  7. Guns N' Roses will always be one of the most awesome 80's bands ever
  8. I've always been a Faith No More fan and aren't they from the eighties? And yeah I am kinda into The Offspring but more along the lines of there old stuff. But Nirvana will always be in my top 3 favorite bands of all time and Green Day's old stuff is pretty awesome but I am not into the new shit
  9. Greatest Songs to Come out of the 90's. Ight here is my list: Tool: Anything Marilyn Manson: Anything Nirvana: Anything Pantera: This Love White Zombie: Anything Korn: Fagot Rage Against The Machine: Anything Green Day: Brainstew Down: Stone The Crow Metallica: Anything off the Black Album Coal Chamber: Anything off of Coal Chamber Candlebox: Anything off of Candlebox Soundgarden: Anything Alice In Chains: Anything
  10. Hold on I'm confused here, Is that show to raise money or to make them poor people suffer even more than they already have in the past month or so?
  11. Vulger Display of Power is an awesome ass fucking CD (one of my top 10 favorites) but I think Phil's other band Super Joint Ritual would have to beat them out on being the heaviest.
  12. 90% of nu metal blows ass. Coal Chamber was the shit when they first came out (I saw them open for Pantera in 96) but now they just starting to blow chunks. Slipknot blows cause Corey Taylor had to ruin it for them by starting that gay ass band Stone Sour. Korn was good back in the day (Everything after Follow The Leader just sucked). The only nu metal band that is still cool in my book is Mudvayne. I have seen them something like 4 or 5 times and everytime I do they just get better and better. So that is my thoughts on nu metal, like em or hate em, I don't give a fuck either way.
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