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  2. Not quite the eatin' I had in mind, but she is cute
  3. Yo, Kiwi - who is that cutey? Can you hook me up?
  4. There will be no more censoring of Garfield the cat - here, or in China - you hear me?
  5. I've seen him on Twitter - we follow each other. He games the system - he'd let a mouse follow him to raise his number specs. I have other plans for mice
  6. The Ropes - Kitty Get Down from the Be My Gun ep (2009) I like the song from the NY indie band, but humans are dumb - that kitty is fuc*k'n with them
  7. Damn - Master just performed his 40,000th post at Beatking!!!! That's sick. No wonder he never has time to feed me my tuna :bouncy: :bouncy:
  8. * Now do something useful and go get me some tuna!!!
  9. Having some technical difficulties - can't play one song, so we will go for fifteen Amadou & Mariam - Politic Amagni (La Politique, C'est Pas Bon) This cut (#5) is from the African rockers 2005 album, Dimanche À Bamako. Sample the rest and enjoy. Amadou et Mariam
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