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Everything posted by NelsonG

  1. Flash forward to 2013. Hes on DWTS. Broke. RT @TMZ: 21-year-old @SouljaBoy just bought himself a $55M private jet http://t.co/2QR7ljy

  2. #realtalk I'm going to the be wealthiest person you personally know. Believe that.

  3. RT @TXGreekPicnic: We are EXACTLY 1 week away from the Krunkest Greek Wknd In The World! Don't come here acting (cont) http://tl.gd/c0sijl

  4. Before Steve Harvey came onto Family Feud, I'd never seen so many black families on the show.

  5. Two phrases I want to see go away ASAP: "swag" and "it is what it is"

  6. Lol RT @PinKiPeeCH: This some BS!!! I don't want hear this Obama talk! I came home to see my Master chef!!! Ughhhhhh Damn u!!!!

  7. RT @TXGreekPicnic: Looking for a graphic design artist. Please email us your work. [email protected]

  8. This is how NOT to make a tortilla! http://yfrog.com/hsd95vhoj

  9. I'm at Lake Pflugerville (Pfluger Lane, Weiss Lane, Pflugerville) http://4sq.com/nYXrl4


  11. HUGE thank you to @PinKiPeeCH for bringing me this monster. Its definitely needed. http://yfrog.com/kkxx4lfj

  12. I wonder how my account info got to California. Oh well, card cancelled ya fuckers. #losing oh and thanks Shazam fraud alerts! You guys rock

  13. My number 1 driving song: Rob Zombie - Dragula

  14. Who's going to win?! Sent from my demonSPEED! Glacier using Tapatalk
  15. I have both as well. I haven't seen the amount available to me though. Sent from my demonSPEED! Glacier using Tapatalk
  16. Another day, another dollar.

  17. Ahhh... gotowebinar... o_0

  18. You're looking to travel on I 10 near downtown houston don't because it's 1 large clusterfuck

  19. I'm at The Lot (4212 Washington Ave, at Thompson, Houston) w/ 4 others http://4sq.com/qODHHt

  20. Listening to the "Hip Hop/R&B Hits" station on #SlackerRadiohttp://slacker.com/r/FjgzS

  21. Just heard most of the #sorry4thewait mixtape. Garbage. I promptly threw it in the virtual recycle bin & emptied that bitch.

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