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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSO1HaBO8kk&feature=player_embedded Audio and video remix production by Antix. See http://www.AntixOnline.co.uk for more information and http://www.CapitalDJAgency.co.uk for all bookings. As always, this video is for promotional use only!
  2. http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/BELLYDRAKE/Belly_ft_Drake-Make_It_Go-MP3WAXXdotcom.zip Artist Contact Info: [email protected]
  3. http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/DALIVAA/Dalivaa-Living_That_Life.zip (Main, Instrumental & Acapella Versions Included) FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
  4. http://usershare.net/pgogkypvmlxx Maino on MySpace! http://www.Myspace.com/Maino Drops: Sarah Alminawi [email protected] Booking [email protected]
  5. Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Vol. 108 Hosted By Snoop Dogg TRACKLIST: 1. Coast 2 Coast Intro 2. Snoop Dogg feat. Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, Lloyd Banks, Ras Kass, Styles P & Crooked I - I Wanna Rock (September 7th RMX) 3. Red Rum 781 & Dope Daddy - Mah Nigguz (Damu Penda) 4. Xzibit - Hurt Locker 5. Joell Ortiz feat. Cory Gunz - Line Em' Up 6. Kendrick Lamar - Little Johnny 7. Wale - Thank You (Freestyle) 8. Crooked I feat. Raekwon & EDI - That's My Word (Prod. By Komplex) 9. George Hodos feat. Snoop Dogg - Just A Man (Prod. by Anthony Meyer & Christopher Aaron for Tha Alumni) 10. Snoop Dogg feat. Lady V, KV, Big Pimpin', 6'9", Twin & Bad Azz - Dogg Collar 11. Snoop Dogg Interlude 1 12. Hith - 87 89 93 13. Floyd Bocox feat. Snoop Dogg - How Do You Want It 14. Snoop Dogg Interlude 2 15. Tey Martel feat. Snoop Dogg - Fuck With Us 16. Young Money - Ms. Parker 17. Deuce D - For My Homies 18. 40 Glocc feat. Kurupt - Judgement Day 19. The Raskal feat. Knoc-Turn'Al & Quon - Whatever I Want To 20. Elliot Burns - Take What You Can 21. Busta Rhymes feat. The Game - Breakin' Rules 22. Lil' Ole P feat. MC Eiht - Do What You Feel 23. Dujon feat. Mazlo - Beggin For Help 24. Fam Clik - Shawty Give Me Brain (Prod. by Malik) 25. Leph T - Text Me In The A.M. 26. Daddy T - Get It Good 27. Outro Download: http://www.mp3waxx.com/promo/NEWSLETTERS/Coast_2_Coast_Mixtape_Vol_108-Hosted_By_Snoop_Dogg.zip
  6. http://www.mediafire.com/?mf5jimdmwgj
  7. http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/2WNTOWAZ/2wn_Towaz-Fresh_New_Fitted.zip (Main, Instrumental & Acapella Versions Included) For PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
  8. http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/JUELZWAYNEMOVE/Juelz_Santana_ft_Lil_Wayne-Move_The_Damn_Thing-MP3WAXXdotcom.zip FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
  9. http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/KUKOBUDADJMAD/Kuko_Alamala_and_Buda_ft_DJ_Mad-Baila_Conmigo.zip FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
  10. http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/FELLAPLIESBUDDIES/Fella_ft_Plies-Buddies.zip FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
  11. http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/ROBINTHICKELUDATHERAPY/Robin_Thicke_ft_Ludacris-Sex_Therapy_Remix-MP3WAXXdotcom.zip FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
  12. The 1st Single off The Highly Anticipated The Streets Made Me Vol. I Official Real Ni&&a Radio Mixtape DROPPING SUPER BOWL WEEKEND 2010 Baking Soda Remix: http://www.zshare.net/audio/7028876768f7f047/ SEND FEEDBACK [email protected] Contact www.myspace.com/biggarankin twitter.com/biggarankin00 www.facebook.com/DJBiggaRankin socialurl.com/BiggaRankin
  13. http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/YOUNGJEEZY4MYTOWN/Young_Jeezy-4_My_Town_REMIX-MP3WAXXdotcom.zip FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
  14. http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/SKOODACHOSE/Skooda_Chose-Represent_Fly.zip FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
  15. http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/JAMIEFOXXDANCEFLOOR/Jamie_Foxx-Straight_To_The_Dance_Floor-MP3WAXXdotcom.zip FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
  16. Thank you to everyone that has been supporting the record ‘FLEX’ by The Party Boyz . We have been getting a great response from Dj's all over. We truly appreciate the support. If you have yet to receive the record, I've attached a link to the clean, plus an instrumental. PRODUCED BY DJ MR. ROGERS 75 BPM THE PARTY BOYZ "FLEX" CLEAN www.tinyurl.com/dnf74jl THE PARTY BOYZ "FLEX" INSTRUMENTAL www.tinyurl.com/d95jf3 Download link (Short Edit) www.tinyurl.com/5kal6n Email [email protected] Check Out The Promotional Video of Party Boyz performing "FLEX" to over 30,000 FANS! Download the video: http://go.madmimi.com/redirects/23c9f8d5807fd8f9e6e434b99f55a57d?pa=478463848 http://twitter.com/djmrrogers djmrrogers.blogspot.com Email [email protected]
  17. http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/JUICYJPPDORROUGHTWERK/Juicy_J_and_Project_Pat_ft_Dorrough-Twerk-MP3WAXXdotcom.zip Dirty & Clean Versions Included FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
  18. http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/USHERNICKIMINAJ/Usher_ft_Nicki_Minaj-Little_Freak-MP3WAXXdotcom.zip FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
  19. http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/SMOKEY/Smokey_ft_Juelz_Santana_and_Severe-Swimming_In_My_Money.zip FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
  20. http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/MACKCAPONEFOLLOWME/Mack_Capone_and_Chris_Brown-Follow_Me_Like_Twitter_REMIX.zip FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
  21. http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/CITYBOY/Cityboy_ft_Kaye_Fox_and_Sly_Polaroid-Chi_State_of_Mind.zip FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
  22. Clean MP3: http://www.zshare.net/audio/7005832349b787e7/ Dirty MP3: http://www.zshare.net/audio/70058366cf4cc781/ Big Gates Records has been getting real busy lately. We've brought you several records from the label recently all of which have received great feedback. Now we are bringing you the brand new single from Fella called "My Buddies" featuring Plies. This record is buzzing crazy in the streets already, especially all around Florida. I know all my DJ & Media "Buddies" will feel this one. It's a new anthem!!! Let's get this one in motion immediately. VISIT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITES ONLINE TODAY http://www.biggatesrecords.com/ www.myspace.com/biggatesrecords www.myspace.com/fellamusik FOLLOW ON TWITTER RIGHT NOW www.twitter.com/thisisbiggates www.twitter.com/goonaffiliated www.twitter.com/fellaonyac
  23. Master MP3: http://limelinx.com/files/5f33bb3dfefe8ef2b160d06c93bfe127 YouTube Stream: Let me start off by telling you this dude DY is doing very big things right now. This record is something I'm leaking out as a World Premiere from DY and trust me it is just the beginning. The record is produced by Grammy nominated super producer Poli Paul and features Hip Hop & Pop superstar Flo Rida....can you say crazy???!?! Keep in mind this is just a tease of what is yet to come. I need all my Media and DJ friends to check this record out and show support. Bloggers and Websites please post it up for your readers and viewers....DJ's give it a spin for your listeners and let them be the judge!!! Feel free to shoot me feedback as it is always appreciated and needed. If you have any requests or inquiries just hit me directly and I'll take care of ya. In the meantime.....go download "Shoe Game" right now!!! VISIT DY ONLINE TODAY http://www.iamdy.com/ www.myspace.com/dymusic www.youtube.com/dysofly1
  24. http://www.mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/SNOOPDOGGAUTOMATIC/Snoop_Dogg-Bootiez_Automatic-MP3WAXXdotcom.zip FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY
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