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  1. SAVE $40: As of June 29, pet owners can pick up an Embark dog DNA test kit for $40 off its original price ahead of Prime Day — $159 total. Do you know your dog? Like, really know your dog? We're talking about nuances of breed, genetic health markers, unique needs, etc. We're guessing you might not, and that's OK — most people don't. But ahead of Prime Day on July 12, you can get started figuring those things out by snagging an Embark DNA testing kit, which is on sale for 40% off. SEE ALSO: Amazon's early Prime Day deals have arrived. Here's what you need to know. Embark is super easy to use, and gets you fast results. After a quick cheek swab and sending it out in the mail, you'll have in-depth insights into your pup in a flash. That information includes breed information and genetic health summaries that'll keep you aware of what to look out for as your fur baby grows into a fur senior. You can even send all of these learnings to your vet to keep them in the loop on your dog's needs. Opens in a new tab Credit: Embark Embark dog DNA test kit (opens in a new tab) Save $40 at Amazon Get Deal (opens in a new tab) View the full article
  2. SAVE $44.85: Prime members who haven't subscribed to Audible Premium Plus before can score a free three-month trial through July 31 (typically $14.95/month). Have you redeemed your four free months of Amazon Music Unlimited already? Overlord Bezos is giving you yet another chance to snag an extended trial of an Amazon streaming service this Prime Day. Now through July 31, any Prime member who hasn't used Audible Premium Plus before can hop on a three-month trial for free. (Its standard trial is typically just 30 days long.) Subscriptions to the platform usually cost $14.95 a month, so you'll be pocketing a savings of just under $45. SEE ALSO: The best early Prime Day deals: Amazon devices, kitchen essentials, and more Billed as "the largest producer and provider of premium audio storytelling," Audible features a vast, growing selection of audiobooks and podcasts (including exclusive Audible Originals) that you can listen to on your smartphone, Kindle, Fire tablet, or any Alexa device. The Premium Plus tier includes unlimited access to its catalog in addition to one "credit" per month, which you can use to purchase any "premium selection" title that you can keep forever. (Those are typically bestsellers and new releases.) Any extra premium selection picks you want to buy on top of that will be 30% off with Prime. Amazon will start billing you at the usual $14.95 monthly rate after your free trial ends, so be sure to cancel your Audible Premium Plus membership at some point before then if you don't want to get charged. Opens in a new tab Credit: Amazon Audible Premium Plus (opens in a new tab) Free 3-month trial for Prime members Get Deal (opens in a new tab) View the full article
  3. SAVE UP TO 45%: Ready for some campfire singalongs this summer? As of June 29, take up to 45% off Solo Stove fire pits, 29% off the Solo Stove grill bundle, and up to 35% off accessories. Summer is the time for camping trips, grilling outside, and hanging out with friends around the campfire. But if you have a backyard and want to enjoy said fire, you often have to a.) build your own fire pit and b.) deal with smoke in your face while you're sitting around it. Solo Stove solves both of those problems, offering smokeless fire pits that can be used pretty much anywhere. Through July 4th, all of Solo Stove's fire pits (and its grill bundle) are discounted — you can save up to $350 depending on the size you opt for. If you're looking for more exact sale prices, we got you: Solo Stove Ranger fire pit— $199.99 $299.99 (save $100) Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit — $219.99 $399.99 (save $180) Solo Stove Yukon fire pit — $399.99 $749.99 (save $350) Solo Stove Grill ultimate bundle — $549.99 $774.99 (save $225) You'll also be able to snag Solo Stove accessories at up to 35% off, including heat deflectors, bonfire shields, Solo Stove covers, pit tools, recycled firewood, and color packs to give your fire a colorful boost. SEE ALSO: The best camping gear for beginners Normal fires require a lot of manpower to get going and keep going, but Solo Stove fire pits are beasts at heat efficiency and airflow. You'll be able to get a roaring bonfire going in minutes, so you can spend more time roasting marshmallows with your friends and family. Thanks to the brand's Fourth of July sale, you won't need to shell out your whole paycheck for a fire pit. Opens in a new tab Credit: Solo stove Solo Stove Fourth of July Sale (opens in a new tab) Save up to 45% at Solo Stove Get Deal (opens in a new tab) View the full article
  4. Instagram has been blocking posts that mention abortion, at times asking users to verify their age before being able to view such posts. In an investigation by the Associated Press, several advocacy groups found their posts hidden from public view and flagged as "sensitive content". Hashtags related to abortion pills – including mifepristone, a medication used for over half of all US abortions – also resulted in hidden posts, NBC News found. The company later stated that a "technical bug" was causing abortion-related content to be veiled. At the time of writing this article, the hashtags #mifepristone and #abortionpills are displaying thousands of posts on Instagram. Both were previously producing virtually no new results. The findings over Instagram's hidden posts came shortly after Facebook and Instagram were discovered to be removing posts that offer abortion pills. Infographics, memes, and other social media updates regarding abortion exploded after the Supreme Court's ruling to overturn Roe v Wade on Friday, which eliminates the constitutional right to abortion in the United States. Within moments of some posts offering help in procuring abortion being uploaded to Instagram and Facebook, though, both platforms had taken them down. The same was not done for posts that offered "weed" and "a gun". A Meta spokesperson later confirmed on Twitter that the company won't allow pharmaceuticals to be sold or gifted on their site. Sharing information regarding such medication, however, would be. In Meta's Transparency Center, it is written that content attempting to buy, sell or trade pharmaceutical drugs is not allowed, except when "Listing the price of vaccines in an explicit education or discussion context" and "offering delivery" by legitimate healthcare businesses. In December 2021, it became legal to mail abortion pills, as a result of a decision by the Food and Drug Administration. Pills-by-mail are now in legal peril, as several US States are inching towards banning abortion or have already done so. Some states, like Kansas and Mississippi, do not allow abortion medications to be provided via telemedicine consultations. However, individual states cannot regulate federal mail. The decision to overturn Roe v Wade has shaken America. Before the ruling, more than half of the women in America lived in states that are hostile to abortion rights. Now, reproductive rights are placed in further jeopardy, with about 60 percent of states having banned abortion or looking to do so. Following the devastating ruling, people across the US are fighting for reproductive justice and against the human rights violation. View the full article
  5. SAVE $240: Hand over the tedious floor cleaning to a robot. Grab the Roborock S6 Pure robot vacuum and mop while it's back at its all-time low price of $359.99 — that's 40% off its MSRP of $599.99. Floor cleaning doesn't have to be a drag. Consider a robot vacuum and mop, like the Roborock S6 Pure, that can handle your daily cleaning tasks and then some. The Roborock S6 Pure is back at its all-time low price of $359.99 at Walmart — that's $240 off its suggested retail price of $599.99. The S6 Pure offers multi-floor mapping and smart LiDAR Navigation to ensure it cleans in an efficient pattern (and won't fall down the stairs or get stuck under the coffee table). Plus, you can control it via app or with your voice, create regular cleaning schedules, set no-go zones and invisible walls (like around delicate furniture, kids' bedrooms, or any area where there are lots of cables), and program customized suction levels for every room across multiple floors. While it's not as high-tech as its more expensive sibling (the S7, Mashable's top pick for hardwood floors), it does have the same battery capacity: 180 minutes of cleaning before heading back to its charging dock. The dustbin and water tank are smaller, too, but it can still mop and vacuum spaces up to 1,610 square feet in one go. The S6 Pure is a particularly good choice for homes under 2,000 square feet with both hardwood floors and carpets, as it can glide over thresholds between rooms like a champ. The downside? It won't empty the dustbin for you. For that, you'll probably have to spend a couple hundred more dollars. Opens in a new tab Credit: Roborock Roborock S6 Pure Robot Vacuum and Mop (opens in a new tab) $359.99 at Walmart (save $240) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) View the full article
  6. Save $100: As of June 29, the Ozark Trail Crystal Caverns 10-person Festival Tent is on sale at Walmart for only $99 — $100 off its regular price of $199. New summer weekend plan: Grabbing 10 pals, heading into the great outdoors, and *not* paying for a hotel or Airbnb. Investing in this giant 10-person festival tent by Ozark Trail will save you another $100 on top of that, because it's currently on sale for just $99. You and your crew will have plenty of personal space in this makeshift cabin — whether you hit full capacity or not. Arrange 10 sleeping bags across the floor or go the glamping route with two queen air mattresses. Four vents provide ventilation so it doesn't get stuffy, and there are two entrances to help you avoid stepping on each other's toes. An XL mud mat flips out from the main entrance. Members of your group over six feet tall (well, technically as long as they're 6'3" or under) can even stand all the way up — the center of the tent is 76 inches tall. Opens in a new tab Credit: Ozark Trail Ozark Trail Crystal Caverns 10-person Festival Tent (opens in a new tab) $99 at Walmart (save $100) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) View the full article
  7. Yes, there’s actually a word for those comic bleeps. And that’s not the only thing you’ll find in the pages of a comic book with a surprising name. This video is part of an ongoing Mashable Explains (Animated) series, delving into the weird history of everything from the first EV to... astronaut ice cream. View the full article
  8. Lindsey Jordan also played a new version of Valentine’s “Headlock” for SpotifyView the full article
  9. Check out “Nattens Sista Strimma Ljus” from En Är För Mycket och Tusen Aldrig NogView the full article
  10. A few weeks ago, Snapchat started testing a paid subscription tier called Snapchat Plus, allowing users access to some extra perks for a monthly fee. Next week, according to The Verge, who confirmed the news with Snapchat, Snapchat Plus is going live at a price of $3.99 a month. The features haven't changed that much from the test version: Users still get exclusive Snapchat icons, special profile badges, and the ability to pin a friend as their number one BFF. Other features of note include the ability to see who rewatched your stories (hello, reverse stalking). The Verge got some details on what's coming from Snap's SVP of product, Jacob Andreou, who said that some of these features, such as the BFF pin, will probably remain exclusive to Plus subscribers, while features that "rely on interactions with others" will eventually make their way to all users. SEE ALSO: Snapchat will start letting you change your username, but there's a catch With most of the changes being cosmetic, one has to wonder whether there are other perks subscribers get for their money? Unfortunately the ability to remove ads from the service isn't one of them. As Andreou puts it, “Ads are going to be at the core of our business model for the long term." Snapchat Plus is Snapchat's first notable revenue stream besides ads, so it's no wonder the company is reluctant to get rid of ads very easily. Still, if you're paying for an upgraded tier of an otherwise free service, you'll want something in return, right? Right now, it appears that Snap is opting for a direction similar to the one taken by Twitter, whose Twitter Blue subscription service also gives users a few cool perks but does not grant them an ad-free experience. Snapchat Plus is rolling out next week in the following markets: United States, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. View the full article
  11. The new version of “Kick Me” features on the reimagined version of the composer’s 2021 LP Big MessView the full article
  12. Our picks for the best luggage deals ahead of Prime Day 2022: BEST LUGGAGE SET DEAL: The American Tourister Fieldbrook XLT 4-Piece Set is basically a "one and done" luggage purchase — $94.90 $159.99 (save 53%) BEST CHECKED LUGGAGE DEAL: The Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion Large Spinner is lightweight and sturdy with an expandable design — $150.23 $319.99 (save 53%) BEST CARRY-ON LUGGAGE DEAL: The TUMI International Expandable 4-Wheeled Carry-On is rarely on sale, so hop on it if you're interested — $555 $695 (save 20%) Stop us if you've heard this one already: It's absurdly expensive to travel right now. Mercifully, we're already seeing a bunch of discounts on luggage ahead of Amazon's annual Prime Day sale (which is happening on July 12 and 13 this year). If you're going to spend a boatload on gas, airfare, and/or hotels, it's so worth it to snag a cheap suitcase when the opportunity strikes — they're not exactly cheap themselves. Keep scrolling for a list of the best early Prime Day deals on carry-ons, checked bags, and luggage sets from top brands like Samsonite and TUMI as of June 29. A few PSAs before you peruse: A lot of the luggage on Amazon is currently listed as "temporarily out of stock" (i.e., you can buy it now but its delivery date is unknown). We only picked bags that were ready to ship at the time of writing so there's no need to worry whether something will arrive before a trip. Amazon often lowballs products' MSRPs, so we calculated these discounts based on the pricing we found on brands' websites. As such, you may see some discrepancies between Amazon's list prices and the ones below. These prices may not apply to every color variation of a bag — we just picked the cheapest versions. With that out of the way, bon voyage. Luggage set deals Opens in a new tab Credit: American Tourister Our pick: American Tourister Fieldbrook XLT 4-Piece Set (opens in a new tab) $93.04 on Amazon (save $106.95) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we like itRated highly by Amazon reviewers for maneuverability, durability, and overall value, this four-piece set from American Tourister features four softside suitcases: a boarding bag with multiple interior and exterior pockets, a wheeled duffel bag with reinforced corners, a 21-inch upright carry-on with a push-button locking handle, and a 25-inch upright bag that you can check before boarding. It's basically a "one-and-done" luggage purchase. It's currently on sale for $159.99 on the American Tourister website (down from an original retail price of $199.99), but you'll pay only $93.04 if you buy it off Amazon — that's a 53% savings. More early Prime Day deals on luggage setsHardside Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX 3-Piece Set — $309.99 $809.97 (save 62%) Samsonite Omni PC 3-Piece Spinner Set — $349 $639.97 (save 45%) Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion 3-Piece Spinner Set — $419 $809.97 (save 48%) Checked luggage deals Opens in a new tab Credit: Samsonite Our pick: Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion Large Spinner (opens in a new tab) $150.23 on Amazon (save $169.76) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we like itSamsonite's 28-inch Winfield 2 Fashion Large Spinner is another favorite among Amazon customers (peep the 11,800+ five-star reviews), earning high praise for its lightweight, expandable design and sturdiness. Highlights include four multidirectional wheels, side-mounted TSA-approved locks, a locking handle, and a brushed finish that hides minor wear and tear. It's out of stock on the Samsonite website, where it used to sell for $319.99, but Amazon still has it in stock and on sale: Order one in purple for just $150.23 to pocket a 53% savings. More early Prime Day deals on checked luggageHardside Samsonite Centric Large Spinner — $146.99 279.99 (save 48%) Samsonite Freeform Medium Spinner — $149 $239.99 (save 38%) Samonsite Winfield 3 DLX Medium Spinner — $149 $279.99 (save 47%) Travelpro Maxlite Air Medium Check-in Expandable Hardside Spinner — $169.99 $199.99 (save 15%) Travelpro Maxlite Air Large Check-in Expandable Hardside Spinner — $190.49 $229.99 (save 17%) Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX Large Spinner — $190.99 $319.99 (save 40%) Softside Travelpro Maxlite 5 25-inch Expandable Spinner — $159.99 $189.99 (save 16%) Samsonite SoLyte DLX Large Expandable Spinner — $189.99 $239.99 (save 21%) Travelpro Platinum Elite 29-inch Expandable Spinner — $343.49 $429.99 (save 20%) Carry-on luggage deals Opens in a new tab Credit: TUMI Our pick: TUMI International Expandable 4-Wheeled Carry-On (opens in a new tab) $555 on Amazon (save $140) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we like itIt's still a splurge, but we couldn't pass this one up: TUMI's premium luggage rarely goes on sale. This particular model is an expandable hardside carry-on bag with four multidirectional wheels, an antimicrobial lining, an adjustable handle made from aircraft-grade aluminum, a flexible outer shell made of recycled polycarbonate, and a wraparound zip closure with a breakaway puller (which makes it so you don't have to replace the entire zipper if it gets caught). If it's any consolation, it'll probably be the last carry-on you'll ever need to buy. Amazon will give it to you for $555, which is 20% off its suggested retail price of $695. More early Prime Day deals on carry-on luggageHardside American Tourister Star Wars 21-inch Spinner, Storm Trooper — $95.99 $199.99 (save 52%) Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion Carry-On Spinner — $119 $209.99 (save 43%) American Tourister Belle Voyage Hardside 20-inch Spinner — $109.99 $144.99 (save 24%) American Tourister Moonlight 21-inch Spinner — $115.99 $154.99 (save 25%) Travelpro Maxlite Air Carry-On Expandable Hardside Spinner — $144.49 $169.99 (save 15%) Softside Amazon Basics Urban Softside Spinner Luggage, 25-inch — $81.75 $97.36 (save 16%) Bold By Travelpro 25-inch Expandable Rollaboard — $167.99 $199.99 (save 16%) Bold By Travelpro 28-inch Expandable Rollaboard — $179.99 $219.99 (save 18%) Travelpro Platinum Elite Regional Carry-on Rollaboard — $241.35 $279.99 (save 14%) Travelpro Platinum Elite International Expandable Carry-On Spinner — $281.95 $329.99 (save 15%) View the full article
  13. “We’re Not in Orbit Yet...” is the first single from the follow-up to 2014’s After the DiscoView the full article
  14. Picture a haunted house. Or merely a creepy one. It’s probably a Victorian Gothic something or other with a few stories and a foreboding porch, right? Creepy old abandoned houses have long been a prerequisite in horror stories, usually with overgrown lawns, too many mirrors, Big Nope attics, and white sheets draped over antique furniture that suddenly moves. Stranger Things Season 4 has met the challenge with the Creel House. Vecna's lair and pivotal anchor of evildoing, the house is one of the most important locations in the Netflix series' fourth season, and something I’d certainly avoid investigating with a torch and a bunch of pals in the middle of the night. Knock, knock. Credit: Netflix The real Creel House is located in Rome, Georgia, about an hour and a half from the city of Atlanta. Yes, it has a real address, and yes, it’s private property so do not go and march all over their lawn for your selfies or harass residents. Creeeeeeeel! Credit: Screenshot: Google Maps Netflix told Mashable the Stranger Things production team were specifically looking for a spooky house with vertical architecture and an attic on the third floor. And, according to the streaming service, production designer Chris Trujillo associated the house with the Bates House from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, so the team approached the owners. The Bates House from "Psycho" which still lives on the Universal backlot in Los Angeles. Credit: Paramount / Kobal / Shutterstock Built in 1882, the real Creel House used to be a bed and breakfast. According to Zillow, the 7,122-square-foot house was sold for $350,000 in 2019. As the listing by Toles, Temple, and Wright details, the house is known as Claremont House, built by solicitor and attorney Colonel Hamilton Yancey with six bedrooms, eight fireplaces, and yes, a walk-up attic. When the locations team for Stranger Things found the house, the current owners had just closed on the sale a month beforehand and were about to renovate it — luckily the Stranger Things team were able to film onsite before then, boarding up windows and distressing the exterior as the creepily abandoned Creel House in the '80s. The house was replicated by the production team for later shooting on sound stages. As seen in episode 4, Victor and Virginia Creel bought the house in 1959 with an inheritance from Virginia's great uncle, moving in with their kids Alice and Henry hoping for a "fresh start" for their son (it's still a little vague on what happened before this). As Victor (played by Freddie Krueger himself, Robert Englund) tells Nancy and Robin, "We had one month of peace in that house." That's actually more time than say, the Perrons get in The Conjuring or the Harmons get in American Horror Story before shit happens in their creepy homes. But it's still quick, poor Creels. SEE ALSO: 11 burning questions that 'Stranger Things 4: Volume 2' better answer Could be a shot from multiple horror movies tbh. Credit: Netflix In 1959, the Creel House's interior has everything you need from a soon-to-be-haunted movie house: sweeping staircase, gilded mirrors, Tiffany lamps, dead-eyed taxidermy, and of course, the family's ominous grandfather clock. Victor describes it as "a magnificent home," one his daughter, Alice, describes as looking "like a fairy tale." "We scoured the earth looking for interesting grandfather clocks," Trujillo told Netflix's Tudum blog. "Set decorator Jess Royal looked at dozens of options — I want to say she found it either in an estate sale or from an antique vendor. It was somewhere in the Southeast, maybe even Georgia. We modified it to our purposes, and we made copies of it. Who knows where it was from originally." Turning back time. Credit: Netflix And of course, it has a claw-foot bathtub because what haunted house is complete without one? Claw-foot bathtubs mandatory: "Crimson Peak" had one. Credit: Legendary / Universal / Kobal / Shutterstock In 1986 (the year the Stranger Things gang go exploring in it), Royal's set dressing remains on point with everything completely left as it was on that night — "I guess a triple homicide isn't good for resale value," Robin remarks — but covered in as much dust and cobwebs as The House on Haunted Hill, while the wallpaper peels from its bones. You can even spy a creepy old rocking chair in the room beyond the lobby covered in webs. There's a secret door to the attic, which Lucas makes a perfect Goonies joke about needing to play the piano correctly to open. Cobwebs on lamps mandatory: William Castle's "The House on Haunted Hill." Credit: Allied Artists / Kobal / Shutterstock The Creel House isn't as grand as the grand halls of Bly Manor, Muppets Haunted Mansion, The Others, or Crimson Peak, nor does it have the scale of the Overlook from The Shining, or the cleverness of the secret rooms of House on Haunted Hill, The Haunting of Hill House, or the very real house from Winchester. It's on a smaller, creepier neighbourhood scale, looming like an empty, sinister shell on your street, more akin to the flat-fronted house of The Amityville Horror or the Well House in Stephen King’s IT, the entrance to Pennywise's lair. The Well House from "IT" Credit: Screenshot: YouTube / Warner Bros It would not be the only King reference in Stranger Things, and the author knows it. I'll say it. The Creel House even looks like Stephen King's actual house. C'mon, it does! Credit: Sipa / Shutterstock It's classic wealthy Victorian Gothic suburban neighbourhood spookiness — tell me the Creel House is not on the cover of R.L. Stine's 1999 Welcome to Dead House, the first ever Goosebumps book illustrated by Tim Jacobus. Credit: R.L. Stine / Scholastic Of course, sitting pretty in 1959 and crumbling in 1986 is not the only state in which we see the Creel House. It's awash in blue in the Upside Down when we see Vecna plugged into those clawed tentacles in the attic. We also see it in pieces within Vecna's own mind, within the realm Steve calls "Vecna's red soup mind world," broken into floating pieces but for that recognisable staircase. Max stumbles upon the Creel House in Vecna's mind... Credit: Netflix The Creel House is not the only horror homage the Stranger Things location team managed to wrangle for the season. The scenes in which Nancy and Robin visit Victor Creel at the Pennhurst Mental Hospital in Kerley County, Indiana, were actually shot at the largest college campus in the world: Berry College, also in Rome, Georgia (a few miles from where the real Creel House is). According to Netflix, the design for Pennshurst was influenced by a couple of films — One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest in the upper levels, and The Silence of the Lambs in the lower cells where Creel is incarcerated. Granted, the Creel House may eventually not be as memorable as other horror houses onscreen that immediately spring to mind (hello, Poltergeist), but it certainly pays tribute to them in tried and true Duffer Brothers nostalgic form. There are still secrets to unravel within the walls of the Creel House, and we're sure to learn them all when the final episodes of Stranger Things 4 arrive on July 1. In the meantime, we still have so many more questions. View the full article
  15. Spotify has released a brand new feature, Spotify Karaoke. Now, you can sing along to your favorite tracks, while the app judges your accuracy, lyric-by-lyric. It sounds like the perfect party game — or simply a chance to test out your musical talents solo. The feature hasn't been rolled out for everyone just yet but is expected to make it to screens globally in the next few months. Several of us at Mashable checked whether our Spotify apps offer Karaoke yet, but almost none had it ready to go. Many users have said they updated their apps before having the feature available. Others are still waiting patiently post update. SEE ALSO: Spotify Icebergify is the latest music analyzing trend Twitter users who've been the lucky early birds to get Spotify Karaoke have been rejoicing. How to use Spotify Karaoke First, check if you have the sing-along feature at your disposable. Spotify Karaoke will reportedly be available for all subscribers, not just Premium users. On any song (or one you really want to belt out), scroll down on the screen to the Lyrics section on mobile, or find it by pressing the microphone button in the bottom right of the desktop version. Credit: Screenshot / Spotify. On the top right-hand side of the Lyrics section, select the "Sing" icon, with the microphone next to it. Once you get here, lyrics will appear on the screen and so will an audio analyzer. The new mode uses your device's microphone to listen to your voice (a slight privacy flag, perhaps) and ultimately provide an accuracy score out of 100, depending on how well you've done, kind of like SingStar used to on PlayStation. Let the many karaoke sessions begin. View the full article
  16. Remixes from Julia Holter, Kero Kero Bonito, and more accompany the re-presses of Some Best Friend You Turned Out to Be, Mastered by Guy at the Exchange, and Parallax Error Beheads YouView the full article
  17. When it leaks, it pours. At least that's the case with the Nothing Phone 1, the first-ever smartphone from new Carl Pei (OnePlus co-founder) startup Nothing. Now, thanks to Input, which got the exclusive from Nothing, we know exactly which chip the Nothing Phone 1 one will have, and it sounds a bit disappointing: The mid-range Snapdragon 778G+ chip. This means that the Nothing Phone 1 won't be as powerful as the top phones from Samsung, Xiaomi, or even OnePlus, whose flagships typically have Qualcomm's most powerful chips (or something equivalent). This doesn't have to be all bad, though. First, note the "+" in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+ name. It means that the Nothing Phone 1 gets a few extra features compared to phones which sport the regular Snapdragon 778G chip, including wireless charging and reverse wireless charging (we already knew the phone comes with wireless charging thanks to this image). SEE ALSO: Carl Pei's Nothing gives us a glimpse of its first smartphone Also, the inclusion of a mid-range chip means that the Nothing Phone 1 will likely be cheaper than your typical smartphone flagship. Now, we don't know how the Phone 1 will perform. But we do know it'll run on a custom-tuned version of Android. If Nothing does its job well, the phone could be pretty snappy, even with a mid-range chip, and if the price is right, that could make it a winner. The Nothing Phone 1 will officially launch on July 12, which should stop the endless rumors and give us all the facts about the device. View the full article
  18. Let’s talk about Elden Ring. The biggest video game of 2022 so far is also, to put it bluntly, not very easy. Elden Ring is the latest in developer FromSoftware’s long-running “Soulsborne” series, which are known as much for their incredible world-building as their punishing difficulty. However, this one has reached a level of mainstream attention its predecessors didn’t. That means plenty of newcomers are banging their heads against the sometimes-not-self-explanatory wall that series veterans are used to at this point. One of the very first points of confusion is at the level up screen, which you’ll encounter just a few minutes into your adventure at the first Site of Grace outside the tutorial area. Elden Ring gives the player the freedom to dump points into one of several different stats like Vigor, Mind, and Arcane at their own pace to create the killing machine of their dreams, but you need some know-how to do that. If this is your first foray into a From game, here are the three stats you seriously can’t go wrong with. You'll do your leveling at Sites of Grace like this one. Credit: From Software Let’s call it “The V.E.S. Method”Or don’t, I don’t care. That’s a pretty dumb name, but it gets to the point. If you’re new to Elden Ring and just want to bulldoze your way through the game with the biggest possible margin of error you can give yourself, invest heavily in Vigor, Endurance, and Strength. VigorI want to stress the first of those up front because I know multiple people who had trouble with late-game content because they never bothered leveling up their Vigor. It’s the stat that governs how much health you have. If you have more health, you can take more hits before you die. If you can take more hits before you die, you’ll die less often. Simple, right? Well, it can be so tempting to barrel into a cool magic build (you can throw magical rocks at enemies, for example) that you might forget that the little red meter at the top left corner of the screen is the most important one of all. Oh, and Vigor gives you more resistance to poison and fire. Both of those things really suck! Put points into Vigor! Get used to seeing this screen. Credit: From Software EnduranceEndurance goes hand-in-hand with Vigor. This stat determines both your stamina level (the green bar underneath the red health bar) and your equipment load. High Endurance will let you sprint, roll, and swing your weapon more often in a fight, which is obviously very useful if your objective is to not die. Load up enough on Endurance and you’ll also be able to equip heavier weapons and armor like the incredibly sturdy Bull Goat set without losing mobility. StrengthFinally, Strength does what you think it does, for the most part. This stat increases your physical defense, so if you’re doing the newcomer thing of rolling with a regular sword, Strength will make your strikes hit harder. Dump enough points into Strength and eventually you’ll get access to huge greatswords (like an excellent one simply called Greatsword) and hammers, if that’s your thing. Of course, all the other stats like Mind (which increases your magic meter), Dexterity (good for curved swords and katanas), and Intelligence (required to cast many spells) matter, too, but “The V.E.S. Method” is as good as it gets for someone who is brand new to Elden Ring. Investing in those three stats will give you the leeway you need to figure out how you want to play the game later on. SEE ALSO: 3 crucial mistakes 'Elden Ring' newcomers should avoid to maximize the fun After all, you'll probably have 150 hours to figure out your play style before you get to the final boss anyway. View the full article
  19. In the summer of 2017, a large coalition of major entertainment industry companies announced a new phase in the war against piracy. With a focus on web-based illegal streaming, pirate IPTV, and associated apps, the Alliance of Creativity and Entertainment embarked on a mission to protect its members rights. Through the MPA, Hollywood studios including Disney, Warner Bros, Paramount, and MGM teamed with streaming giants Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu. Content-creating broadcasters Sky and BBC were also in the mix but ACE had even bigger plans. At launch in 2017, ACE had 30 members but with steady growth over the past few years and the addition of two new members this week, the anti-piracy coalition now boasts 39 member companies, all of them determined to disrupt illegal streaming piracy. ACE Adds First Two Asia-Based Companies Hong Kong-based video streaming platform Viu is available in seven Asian markets including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Myanmar. Operating ad-supported and premium tiers, Via also produces original content under its ‘Viu Original’ branding. True Visions is Thailand’s leader cable satellite TV provider and in 2020 teamed with the MPA to shut down three pirate streaming sites. More recently it worked with ACE to shut down We-Play, one of the largest piracy portals in Thailand. Both are now members of the ACE coalition, swelling its ranks to 39 companie. MPA/ACE Chief Welcomes New Members Charles Rivkin, Chairman of ACE and the Motion Picture Association, says the addition of Viu and True Visions is the beginning of an ACE expansion to include local media companies from key markets around the world. “By growing ACE’s footprint throughout the APAC region, we are building new relationships with local law enforcement authorities and other key partners in our ongoing effort to shut down piracy operations around the world,” Rivkin says. “These new members further strengthen ACE’s global reach and collective approach to disrupting a piracy ecosystem that harms the creative economy worldwide.” Sompan Charumilinda, Executive Vice Chairman of True Visions, believes that joining ACE will allow his company to tackle piracy more effectively and improve its reputation overseas. “We want to support Thai people, as they compete in a globalized marketplace, by protecting their work with strong intellectual property rights stewardship,” he says. “We are pleased to be the first member of ACE based in Thailand and look forward to helping drive important actions in this market that will improve the piracy landscape and pave the way for a brighter future.” Janice Lee, CEO of Viu, notes that one of her company’s goals is to encourage users of piracy sites to move to legal services like Viu. The disruption services offered by ACE will help Viu to achieve that. “As one of the leading video-on-demand services offering premium Asian content, we recognize the need to address the piracy that is widespread in our markets,” Lee says. “We are committed to ensuring that consumers move from illegal piracy sites to legal options like Viu by providing an unparalleled viewer experience and investing in the creative ecosystem.” These two new members of ACE mark the coalition’s official expansion into Asia. In April 2022, ACE also broke new ground with the addition of sports broadcaster beIN SPORTS and a promise to disrupt piracy of live sporting events. More sports rightsholders are expected to join ACE in the coming months. From: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more. View the full article
  20. Stranger Things star Maya Hawke appeared on The Tonight Show on Tuesday, taking the opportunity to talk to Jimmy Fallon about the new series, yes, but also to condemn the overturning of Roe v. Wade, with the Supreme Court voting to eliminate the constitutional right to an abortion on Friday. Speaking to Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, Hawke said she called her mom, Uma Thurman, for advice ahead of her first Tonight Show appearance and they ended up talking about the Supreme Court decision instead. Thurman has publicly called for abortion rights, writing a personal essay for the Washington Post in Sept. 2021 when the Texas abortion law first passed. "My mom wrote this really beautiful essay about her abortion that she got when she was really young and about how, if she hadn't had it, she wouldn’t have become the person that she’d become, and I wouldn't exist, and how both of my parents’ lives would’ve been totally derailed if she hadn’t had access to safe and legal healthcare — fundamental healthcare," Hawke said. Hawke also spoke to the nature of privilege when it comes to abortion rights, especially when it comes to socioeconomic status and class. "Wealthy people will always be able to get abortions but so many people, because of this ruling, will not only not be able to pursue their dreams but actually lose their lives and be unsafe," she said. "I just wanted to say, fuck the Supreme Court." Hawke says it not once, but thrice. And it could not be said enough. View the full article
  21. The Late Late Show is in London this week, so James Corden and his team were clearly looking for some uniquely British stories to tell — and somehow, they ended up with ex-professional footballers (or soccer players, if you're in the U.S.) combined with Shakespeare at the Globe theatre. In the clip above, Corden gathers former pros Neil Ruddock, Rachel Yankey, Paul Merson, Carlton Palmer, and Carlton Cole for a sweary re-enactment of Romeo and Juliet, all of which is eventually performed for some confused audience members. Are mistakes made? Absolutely. But you certainly can't fault the passion. View the full article
  22. A dishwasher that sits on top of your counter? Yup, they exist! And they can be a great solution for renters who, for obvious reasons, can't install a dishwasher in their kitchen, but may have ample counter space. Countertop dishwashers are also ideal for homeowners who don't have the budget for (or are simply not interested in) renovating their kitchen and installing a major appliance. However, just like other countertop-friendly replacements for larger kitchen appliances (looking at you, air fryers), their compact size may not be ideal for large families — but they do offer the perfect size and function for single folks and couples. What is a countertop dishwasher?A countertop dishwasher — also referred to as a tabletop dishwasher or mini dishwasher — is a comparatively small appliance that offers the same functions and capabilities as a built-in dishwasher, but in a more compact frame. Because of its smaller size and the fact that it does not need to be plumbed the same way as a traditional dishwasher, a counter dishwasher offers more placement options for small kitchens, apartment dwellers, and even RVs and boats. Besides the obvious fact that they're far cheaper than a traditional dishwasher, a compact countertop dishwasher tends to be quieter, quicker, and often easier to use than a standard dishwasher too. They’re also a great solution for anyone with limited mobility or back issues as you can load and unload dishes without bending. And, unlike a built-in dishwasher, you can take your countertop dishwasher with you when you move, so it’s a pretty economical choice. Is a countertop dishwasher eco-friendly?If you’re concerned about water and electricity usage, countertop dishwashers have the upper hand in these realms, too. Countertop dishwashers use less water — as little as two gallons of water per wash cycle — than traditional built-in dishwashers. They also use way less water than washing dishes by hand, especially if you're the type of person who leaves the faucet running the whole time. (Guilty as charged.) In fact, we’re wasting up to two gallons of water each minute when washing dishes by hand! Mini dishwashers also tend to use less energy than their full-size counterparts, so you shouldn’t have to worry that your electricity bill will take a hit. Look for Energy Star ratings to find the most energy-efficient, eco-friendly choice for your compact dishwasher. Where does the water come from?Though counter dishwashers are quite portable, they do still need to be plumbed — sort of. Some require a connection to a faucet — specifically a threaded faucet spout — for their fresh water supply to clean the dishes. In this case, the appliance will come with a hose and, often, an adapter that should make it easy to hook up to your sink's faucet. But some countertop dishwashers do not require a water hookup, instead housing a built-in water tank that you would need to fill prior to every (or maybe every other) wash cycle. This allows you the freedom to place the counter dishwasher anywhere you want, rather than right next to your sink — a crucial factor to keep in mind if your counter space is limited, or if your faucet is not suitable for any reason. How does a tabletop dishwasher drain?No matter where the water comes from, however, keep in mind that the water also needs somewhere to go. Typically, a compact dishwasher will come with a drain hose that allows the dirty water to drain out of the dishwasher into a nearby sink. However, if space and placement are a tricky issue and you're opting for an appliance with a built-in water tank, you could set up your tabletop dishwasher away from a sink and let the hose flow into a bucket that you can then empty into a drain later. It may not be the prettiest setup, but it’s definitely doable! Is a countertop dishwasher the same as a portable dishwasher?As you shop, keep in mind that a countertop dishwasher may sometimes also be referred to as a portable dishwasher. While a compact countertop dishwasher is most definitely portable in the sense that you can move it wherever you need it, the moniker "portable dishwasher" is more often used to refer to a full-sized dishwasher that is on wheels. This allows it to be stored away in a pantry or closet when not in use, and then hooked up temporarily to a faucet when needed (as opposed to a stationary, built-in dishwasher that takes up valuable storage space under kitchen counters and needs to be plumbed). It can sometimes be hard to tell whether a dishwasher is a compact countertop style or a freestanding portable dishwasher by picture alone, so be sure to carefully check the details and dimensions of any dishwasher you intend to buy to ensure it will fit your space and your needs. How many dishes can I wash in a tabletop dishwasher?In general, a counter dishwasher can tackle around four to six place settings — that's plates, bowls, silverware, glasses, and mugs. However, you'll want to keep in mind the size of your dinner plates; some tabletop dishwashers can't accommodate dishes larger than 10 inches in diameter, so you'll want to ensure your mini dishwasher is actually suitable for your needs. Can a countertop dishwasher clean pots and pans?With reduced size comes reduced functionality, so you can forget about cleaning your standard-sized pots, pans, mixing bowls, and any other larger items in a countertop dishwasher. Some compact countertop dishwashers might be able to accommodate a small pot or small pan, however. On the flip side, the best portable dishwasher on the market will offer ample space for your large cookware as those appliances are more comparable in size to a traditional built-in dishwasher. Can a mini dishwasher sterilize dishes?While sterilizing (i.e., removing all microorganisms) is a bit of a stretch, some countertop dishwashers are able to sanitize dishes, essentially reducing microorganisms to a safe level. If the appliance is pre-programmed with a specialized cycle that generates steam, it can be used to sanitize baby bottles and other containers. Often, this cycle is even referred to as a “baby cycle” or something similar for this reason. When it comes to picking the best countertop dishwasher for your home, you'll want to consider the number of place settings you'll need to wash at one time, and whether you want the appliance to have a built-in water tank or hook up directly to your faucet. To help you out, we've rounded up some of the best tabletop dishwashers across various categories. View the full article
  23. TL;DR: As of June 29, a 16-pack of the Sugru Moldable Multi-Purpose Glue is on sale for $29.99. It's usually priced at $40.77, so you'd be getting 26% off. Home DIY can get busy, and often you need quite a lot of supplies to make it work. However, sometimes the most ingenious and diverse solutions are orchestrated with the same materials. If your picture falls, your vase breaks, and your french press gets misused, oddly the only thing you may need for all of them is a few pieces of Sugru Moldable Multi-Purpose Glue. This award-winning moldable silicone glue is kind of like a DIY Swiss army knife. Take it out of the package, and you’ve got 30 minutes to put it to work. Once it’s out, you can bond it to most surfaces, and in 24-48 hours it will set. After enough time, this squishy glue becomes a tough, waterproof, temperature-resistant machine-washable adhesive. Sugru is designed to bond permanently to a huge variety of materials, including brick, glass, ceramic, wood, metal, and plastics. It claims to hold up to 4.4 pounds on its own, and can be used to seal against water. It’s such an exciting and simple innovation that it actually received the largest single crowdfunding donation ever. If you need any help thinking of what you can do with a pack of Sugru, you can get a set that comes with a Fix & Create Kit. It features 12 repair and maker projects along with helpful tools, guides, and stories from other crafters. If you’re planning on doing a little home DIY, you may want a versatile adhesive that you could find a use for in every room of the house. You can get Sugru Moldable Multi-Purpose Glue in a pack of 8 that includes the Fix & Create Kit Bundle for $24.99 (Reg. $37), or you can get a pack of 9 for $19.99 (Reg. $31), or 16 for $29.99 (Reg. $40). Prices subject to change. Opens in a new tab Credit: FormFromForm Sugru Moldable Multi-Purpose Glue (16-Pack) (opens in a new tab) $29.99 at the Mashable Shop Get Deal (opens in a new tab) View the full article
  24. TL;DR: As of June 29, the Station Dock For Apple Watch, AirPods, iPhone is a couple bucks off, so you can get it for $44.99 instead of $47. Your devices should be safe while they charge. That means they’re not getting overcharged and they aren’t precariously littered around your desk connected to cords that can tangle. One elegant solution for charging three of your iOS or Qi-enabled devices is the Station Dock. This 3-in-1 wireless charger can power your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods safely and without taking up much space at all. Usually, the Station Dock would cost you $47, but for a limited time it’s on sale for $44.99. (A sale's a sale, right?) The Station Dock is convenient, portable, and looks tidy while it charges three of your iOS devices. Designed with four anti-slip silicone pads on the bottom, this stable multi-charger is a safe way to consolidate a few of your chargers into something that only takes up one outlet. Each of the three charging surfaces is designed to keep your device safe and accessible as its battery fills. The horizontal design keeps your Apple Watch from slipping. The tilted iPhone display lets you continue streaming videos or browsing while you’re charging. Put it on your nightstand, and you can fall asleep watching movies without waking up to an empty battery and disappointment. In terms of charging output, once again this station is safe to use. Each charging surface is designed to provide an appropriate output for the device that rests there. For iPhones, the output reaches 15W, while Apple Watches get to 2W, and wireless earbuds 5W. If you want to take your Station Dock on the road, the titled display detaches for easy transport. Disassembled, it’s only a little larger than an iPhone 13 and should fit comfortably in your travel bags. The Station Dock For Apple Watch, AirPods iPhone would normally cost $47, but for a limited time, you can get it on sale for $44.99. Prices subject to change. Opens in a new tab Credit: Mbeat Station Dock For Apple Watch, AirPods, iPhone (opens in a new tab) $44.99 at the Mashable Shop Get Deal (opens in a new tab) View the full article
  25. TL;DR: As of June 29, The Premium Python Programming Certification Bundle — worth $2,000 — is on sale for just $29.99, which makes for savings of a whopping 98%. If you’re learning to code, Python is a great place to start. Not only is Python the most popular programming language in the world, but it also has a huge variety of applications. It’s even used to trade stocks. If you’re ready to get started, then the first step for you could be starting this 10-course guide to programming with Python on sale for $29.99 (Reg. $2000). Coding with any language can be hard, especially if this is your first one. That’s what makes these courses a great way to learn. You set the pace. All the instructions and guides are there and available for life so you can learn when you’re ready to. It might be intimidating at first, but self-paced learning can actually be better for your memory and retention. If you want to learn Python in a way that sticks, this is how you can do it. The actual layout of the courses also may make it easier for you. The first course is “The Complete 2021 Python Course,” and that’s your in-depth primer on all the ins and outs of Python Programming. If you’ve used Python, start there and by the end of the course, you’ll even know how people land a Python Programming job without getting a degree. There are 91 hours of instruction in this set of courses. That doesn’t mean you’ll start and 91 hours later be a master, but it does mean this is a wealth of information that can teach you general coding skills and specific applications for coding with Python. One of those applications is configuring an automatic trading bot that you can pair with a commission-free broker to play the stock market for you. All that’s left is to get started. The Premium Python Programming Certification Bundle is normally $2000, but for a limited time, it’s on sale for $29.99. Prices subject to change. Opens in a new tab Credit: Juan Galvan The Premium Python Programming Certification Bundle (opens in a new tab) $29.99 at the Mashable Shop Get Deal (opens in a new tab) View the full article
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