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  1. There's a bill making its way through the California legislature that seems to be pissing Meta off. The California Journalism Preservation Act would require tech platforms like Facebook and Instagram to give money to local news outlets, a move NPR described as taxing the "advertising profits platforms make from distributing news articles." The majority (about 70 percent) of the money collected would support California newsrooms. The argument is that Meta launched social media platforms, decimated the business models of news outlets, and helped drive the devastating loss of news outlets and newsroom jobs across the country — so they should pay up. "Every day, journalism plays an essential role in California and in local communities, and the ability of local news organizations to continue to provide the public with critical information about their communities and enabling publishers to receive fair market value for their content that is used by others will preserve and ensure the sustainability of local and diverse news outlets," the bill reads. Of course, this is not ideal for Meta — so much so that it says it won't publish news on its site in a state with this kind of ban in place. "If the Journalism Preservation Act passes, we will be forced to remove news from Facebook and Instagram rather than pay into a slush fund that primarily benefits big, out-of-state media companies under the guise of aiding California publishers," Meta spokesperson Andy Stone tweeted, going on to imply that it is news outlets' faults for putting news on the social media platform to begin with. When NPR asked how this act would "force" Meta to remove news, Stone said: "It's pay or remove the news. Our hand is being forced." While "forced" seems a bit much, it also isn't particularly surprising. According to Axios, Meta has stopped pushing news over the past few years — probably to avoid regulation but also maybe because of its effect on various democracies, I don't know. But Axios reports that those changes had an effect — they lowered traffic to news publishers in the U.S. And this isn't the first time Meta has been asked to pay and has refused. The entire country of Australia tried to do something similar and Meta responded with the exact same threat. After Australia signed a law that forced social media platforms to pay for news, Meta and Google pulled all news from their platforms and news traffic dropped. After much back-and-forth, Facebook, Google, and Australia reached a deal that did force the tech companies to make a deal with news publishers — and it generated nearly $150 million for news organizations, Bill Grueskin, a professor at the Columbia University School of Journalism who has studied the Australian law, told NPR. It's unclear if that same conclusion will be made in California, as the bill hasn't even been voted on in the state Senate. But if a compromise is made, it might offer a hint as to what a profitable future for newsrooms might look like. View the full article
  2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus tried First We Feast's Hot Ones challenge, and folks, this is a legendary effort for someone who says they only like a "little bit of spice." While burning up from the very first hot sauce (which is frankly what I do just watching this show), the multiple Emmy-winning actor faces that wall of pain like a champ. From the Spicy Shark and Jalapeno Chico onward, it's a tough slog, but Louis-Dreyfus both visibly hates it and makes it to the end. "I'm firing my publicist," she says, right before Da Bomb. "I also want a lawyer. Now." All while keeping an impressive cool, Louis-Dreyfus speaks about doing student improv at Northwestern, working again with director Nicole Holofcner on dramatic comedy You Hurt My Feelings, playing Val in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, her podcast Wiser Than Me, and her iconic performance in Veep, and how minuscule the Seinfeld set was. A valiant effort. View the full article
  3. The latest chapter in the band’s history with New York’s youngest Major League Baseball teamView the full article
  4. Pirate sites come and go, often without being noticed by the public at large. That was certainly not the case when RARBG said its goodbyes yesterday. The popular torrent site had millions of daily users spread across several domain names. This included the flagship .to domain which currently displays a farewell message. After a brief intermezzo, many users simply began their search for alternatives, perhaps unaware that the effects of RARBG’s shutdown go beyond the site itself, leading to a much broader impact, including on popular ‘alternatives’. RARBG Releases & Tracker On the surface, RARBG looked like any other torrent site but it was one of the few platforms to release a steady stream of fresh content. All pirated movies and TV-shows come from somewhere and RARBG acted as a key bridge between scene sources and the public at large. This content was picked up by RARBG’s bots from external sources before being posted on the site itself. ExtraTorrent’s in-house release groups worked in a similar way, including under the ‘ETTV’ label, before shutting down last year due to a lack of funds. The absence of new releases is likely to make the overall piracy ecosystem more vulnerable. The same can also be said for RARBG’s dedicated tracker, which was also pulled offline yesterday, abruptly terminating millions of connections. And it doesn’t end there. Torrent and Streaming Sites Feel the Pain With another popular source of pirate movie and TV-show releases gone, the piracy supply side is shrinking. The vast majority of public torrent sites don’t have their own release channels. Instead, they relied on external parties such as RARBG. This equally applies to direct download sites and streaming portals. While pirate streaming sites have become much bigger than their torrent peers in recent years, their movie and TV-show libraries can often be traced to torrent sources. There are still alternative sources available, for now, but with RARBG gone the choices are more limited. This means there will be considerable pressure on the remaining suppliers, to say the least. In addition to the typical pirate sites, RARBG links also appeared in dedicated pirate channels on platforms such as Telegram. These no longer work. The same also applies to users of software such as Sonarr, for whom RARBG was a popular source too. From the Ashes? The above may sound grim but it does illustrate the important position RARBG held in the piracy scene. That said, pirates have shown to be resilient in the past so there will likely be others willing to take the risk and fill the void. Those will include copycats who will try to take over the RARBG brand. The same happened in the past with EZTV, YTS, KickassTorrents and Torrentz, with various levels of success. Things aren’t getting any easier though. In its farewell message, RARBG summed up several reasons for shutting down. Aside from tragic personal issues, they included rising hosting costs and a decline in revenue. That’s becoming a trend too. Inflation… While we haven’t seen inflation mentioned as a reason to shut down a pirate site before, financial struggles are prevalent. As mentioned earlier, ETTV cited the same reason to close shop last year and others went before them. So what about the sites that remain? Speaking with TorrentFreak, the operator of LimeTorrents mentions that the site has no plans to stop but they confirmed that rising hosting costs and low adverting revenues are indeed a real concern. That said, inflation and other cost-related issues also work in favor of pirate sites, the site’s operator mentioned. After all, legitimate platforms such as Netflix and Disney+ cost money, while torrent sites are free and offer more content. All in all, we can conclude that the broader piracy ecosystem has lost a key player that was much more than just another torrent site. While others could take its place, if they are willing to take the risk, the loss of RARBG is undoubtedly a considerable setback. From: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more. View the full article
  5. If you watched Stranger Things and thought, hell, I'd also love to Vecna-scare the teens of Hawkins, you might want to get your hands on a Meta Quest. The latest trailer for Meta's VR game based on Season 4 of the Duffer Brothers' Netflix series reveals some of the gameplay in store, and it looks pretty damn fun. You'll stalk around Vecna's attic in the Creel House, make yourself at home in the villain's lair in his red cloudy Upside Down mind palace, battle all kinds of demo-somethings and our hero El, and basically throw a bunch of mind cables everywhere. Stranger Things VR comes this autumn to Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro, but it's especially timed to the launch of the upcoming Meta Quest 3. View the full article
  6. Beginning in September, the hip-hop trio will play North American concerts in support of its 1993 debutView the full article
  7. What better way to kickstart Pride Month than binge a bunch of queer horror films? Director Kelley Kali and writer Allyson Morgan's Jagged Mind is a queer psychological thriller that follows a young woman, Billie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers), who finds herself stuck in a twisted time loop after meeting Alex (Shannon Woodward). As soon as the pair start dating, Billie begins experiencing sudden blackouts and visions of herself dying repeatedly. Who exactly is Alex? And what is she really hiding? Jagged Mind premieres June 15 on Hulu. View the full article
  8. The musician’s photographs are collected in a new 48-page book published by HomerView the full article
  9. Name a better activity than kayaking on a lake with your dog. I'll wait. For folks who regularly rent kayaks at their local lake or river, buying one will save you tons of money (plus, all the kayaks on this list are way more comfortable and maneuverable than a crappy rental kayak). Kayak rentals can run upwards of $100 per day, so if you use your kayak between five and 10 times depending on the price, you'll get your money's worth. While summer is coming to an end and there might only be a few more days of sunny weather to get on the water depending on where you live, kayaks are great buys during the end-of-year shopping holidays. You'll likely be able to score hundreds of dollars off during Prime Day, Black Friday or Cyber Monday, and you'll be all set to get on the water once spring rolls around. Live in a place where it stays consistently warm? Then you won't even need to wait. SEE ALSO: The best camping gear for beginners Here's everything you need to know about inflatable and folding kayaks before you buy. Inflatable kayaks vs hard kayaksThe main differences between inflatable kayaks and hard kayaks are weight, size, storage, stability, and speed. A hard kayak requires a roof rack to transport, two people or a kayak rack to get from the car to the water, and the strength (or a lift-assist kayak rack) to lift it on and off the roof rack of your car. If you can't be bothered with all of that, an inflatable or foldable kayak is your best bet. They generally range from 17 to 60 pounds depending on whether you get a single or tandem and pack down small enough to fit in the trunk or backseat of a car. These can also be stored in a closet or under a bed, so you can still have a kayak even if you live in an apartment. For storage, inflatable kayaks need to be left out to dry completely before packing them away, or you run the risk of mold. Hard kayaks are much easier to dry off, and of course don't need to be folded up for storage. In terms of stability, inflatable kayaks get the win. They tend to have wider bases, which makes them much less likely to tip over. This impacts the speed and maneuverability a bit, which we'll get into below, but they're generally great for recreational paddling and calm water. Are inflatable kayaks cheaper than hard kayaks?Inflatable kayaks generally tend to be cheaper and on the low end of the price range than their rigid counterparts. You can get a $100 or $200 inflatable kayak, whereas the lowest price you'll find on a hard kayak is probably around the $400 range. Once you get into higher-end inflatable and hard kayaks though ($1,000+), the prices tend to even out. You get what you pay for with inflatable kayaks though. A $100 or $200 model likely won't be comfortable, won't be very lightweight, and won't have any of the durability features we highlight below. We recommend inflatables in the mid-tier price range (around $500) for the best bang for your buck. Are inflatable kayaks slow?While inflatable kayaks are huge on stability, the downside is that they're not as speedy as hard kayaks. Hard kayaks tend to build speed faster than their wider inflatable counterparts, which can be important for paddling long distances. If you're just paddling on your local lake or river for a few hours, you'll be just fine with a slightly slower inflatable kayak. Are inflatable kayaks durable?Inflatable kayaks can be ultra-durable, but you need to look out for durable materials and quality construction. A $100 inflatable kayak probably won't be as tough as one at a higher price point with better construction. For the highest durability, look out for boats made of PVC with high pressure spring valves and drop stitch technology. If you're into more casual paddling, you can get away with an inflatable kayak with a PVC bottom/hull and lower pressure valves. Is the Oru kayak any good?Of course, the foldable kayak on this list — the Oru Lake — doesn't conform to the same size or durability standards as inflatable kayaks. The Oru Lake is much smaller and lighter than the other models we tested, weighing in at just 17 pounds and packing down to the size of a medium suitcase. It's rated for durability up to 20,000 folds, and while it's much lighter than some of the other kayaks we tested, it still maintains good stability on calm waters. Oru kayaks are also made of an ultra-tough corrugated plastic as opposed to the PVC that most inflatable kayaks are made of. We found during testing that the outer plastic of Oru kayaks seemed to be just as durable as inflatable PVC kayaks. What inflatable/foldable kayak is the best?We think the Oru Lake is the best option, due its lightweight design, great portability, fast setup, and reasonable price point. We also liked the Retrospec Coaster for paddling with dogs, and the Bote Zeppelin Aero for the 2-in-1 paddle board and kayak design. Read on for more details on each kayak, and scroll to the bottom for the rundown on how we tested each one. View the full article
  10. Summer has started, and having extra free time is more important than ever. Sit back and relax while these robot vacuums do the work (they're all on sale for under $300 at Walmart as of June 1). BEST ALL-IN-ONE VACUUM: The ECOVACS Deebot N8+ vacuums and mops at once while emptying itself effortlessly – $268 $649.99 (save $381.99) BEST PET-FRIENDLY VACUUM: The Shark EZ Robot is budget-friendly and can pick up various unsavory materials on all kinds of floor types – $178 $289 (save $111) BEST FEATURE-PACKED VACUUM: The Yeedi Vac Station will wow anyone who comes over to your place with its mighty suction power and impressive runtime between charges – $299.99 $499.99 (save $200) If you've always wanted a futuristic-looking, powerful robot vacuum that would save you hours of cleaning time, now is your chance to buy one. We know how expensive these things can get, but as of June 1, Walmart has slashed prices on major brands like ECOVACS, Shark, and Yeedi. Live out your vacuum dreams by shopping our picks below. Best all-in-one vacuum Opens in a new tab Credit: ECOVACS ECOVACS Deebot N8+ (opens in a new tab) $268 at Walmart (save $381.99) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we love it The ECOVACS Deebot N8+ comes equipped with the brand's signature Auto-Empty station technology, which empties the vac's dustbin for you into a handy, hypoallergenic bag capable of holding up to 30 days' worth of lint, dirt, pet hair, and whatever else tends to accumulate on your floors. The N8+ flaunts 2,300 Pa suction power, exceeding the typical vacuum suction power of 1,000-2,000 Pa. Read: it wastes absolutely no time during its 110-minute run period. This model by ECOVACS seems to be an overachiever in every way: it vacuums and mops simultaneously, has multi-floor mapping systems powered by lasers, and is easily app-compatible. Best pet-friendly vacuum Opens in a new tab Credit: Shark Shark EZ Robot (opens in a new tab) $178 at Walmart (save $111) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we love it The Shark EZ Robot is great for all floor types, with its multi-surface brush roll and dual spinning side brushes that put up a respectable fight against debris and pet hair. You can voice control it using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and this trusty robot will start its row-by-row, thorough cleaning regimen promptly. Now there's no excuse for getting mad at Fido for shedding so much. Best feature-packed vacuum Opens in a new tab Credit: Yeedi Yeedi Vac Station (opens in a new tab) $299.99 at Walmart (save $200) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we love it The Yeedi Vac Station is the most expensive robot vacuum option on our list, but its features justify the higher price point. Compared to the Deebot N8+, it has a 240-minute runtime and 3,000 Pa suction power. That's major. AND it mops, too. The vacuum matches the N8+ with its self-empty station that fills up over the course of 30 days and, like the Shark EZ Robot, can be paired with Amazon Alexa/Google Home. View the full article
  11. SAVE $80: As of June 1, the Insignia HEPA air purifier is on sale at Best Buy for $119.99, down from $199.99. That's a savings of 40%. Opens in a new tab Credit: Insignia Insignia HEPA air purifier (opens in a new tab) $119.99 at Best Buy (save $80) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Air filters can be especially beneficial to people with pets or especially sensitive noses. These gadgets get rid of dust, smoke, or dander so you can breathe easier. If you're interested in a new or additional air filter, now's a great time to look at this deal. As of June 1, the Insignia HEPA air purifier is now on sale for only $119.99 at Best Buy. This is $80 lower than the typical price of $199.99, and saves you 40%. Note that this air purifier is one of Best Buy's Deals of the Day and the discount is only available until tonight at 11:59 p.m. CT. SEE ALSO: The Roomba Combo j7+ is pretty good at cleaning and really good at not eating phone chargers Equipped with a removable and washable HEPA air filter, you can get rid of foul smells, irritants, allergens, and other small particles in rooms measuring up to 375 square feet. It features an alarm that lets you know when your filter needs replacing, as well as an LED light that reports your home's air quality. Choose from three different speed options, including sleep mode. The Insignia HEPA air purifier also includes a timer with an auto-shutoff feature that lets you program filtration in increments of 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours. Additionally, a child lock feature prevents young ones from tinkering with settings. It also includes a 6-foot cord and measures 20.6 x 10.2 x 10.4 inches. This deal turns into a pumpkin tonight at 11:59 p.m. CT. Make sure you check this air purifier out before then if it piques your interest. View the full article
  12. As of June 1, the JBL Flip 6 portable speaker is on sale at Amazon for 23% off, bringing its price down from 129.95 to just $99.95. Snag it now, and get ready for pool season. Opens in a new tab Credit: JBL JBL Flip 6 Portable Speaker (opens in a new tab) $99.95 at Amazon (save 23%) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) For a truly memorable summer experience, a great portable wireless speaker is a must. From pool parties and beach days to summer travel and long outdoor runs, a good speaker can elevate your experience and let you enjoy great music whenever you need it. And with the JBL Flip 6 portable speaker on sale at Amazon for 23% off, you can snag one for just less than $100. Believe us: This speaker is the speaker of the summer. After all, using your phone for music is not a great option (unless you want a drenched phone!), and it won't be as loud as you'd like. The JBL Flip 6 will change that. A great outdoor option, this extremely portable speaker is both IP67 waterproof and dustproof, ensuring it survives the elements. It also gives you up to 12 hours of playtime with a single charge, so you won't have to worry about it dying in the middle of your party (or a particularly long pool day). In addition, despite its small size, this speaker packs a ton of power in its drivers. The PartyBoost feature allows you to pair two JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers together for stereo sound, and you can even link multiple JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers to make things extra loud. It's equipped for deep bass tunes for all your dancing needs, and has Bluetooth 5.1 for easy pairing. Not to mention, it's super portable to carry around to your friends' homes. For a truly memorable party experience, grab the JBL Flip 6 on sale for $99.95. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, its rugged design makes it a great option for the summer. View the full article
  13. The concert series will come to a close in July 2024 with Joel’s 150th lifetime performance at the iconic New York venueView the full article
  14. “Lost at Sea” is the title track from Grant’s debut albumView the full article
  15. Although Succession as a show has picked up 13 Emmys across its first three seasons, only three of those so far have been for the acting. But with the HBO series' final season now at an end, and only one more shot at an award for some of the key players, which actor is the most likely to actually come away with a golden statuette? The Primetime Emmy nominations will be announced on July 12. But in the meantime, we've broken down Succession's previous years' Emmy nominees and winners, and who's entering which category for this year's awards, to try and work it out. SEE ALSO: The most WTF 'Succession' quotes of the final season Which Succession actors have won or been nominated for an Emmy so far?Although no actors from the show were nominated for the first season, the second and third led to a bunch of nods in the guest, supporting and lead categories. Below are all the actors who were nominated for Season 2 (2020) and Season 3 (2022). It's worth noting that the only winners (bolded below) so far have been Matthew Macfadyen for Outstanding Supporting Actor as Tom Wambsgans in 2022, Jeremy Strong for Outstanding Lead Actor as Kendall Roy in 2020, and Cherry Jones for Outstanding Guest Actress in 2020 for her role as Nan Pierce. Jeremy Strong is one of only three "Succession" actors to have won an Emmy so far. Credit: Macall B. Polay/HBO 2022 nominations/winsLead: Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong. Supporting: Nicholas Braun, Kieran Culkin, Matthew Macfadyen, J. Smith-Cameron, Sarah Snook. Guest: James Cromwell, Arian Moayed, Alexander Skarsgård, Hope Davis, Sanaa Lathan, Harriet Walter, Adrien Brody. 2020 nominations/winsLead: Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong. Supporting: Nicholas Braun, Kieran Culkin, Matthew Macfadyen, Sarah Snook. Guest: James Cromwell, Cherry Jones, Harriet Walter. Featured Video For You Jeremy Strong on how he approached is roles for 'Succession' and 'The Trial of the Chicago 7' Which Succession actors are most likely to win Emmys in 2023?So, we've taken a quick look at Succession's Emmys history, but how will things shape up in 2023? First of all, it's worth noting a few changes. This year Kieran Culkin (Roman Roy) joins Brian Cox (Logan Roy) and Strong in the Outstanding Lead Actor category, so there's a bit more competition there, while Sarah Snook has also made the jump from Supporting Actress to Lead Actress as Shiv Roy. Who's going to come away with an actual award, though? Lead ActorIn terms of the Lead category, it's very tough to say. Strong is the only one to have won an Emmy before, so some voters might have felt inclined to recognise Cox's massive contribution to the show. The problem is, he was only in the final season for three episodes. Will that really be enough screen-time to clinch it for him? Maybe Culkin, who had some huge moments in Season 4 — from his nihilistic tampering on election night to his breakdown at his dad's funeral — could be a dark horse winner? Perhaps, but there is another huge outside competitor to face: Bob Odenkirk, who is eligible for the last time for his role in Better Call Saul — and who has yet to win an Emmy for the role. Lead ActressIn terms of Lead Actress, Snook surely has a massive shot, although nothing is guaranteed. Although she'll face no competition from her co-stars she will be going up against shows like Yellowjackets, The Crown, and The Last of Us, which could mean a tough contest with fellow nominees Melanie Lynskey, Imelda Staunton, and Bella Ramsey. Supporting ActorSupporting actor-wise, Macfadyen probably has the best chance of taking another Emmy home, especially now that Culkin is in a different category. He'll still face competition from Nicholas Braun and possibly Alan Ruck for their roles as Cousin Greg and Connor Roy, but a dark horse contender could be Alexander Skarsgård, who had a much bigger role as Lukas Matsson in Season 4. If we had to guess, though, we'd say Macfadyen has the best shot here, especially given the impressive range he showed off in some of those nasty argument scenes, and the journey of his character by the end of Season 4. Matthew Macfadyen probably has the best shot of winning an Emmy. Credit: Claudette Barius/HBO Supporting ActressWith Snook no longer in the category, the Succession star with the best shot would probably be J. Smith-Cameron. But as awesome as she is in the show as Gerri Kellman, the chances of her taking home an Emmy aren't great this year. The reason? She's going up against last year's Emmy winner Jennifer Coolidge for her (highly meme'd) role in The White Lotus, and previous nominee Rhea Seehorn for her iconic turn in Better Call Saul. The competition is just way too tough. Guest ActorTricky to predict who will turn up in this category, but it seems likely that James Cromwell will be back for his role as Ewan Roy, as well as Arian Moayed for his role as Stewy Hosseini. Cromwell's funeral speech got a lot of attention in Season 4, but there is an issue — he's likely going to be going up against Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett for their massive roles in The Last of Us' famously heartbreaking third episode. That's going to be tough to beat. Guest ActressAgain, tricky to predict, but Harriet Walter might well make the cut for role as the Roy kids' always-unpleasant mother, Lady Caroline Collingwood. She could be up against Melanie Lynskey for her role in The Last of Us, though, or Anna Torv for her part as Tess in the show. So again, there are no guarantees. All episodes of Succession are now streaming on Max. View the full article
  16. SAVE $80: As of June 1, you can get the Bella Pro Series digital air fryer (9-quart) for only $99.99 at Best Buy, down from $179.99. That's a discount of 44%. Opens in a new tab Credit: Bella Bella Pro Series digital air fryer (9-quart) (opens in a new tab) $99.99 at Best Buy (save $80) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Air fryers have become a home staple in recent years for a good reason: they help you make meals that are quick, healthy, and delicious. If you've been looking for a way to cook up stress-free meals for your family, friends, and guests, then this air fryer deal might be just the ticket. As of June 1, the Bella Pro Series digital air fryer (9-quart) is on sale at Best Buy for $99.99, down from its regular price of $179.99. That's a discount of $80, or 44%. This air fryer is part of today's Best Buy Deals of the Day, and the sale price ends tonight at 11:59 p.m. CT. SEE ALSO: I ditched my oven for this celebrity-brand air fryer and I've never looked back With its 9-quart capacity and dual baskets, you can whip up two different meals or snacks at once. You can also use both baskets for larger portions (for a big dinner or weekly meal prep) by syncing settings on both baskets so they cook at the same temperature. Thanks to its 1800W power capabilities, you can set temperatures from 90 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. And the Bella Pro Series has an intuitive touchscreen menu that lets you choose from six preset cooking options: bake, broil, roast, air fry, reheat, and dehydrate. A timer helps you set and forget your ingredients. The included nonstick crisper, baskets, and divider are also dishwasher-safe. This air fryer is only guaranteed to stay at this price until tonight at 11:59 p.m. CT. Make sure to grab it before then if you want to snag this deal. View the full article
  17. Twitter isn't the only social media platform setting fire to it's third-party app ecosystem in an attempt to monetize its API. Christian Selig, the developer of the popular Reddit client Apollo, announced on Wednesday that he may soon have to shut down the app because of Reddit's new API pricing structure. In a post on Reddit, Selig explained that he's been talking with the company since it announced its plan to start charging for API access to its platform. Selig says that in his discussion, Reddit said it would charge a whopping $12,000 per 50 million API requests. What does this mean for Apollo? The app may very well have to shut down. Selig says that Apollo made 7 billion API requests last month, which would result in a $1.7 million bill just for that 30 day period. He further explained that even if he cut out all free users and went strictly with a subscription-only model, he'd still be in the red financially with Reddit's new API pricing. "For Apollo, the average user uses 344 requests daily, or 10.6K monthly," he said, further breaking down that each user would cost him around $2.50 per month. Apollo's premium subscription tier, Apollo Ultra, currently only costs $1.49 per month or $12.99 per year. There's also a $50 lifetime plan, which very likely would no longer be feasible to say the least. SEE ALSO: Twitter launches API 'Pro' plan for 'startups.' Developers think it's a slap in the face. Reddit first announced its plans to start charging for API access back in April, shortly after Elon Musk's Twitter began doing the same. At the time, Reddit seemed to state that these API changes were mostly being implemented to stop tech companies from scraping data to train their AI language models without any real benefit to Reddit and its users. Based on what Reddit previously said, developers that were specifically using the API to enhance the Reddit experience, like Selig does with Apollo, weren't going to see any real changes. That appears to no longer be the case as Reddit roles out its new API prices. The move to monetize its API may feel like déjà vu to developers who also just dealt with similar API pricing issues with Twitter. For Reddit, the need to monetize its API may be a case of a company looking for additional revenue streams just as its about to announce an IPO later this year. Redditors have not taken kindly to the actions of the company, however. Selig's Reddit post about the yearly $20 million fee that would likely kill Apollo has been the top post on the website for hours now. Users have been stating that they would simply stop visiting Reddit altogether if it killed Apollo and the rest of its third-party app ecosystem with this new API pricing structure. As of publishing, Selig's post has more than 124,000 upvotes and 11,300 comments. "Bye Bye Reddit then," wrote one Redditor with a top upvoted comment. "Without third party apps, I'll abandon Reddit like I abandoned Twitter." "It’s been a good run folks," replied another. View the full article
  18. A new EP from the Atlanta rapper is set to arrive in JulyView the full article
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  20. SAVE $20: As of June 1, the Apple TV HD (2nd generation, 32GB) is down to $79 at Walmart. That's a savings of 20%. Opens in a new tab Credit: Apple Apple TV HD (2nd generation, 32GB) (opens in a new tab) $79 at Walmart (save $20) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Need a convenient way to watch all the shows you've been meaning to get to? You can't go wrong with an Apple TV. Whether you're itching to see why everyone's making such a fuss about shows like Severance or you're ready to dive into Succession, it's a reliable little device that makes streaming from multiple platforms quick and easy. And right now you can get one of the more affordable models for a great price. On June 1, Walmart has the Apple TV HD (2nd generation, 32GB) for $79. That's $20 off its regular price of $99 and a savings of 20%. While you won't get 4K with this model, you will get 1080p HD streaming, Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound support, and a zippy A8 processor to power it all. SEE ALSO: Apple might launch some very powerful Macs at WWDC One of the biggest draws for any Apple TV device is the remote, which comes with support for Siri and a touch-enabled clickpad to make navigation easier. It's a sleek, easy-to-use companion for the Apple TV that feels good in the hand, and can also be used to play Apple Arcade games if you're in the mood for some gaming. This budget alternative to the 4K line won't net you the best of the best when it comes to quality, but when it comes to streaming boxes, it's a great option. Grab this deal while it lasts. View the full article
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  22. “Skeleton Is Walking” leads the full-length, which Mills wrote with jazz musician Chris WeismanView the full article
  23. “You S02” appears on Rabbit Rabbit—the Philadelphia band’s follow-up to 2018’s Twerp VerseView the full article
  24. A collection featuring rare and previously unreleased material from Justin Vernon, Phil Cook, Brad Cook, and Joe WesterlundView the full article
  25. The collaborators team up once again for “a conversation between the mind and the higher self”View the full article
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