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  1. “Being a part of SNL has been the experience of a lifetime,” Redd said in a statement.View the full article
  2. The New Orleans rapper stands accused of raping and choking a woman in his Louisiana homeView the full article
  3. Adnan Syed, a convicted man turned household name after his appearance in NPR's Serial podcast, has had his convictions tossed and was granted release from prison pending a new trial — 22 years after being found guilty for the murder of fellow high school student Hae Min Lee. After numerous attempts and retrials spurred by the internet's obsession with the case, a Baltimore, Maryland, judge vacated multiple convictions against Syed on Monday, Sept. 29, including murder, kidnapping, robbery, and false imprisonment. The judge ordered that he would be released immediately from custody without bail and held in detention at home, awaiting a decision from prosecutors on whether or not to drop the charges or retry Syed. The decision cited unreliable evidence and the introduction of alternative suspects as concerns about the original trial process. SEE ALSO: TikTok's search suggests misinformation almost 20 percent of the time, says report Syed has long retained his claims of innocence in the horrific 1999 murder of 18-year-old Lee, whom he had previously dated. Syed was 17 years old when he was arrested and has served 23 years of his conviction. In 2014, he was chosen as the subject of the now critically-acclaimed crime podcast Serial, which documented the trial and details of his case at the behest of his family and friends, who had been trying to prove that Syed's conviction was a miscarriage of justice. The show was an instant viral hit, and had accumulated 40 million downloads by the end of 2014. Following the show's release, Syed's case continued as an internet conversation starter for millions of listeners and intrigued bystanders around the world, most of whom took it on as a symbol of an unjust and broken legal system (a topic Serial has continued to cover in its multi-season run, each of which covers a new case or legal system-adjacent story). Others contended that the focus of both the case and the podcast should have been on the victim Lee, and continue to believe that Syed is guilty. In 2018, Syed was granted a new trial after a judge ruled that his right to "effective assistance of counsel" had been violated in his original trial, but in 2019, that ruling was overturned by the Maryland Court of Appeals. Syed remained in prison under the original conviction. In 2021, his case was brought to Marilyn J. Mosby, the state’s attorney for Baltimore City, and, after Maryland passed the Juvenile Restoration Act, which allows courts to reevaluate juvenile convictions after they've served 20 years, to the Baltimore City Circuit Court. Maryland state officials say this decision is in the interest of "justice and fairness" following a poorly-executed trial. "It is our promise that we will do everything we can to bring justice to the Lee family. That means continuing to utilize all available resources to bring a suspect or suspects to justice and hold them accountable," said Becky Feldman, chief of the State’s Attorney’s Office’s Sentencing Review Unit. Speaking in court on Monday, Lee's family expressed their continued grief over how the case is treated by the media and the cycle of new trials and trending news. Host and the on-the-ground reporter of Serial, Sarah Koenig, was also there in Baltimore as Monday's verdict came in; the show has already announced it's producing a follow-up episode to discuss the new ruling. True crime media, including podcasts and the still-growing TikTok obsession with recounting violent crimes and trials, has risen in interest in recent years, even amid intense criticism that the genre violates the privacy and ethical boundaries of victims and their families. Syed's story was an earlier form of this type of internet obsession with violent crime against women, but the compelling story also brought to light a national conversation about the treatment of people of color in the justice system. As true crime consumers continue to follow Syed's trial — and rightfully criticize the country's unjust incarceration of many — it leaves a question of where Lee, both her life and her death, fit into the digital conversation. View the full article
  4. “I got the beef, you got the cheese/I’ll be the cuck, you be the tease,” Lindsey Jordan sings on the new collaborationView the full article
  5. Just over a year ago, a space rock hurtled through the Martian atmosphere, broke apart, and slammed into the red desert. NASA just revealed footage of the new impact craters on Sept. 19, as well as three other earlier impacts. The collisions were significant enough for the space agency's geologic probe, InSight, to detect "marsquakes" from up to 180 miles away. "After three years of InSight waiting to detect an impact, those craters looked beautiful," Ingrid Daubar, a planetary scientist at Brown University, said in a NASA statement. The image atop this story shows the result of a meteoroid — a space rock that has yet to impact the surface — that exploded in the Martian atmosphere into at least three "shards," ultimately leaving three fresh craters in the ground, NASA explained. The InSight lander, equipped with a sensitive seismometer, detected the explosion and impacts. Although InSight is running out of power, it certainly continues to make meaningful extraterrestrial observations. SEE ALSO: 'Monster' Mars quake shows the red planet isn't nearly dead After InSight detected the booms, NASA sent its Martian satellite, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, to scour the region for darkened patches on the desert floor. Dark areas are telltale evidence of newly disturbed soil and dust. (The unnatural blue hues are added to make impact details more apparent.) "Those craters looked beautiful." A few other impact craters detected by InSight and imaged by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter in 2020 and 2021 are shown below: Relatively fresh impact craters on Mars created in 2020 and 2021. Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / University of Arizona Space is a story of collisions. They happen regularly in our solar system. Often wayward asteroids make chance impacts with other objects orbiting the sun. Our solar system isn't nearly as chaotic as it was billion of years ago, so impacts are relatively fewer. But the heavily-cratered moon, whose surface isn't recycled like Earth's, leaves poignant evidence of cosmic impacts in our solar system neighborhood. NASA and its astronomical partners are vigilantly watching skies for any potential impacts with Earth in the coming years. But there's nothing threatening, that we know about, on the horizon. As Mashable previously reported: "Fortunately, no known asteroid over 460 feet across will threaten Earth in the next century or so. The chances of a major impact in our lifetimes is, as far as we know, extremely small, astronomers say. To illustrate, impacts by objects around 460 feet in diameter occur every 10,000 to 20,000 years, and a "dinosaur-killing" impact from a rock perhaps a half-mile across or larger happens on 100-million-year timescales." Yet astronomers hope to know if a sizable space rock is headed our way, years in advance. "You need to know what's coming, when it's coming, and how hard it's going to hit," Eric Christensen, director of the asteroid-seeking Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona, told Mashable. View the full article
  6. “The allegations are serious and will be thoroughly examined,” the D.A. wroteView the full article
  7. As the funeral procession for Queen Elizabeth II neared Windsor Castle on Monday, Sept. 19, a few of Her Majesty's most beloved furry friends awaited her arrival to say one final goodbye. The royal corgis, Muick and Sandy, were spotted in the forecourt, being looked after by two members of staff, while the Queen's favorite Fell pony, Emma, stood on the side of the road with a handler as the cortege made its way to St George’s Chapel for the Queen's committal. The prized mare raised its hoof as the Queen's coffin was driven past — an act that some on the internet are even calling a curtsy. Emma (whose full, government name is Carltonlima Emma) also carried with her one of the monarch’s headscarves on her saddle. The scene outside of Windsor Castle. Credit: Jonathan Buckmaster - WPA Pool / Getty Images The royal corgis receive pets for being good doggos. Credit: Peter Nicholls - WPA Pool / Getty Images The animals in attendance represented arguably two of the greatest loves of the late Queen's life: corgis and horses. Her lifelong love of corgis has been well-documented on the internet and in pop culture, and throughout her life, she reportedly raised more than 30 of them. In addition to Muick and Sandy, the Queen also cared for a cocker spaniel named Lissy, but the prize-winning pooch was nowhere to be seen on the castle grounds. It's been confirmed that the Queen's embattled son, Prince Andrew, will look after the corgis with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. As for Emma, the monarch's favorite riding pony most recently participated in the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations, parading in the Windsor Horse Show's televised performance, "A Gallop Through History." Emma looks on as the Queen arrives at Windsor Castle one final time. Credit: Andrew Matthews - WPA Pool / Getty Images The Queen's fondness of horses began when she received her first Shetland pony at age 4. She would continue riding well into her 90s — until she was 96, to be exact. She also thoroughly enjoyed Thoroughbred racing. Say what you want about all of the pomp and circumstance and royal protocol surrounding Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral and the future of the British monarchy (and there is a lot to say), watching the late monarch's pets honor their owner one last time was a genuinely touching, and perfectly fitting, tribute. View the full article
  8. Sony might have a clever new spin on the PlayStation 5’s hardware coming down the pike. According to a new report from Insider Gaming, Sony is working on a new revision of the PS5 console that could launch around September of 2024. This new PS5 would come without a built-in disc drive, but users would be able to attach an external drive using a new USB-C port on the back of the console. Currently, the PS5 is available in two models: A discless, all-digital version for $400 and a disc-enabled version for $500. Inside Gaming’s report also said that customers would be able to buy the console either without the detachable disc drive, or bundled with it. Perhaps most importantly, the disc drive would also be sold separately, meaning there would be no headaches (as long as it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg) if the one you have breaks over time. SEE ALSO: The PlayStation 5 just got even more expensive in most of the world It’s not clear yet how much or even if this new PS5 would differ in appearance from the…distinctive look of the current models. It's also unclear if people who own the existing discless PS5 would be able to attach the new drive using an already-available USB-C port on the front of the console. This is fascinating for Sony on a number of levels. First, it would simplify manufacturing, as Sony would only have to produce one model going forward instead of two. The Insider Gaming report indicates Sony would stop producing the current models eventually. Second, it would give the appearance of a price drop, as suddenly there would only be a $400 (or maybe even less by late 2023) model on store shelves, with the option of buying a disc drive either bundled with the console or separately. That last point would perhaps be most significant outside the United States, as Sony recently upped the price of the PS5 in basically every major non-U.S. market. Ask any PS5-hungry gamer what the biggest problems are with the PS5, and their answers will probably be its price and its availability. If Sony could simplify production by zeroing in on a cheaper model, that might put a lot of PS5s under a lot of TVs in the future. View the full article
  9. Swedish House Mafia has been getting a lot of flak recently for their cancelled tour shows, and even some residual hate for their recent IKEA collaboration (though, not as much). Still, their force as icons in electronic music is nothing to take lightly. Having just released their new album Paradise Again earlier this year, they’ve already dropped a new collaboration with Fred again.. and now have their sights set on the pop world once again with an apparent Alicia Keys collaboration. The new song is a cover of “Finally” by Kings of Tomorrow featuring Julie McKnight, originally released in 2000 on Defected Records. Originally, the song is quite minimalistic with rolling hi-hats and McKnight’s gospel-inspired vocals crooning atop the sparse piano notes. Now updated for the main stage, SHM and Alicia Keys have transformed one of house music’s classic records into something fit for the main stage. Whether that will be appreciated by the OGs is yet to be seen. Check out the video from 1001tracklists below. Photo via Rukes.com This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Swedish House Mafia x Alicia Keys collaboration is on its way! View the full article
  10. If you’ve never seen Pendulum live (which due to their near-decade long absence from the touring circuit, likely many have not), you’re missing out. The 4-piece band brings classic drum & bass flavor with a live band performance to create a truly unforgettable experience. Last month, the band performed “secret” sets at both Reading & Leeds Festivals in the UK. Writes NME: Yesterday (August 26) on the first day of music at this year’s pair of events, a cryptic poster displaying Pendulum’s band logo was spotted at R&L’s southern edition. It features a UK phone number (+44 7888 863751) that, when called, plays a pre-recorded message regarding a mystery show. “Ladies and gentlemen, we understand that you have come tonight to bear witness to the sound of drum and bass,” a voiceover states. “We regret to announce that this is not the case. As instead we come tonight to bring you the sonic recreation of the end of the world.” It adds: “Reading Festival prepare to hold your colour.” A similar message is also sent to the caller as a text. The band hadn’t played a live set in the UK since April 2018, so their inclusion on the lineups was surely reason to be excited. Though our US readers likely weren’t present, Pendulum has uploaded the full live set from Reading Festival on their YouTube, complete with a brand new song and Enter Shikari frontman Rou Reynolds on stage to perform his band’s hit “Sorry You’re Not A Winner.” Watch the full set below! Photo courtesy of Ultra Japan via Rukes.com This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Pendulum debut new music from secret performance at Reading Festival [FULL SET] View the full article
  11. As long as DJs have been DJing, set times have (generally) been a thing. You have a predetermined time to play your set, you play out your final song, and the next DJ goes on. Sometimes it’s acceptable, if the other performers are okay with it, to go over a little bit, especially if it’s a headline club play and not a festival set. But to go hours over your time and cut the final two DJs of the night is basically unheard of. Cue Gordo, pka Carnage, who headlined Ministry of Sound this past Saturday. After his headline set, or rather, after he was scheduled to end, he apparently continued playing, cutting the closing sets of Waze and Essel who were scheduled to play after him. Photo via Rukes.com This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Gordo (pka Carnage) catching heat for playing over the sets of 2 closing DJs View the full article
  12. TL;DR: Amazon just released a new Kindle Paperwhite with double the storage for only $10 more than the entry-level model. The new 6-inch Kindle with premium features and a surprisingly low price tag stole the spotlight upon its release last week, but another Amazon unveiling deserves its moment as well: the 16GB Kindle Paperwhite. Amazon quietly released a new 16GB version of the elegant e-reader and it's definitely a better bang for your buck. It still packs all the premium features we loved about the original Kindle Paperwhite — a 6.8-inch display that looks fantastic under any lighting, weeks-long battery life, a waterproof design, adjustable warm light, and a flawless form factor fit for one-handed readers. But with the new model, you can also fit thousands more books with double the storage for just $149.99. It's a simple, but welcomed update for those looking to store more on their device. Plus, at just $10 more than the original 8GB version, it's an excellent alternative to splurging on the 32GB Paperwhite Signature Edition ($189.99). You won't get the wireless charging feature, but regardless, the 16GB Paperwhite (non-Signature Edition) is certainly the better deal. The Kindle Paperwhite is a "nearly perfect" e-reader, according to Mashable tech reporter Alex Perry. And unlike the new 6-inch Kindle, which won't be released until Oct. 12, the 16GB Paperwhite is already available at Amazon. If you're looking to upgrade from an older Kindle that lost the ability to browse, borrow, or buy books directly from the Kindle Store last month, both new releases are solid options that won't break the bank. Opens in a new tab Credit: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (16GB) (opens in a new tab) $149.99 at Amazon Get Deal (opens in a new tab) View the full article
  13. Save 49%: Ring in the near start of spooky season with a two-pack of a Halloween themed Dash Mini Waffle Makers, on sale for only $15.40 at Amazon as of Sept. 19. Down $14.59 from its $30 MSRP, this deal basically gets you a whole waffle maker for free. You know what's better than mini waffles made from the TikTok viral Dash Mini Waffle Maker? Spooky mini waffles made from a spooky Dash Mini Waffle Maker. As if the mere existence of a Halloween version of one of TikTok's favorite kitchen appliances isn't enough, you can grab the two-pack Halloween themed waffle maker for just $15.40 at Amazon. That's 49% off its $30 list price, and an especially excellent deal when you take into account that the standard Dash waffle maker is $13 for one. Personally, I'd probably prefer to eat skull waffles year-round anyways, but when it means basically getting an additional waffle maker for free, then I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't opt for the Halloween version. And it's not just skull or pumpkin-shaped waffles you can make. This waffle maker rose to TikTok fame for its versatility — people have made everything from cheesy garlic bread to breakfast sandwiches and quesadillas in the four-inch appliance. Sure, it's definitely not the most luxe kitchen device out there, but it's cute, it's convenient, and as of Sept. 19, it's at a pretty unbeatable sale price. Opens in a new tab Credit: Dash Two-pack of Halloween Dash Mini Waffle Maker (opens in a new tab) $15.40 at Amazon (save $14.59) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) View the full article
  14. The post-hardcore outfit will issue A Brief Moment in the Sun via DischordView the full article
  15. Save 20%: Dog and cat lovers alike can celebrate this week. As of Sept. 19, Wisdom Panel is offering up to $31 off their Premium and Essential dog DNA tests and their cat DNA test in honor of National Cat DNA Day and National Dog Week. Anyone with a pet is familiar with the very basic and very strong need to know everything about the most perfect creature in your life. Which is why this National Cat DNA Day and National Dog Week is a great time to take advantage of Wisdom Panel's pet DNA kit deals, available for both dogs and cats. As of Sept. 19, you can grab the Complete for Cats kit, the Essential dog DNA kit, or the Premium dog DNA kit, all for 20% off. The cat DNA kit will be sale through the end of the day, while the dog kits will hold their discounted prices through Sept. 27. Wisdom Panel's DNA kits are some of our favorite out there, so these deals are definitely worth jumping on. Plus, while knowing this info about your pet is cute, it can also be super useful for taking care of any current or potential health concerns. And all you have to do once you receive the kit is register the kit, spend 15 seconds taking a sample, send it in, and wait two to three weeks to get the results. If you need some help deciding which to get, here's a breakdown of each available kit: Wisdom Panel Complete for Cats — $104 $129.99 (save $26) Opens in a new tab Credit: Wisdom Panel Complete for Cats (opens in a new tab) $104 at Wisdom Panel (save $26) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we like itPrice wise, this kit is fairly comparable to other cat DNA tests on the market. But when Wisdom Panel says complete, they mean it. This test will screen for over 70 breeds and populations, 45 genetic health conditions, and test for over 25 physical traits. It'll also identify your cat's blood type and allow you to see a multi-generational family tree, so you can see if your black and white baby comes from a long line of tuxedo cats. Just remember to act quick if you're interested — this deal only lasts through the end of Sept. 19. Wisdom Panel Essential for dogs — $80 $99.99 (save $20) Opens in a new tab Credit: Wisdom Panel Wisdom Panel Essential (opens in a new tab) $80 at Wisdom Panel (save $20) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we like itWant to have a more specific answer than "he's a terrier mix" when people ask about your goodest boy? The Essential kit has got you covered, and at only $80, it's definitely one of the most affordable pet kits out there. It's got all the basic covered, scanning for over 350 breeds and testing for medication sensitivities, over 25 genetic health conditions, and over 35 physical traits. And you'll potentially get to find your doggo's relatives. Imagine the family reunion potential. Wisdom Panel Premium for dogs — $128 $159.99 (save $31) Opens in a new tab Credit: Wisdom Panel Wisdom Panel Premium (opens in a new tab) $128 at Wisdom Panel (save $31) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we like itTake everything from the Essential kit, and add on 185 more health tests. That's what makes the Premium our top pick dog DNA test for in-depth medical testing. It won't be a necessity for everyone (the more aptly named Essential kit is Wisdom Panel's most popular pick for a reason), but for those most interested in the health potential of DNA testing, $128 is a pretty solid deals. And you can you can discuss the findings with your vet, to get even more insight. View the full article
  16. A version of the album with Carey’s own lead vocals, which was buried by her record label, may yet see the light of dayView the full article
  17. Here are the top deals of the day for Sept. 19: BEST KITCHEN DEAL: Vitamix blenders and accessories — save up to 50% BEST STREAMING DEAL: Disney+ — $1.99 for your first month $7.99 (save 75%) We're kicking off the week of Sept. 19 with many ongoing deals coming to an end, but that doesn't mean new ones aren't on the horizon. Kitchen products, from blenders to dutch ovens, are seeing the biggest discounts today, with the Vitamix Days sale leading the pack. Streaming, tech, and home deals are still holding semi-strong, while we're starting to see some unique discounts on pet products to celebrate National Dog Week. Here are the top deals of the day for Sept. 19, sorted into easy to shop categories. Best kitchen deal Opens in a new tab Credit: Vitamix Our pick: Vitamix Blenders and Accessories (opens in a new tab) Save up to 50% Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we like itIf you're in the market for a blender, now's a good time to buy, as both new and refurbished Vitamix models are on sale up to 50% off as part of the Vitamix Days sale. One of our top picks, the Vitamix A3500, for example is now $549.95 (reg. $699.95) — that's $150 in savings. Containers, replacement parts, cookbooks, and storage systems are also part of the sale, so if your existing Vitamix needs an upgrade, you can keep some money in your pocket by taking advantage of these mega price drops for the next 72 hours. Best streaming deal Opens in a new tab Credit: Disney Our pick: Disney+ Day (opens in a new tab) $1.99 for your first month $7.99 (save 75%) Get Deal (opens in a new tab) Why we like itIf you haven't taken advantage of the Disney+ Day offer, now's your last chance: the deal ends at midnight. Both new and returning subscribers can get their first month of Disney+ for only $1.99 — a 75% discount on its usual monthly rate of $7.99. This is a rare opportunity to save on the Disney+ membership and just about as close as you can get to a free trial, since the streamer did away with it in June 2020. Just remember, your membership will renew at full price ($7.99 per month). Be sure to cancel ahead of time if you want to avoid that charge. More kitchen dealsBreville Barista Express Espresso Machine — $599.95 $749.95 (save $150) Great Jones Dutch Baby — $85 $120 (save $35) Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Toaster Oven — $279.95 $349.95 (save $70) GE Opal Nugget Ice Maker w/ Side Tank — $424.99 $579.99 (save $155) Cuisinart Casserole Dutch Oven — $60 $130 (save $70) Ninja Air Fryer XL 5.5 Qt — $69 $98 (save $29) Bella Pro Series 12.6 Qt Digital Air Fryer Oven — $69.99 $169.99 (save $100) Halloween-themed Dash Mini Waffle Makers — $15.40 $29.99 (save $14.59) More streaming dealsOne year of Peacock Premium — $1.99 per month $4.99 per month (save 60%) Paramount+ and Showtime bundles — Starting at $7.99 (save up to 33%) Home dealsiRobot Roomba 981 Robot Vacuum — $249.99 $449.99 (save $200) Anker Nebula Capsule Max — $369 $470 (save $101) eufy by Anker RoboVac G30 — $179.99 $318.99 (save $139) Tech accessory dealsAnker charging accessories — starting at $16.99 (save up to 39%) SanDisk 4TB Extreme PRO Portable SSD — $479.99 $899.99 (save $420) Other deals15% off select e-gift cards at Best Buy Dell Outlet Semi-Annual Sale — Save up to an extra 30% off new, used, and refurbished Dell computers Wisdom Panel cat and dog DNA tests — save 20% with codes CATDNA and DOGWEEK View the full article
  18. Last year, Bungie filed a complaint at a federal court in Seattle, accusing AimJunkies.com of copyright and trademark infringement, among other things. The same accusations were also made against Phoenix Digital Group, the alleged creators of the software. AimJunkies denied the claims and argued that cheating isn’t against the law. In addition, it refuted the copyright infringement allegations; these lacked any substance and were ungrounded because some of the referenced copyrights were registered well after the cheats were first made available. Court Dismissed Bungie’s Copyright Claims In May, U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Zilly largely sided with AimJunkies. The original complaint didn’t provide sufficient evidence for a plausible claim that the ‘Destiny 2 Hacks’ infringed any copyrights, the judge concluded. This was bad news for Bungie but the court did offer the company the option to file a new complaint to address these shortcomings, which it did soon after. In an amended complaint the game developer added more copyright infringement details. Bungie also shared more information on the roles of several key people that are also allegedly involved. They include James May, who Bungie describes as a third-party cheat developer. Cheaters Countersue Bungie The AimJunkies defendants have now responded to the amended complaint. While they don’t deny that the AimJunkies site offered ‘Destiny 2′ cheats in the past, the defendants don’t believe any laws were violated. Instead, James May and the three managing members of Phoenix Digital have turned the tables. Their countersuit against Bungie contains several hacking allegations and also claims that the game company violated the DMCA by circumventing the cheat’s technological protection measures. The hacking allegations come from Mr. May, who played Destiny 2 and agreed to its Limited Software License Agreement (LSLA) in the fall of 2019. Nowadays Bungie reserves the right to access players’ computers for anti-cheat purposes. However, the older version of the LSLA didn’t allow Bungie to do that. This older copy is the one presented by Bungie as evidence. “The LSLA in effect at all relevant times does not provide Bungie, Inc. with authorization to surreptitiously access files on Mr. May’s personal computer and/or download information from those files without the direct knowledge and express authorization of Mr. May,” the countersuit clarifies. Hacking Allegations This didn’t stop Bungie from accessing Mr. May’s computer on several occasions between 2019 and 2021, as evidence gathered through discovery suggests. By doing so, the game company allegedly violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which can be seen as hacking. Some of the accessed files (obtained through discovery) The information gathered through the alleged “clandestine surveillance” of Mr. May’s computer was presumably used to gather intelligence on AimJunkies’ company Phoenix Digital and its employees. “Upon information and belief, Bungie, Inc., after fraudulently accessing Mr. May’s personal computer, used the information obtained in order to conduct further surveillance on parties that include, but are not limited to, Phoenix Digital and its principals.” The countersuit accuses Bungie of accessing Mr. May’s computer without permission and stealing his data. It claims that the game company willingly accessed confidential and private files with the intent to defraud. In addition, Mr. May also argues that Bungie violated the DMCA’s anti-circumvention provision as it bypassed, removed, or deactivated the computer’s security measures. DMCA Violations and Reverse Engineering Phoenix Digital also adds several counterclaims to the mix. The company alleges that Bungie breached its terms of service. In 2020, someone using the name “Martin Zeniu” obtained a license to the Destiny 2 cheat software, agreeing to these terms. According to AimJunkies, “Zeniu” is an alias used by an employee or agent of Bungie. The purchased software was allegedly decompiled and reverse engineered, which is a breach of contract since it violates the Terms of Service. “Upon information and belief, Bungie, Inc., decompiled, reverse engineered and otherwise inspected the internal workings of the ‘cheat software’ product obtained from the aimjunkies website by “Martin Zeniu” on or about January 3, 2020, in breach of the Phoenix Digital Terms of Service to which Bungie, Inc., had agreed,” the countersuit reads. Phoenix’ also accuses Bungie of violating the DMCA’s anti-circumvention provisions. According to the countersuit, the game company had to do that in order to access the loader software. “Bungie, without the authorization of Phoenix Digital, improperly gained access to loader software used by Phoenix Digital to distribute the ‘cheat software’ at issue here to its customers. In doing so, Bungie defeated and compromised technological measures implemented by Phoenix Digital to preclude access to its loader software.” As compensation, Mr. May and Phoenix Digital demand damages. In addition, the countersuit aims to put an end to all unauthorized computer access and DMCA violations. By going on the offensive, AimJunkies has essentially turned the tables on Bungie. Interestingly, the cheat seller uses many of Bungie’s own allegations against the company. Whether these claims will hold up in court has yet to be seen. — A copy of the filing with the answers and counterclaims from the Aimjunkies’ defendants is available here (pdf) From: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more. View the full article
  19. SAVE $9.01: Normally $249, Amazon has the second-generation Apple AirPods Pro on preorder for $239.99 as of Sept. 19. This is their first discount to date. Mulling over the idea of pre-ordering the brand new Apple AirPods Pro 2? Here's something that might make it easier to press the "Place your order" button: Amazon has them on sale already. As of Sept. 19, you can reserve a pair of those second-generation wireless earbuds through the site for $239.99. That's about $9 off their suggested retail price of $249, which is their first-ever discount since debuting at this month's "Far Out" iPhone 14 event. They should arrive on or around their Sept. 23 release date. SEE ALSO: Everything Apple announced at the iPhone 14 event The AirPods Pro 2 look mostly the same as their identically priced predecessors from 2019, though they do come with an additional ear tip size and a revamped charging case that can be located using Find My on an iPhone (a feature that now works with the original Pros as well). Their biggest upgrades are internal: You'll be able to create personalized profiles for their spatial audio feature, scroll up and down their stems to adjust their volume, and use them with ANC enabled for up to 30 hours per charge. (That's a six-hour increase from the previous generation.) The AirPods Pro 2's Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency mode, and overall sound quality have also been improved with the addition of the new H2 chip. Opens in a new tab Credit: Apple Apple AirPods Pro (2nd generation) (opens in a new tab) $239.99 on Amazon (save $9.01) Pre-order (opens in a new tab) View the full article
  20. Our weekly playlist highlights songs that our writers, editors, and contributors are listening to on repeatView the full article
  21. The Yerevan-based festival was set to feature Nicolás Jaar, Mulatu Astatke, and more, until clashes broke out on the Azerbaijani borderView the full article
  22. The 10-track LP features renditions of songs popularized by Bon Iver, Lucinda Williams, Yo La Tengo, the National, Hank Williams, and moreView the full article
  23. Hadja Bangoura is due out November 4 via 4ADView the full article
  24. Dating non-queer men as a queer woman can feel like stepping onto a dancefloor without knowing the routine. In the same way there isn't a social script for how women date women (hence the useless lesbian meme), there also isn’t any guidance for how multi-gender attracted (bi+) women can date men in a way that honours our queerness. That's not because bi+ women dating men are less queer than those who aren't/don't, but because it can be more difficult to navigate patriarchal gender roles and heteronormative relationship ideals within different-gender relationships. Debora Hayes, a bi person who presents as a woman, tells me, "Gender roles are very bothersome in relationships with cis hetero men. I feel pigeonholed and limited as a person." Because of this, some bi+ women have chosen to actively exclude non-queer (anyone who is straight, cis, and allosexual, also know as allocishet) men from their dating pool, and turned to bi4bi (only dating other bi people) or bi4queer (only dating other queer people) dating styles. Emily Metcalfe, who identifies as bi and demisexual, finds that non-queer people are unable to understand her queer activism, which can make dating difficult. Now, she mainly chooses to date within the community. "I find I'm less likely to have to deal with stereotypes and generally find the people I'm interested in from within our community have a better understanding and use of consent language," she says. Bisexual activist, author, and educator Robyn Ochs suggests that bi feminism may offer a starting point for navigating relationships as a bi+ woman. It provides a framework for navigating biphobia through a feminist lens. Unlike lesbian feminism, which argues that women should forgo relationships with men entirely in order to bypass the patriarchy and find liberation in loving other women, bi feminism proposes holding men to the same — or higher — standards as those we have for our female partners. It puts forward the idea that women decenter the gender of one's partner and focuses on autonomy. "I made a personal commitment to hold men and women to the same standards in relationships. [...] I decided that I would not settle for less from men, while realizing that it means that I may be categorically eliminating most men as potential partners. So be it," writes Ochs. SEE ALSO: Being bisexual can impact your mental health. Here's what you can do about it. Bi feminism is also about holding ourselves to the same standards in relationships, regardless of our partner's gender. Of course, the roles we play and the different aspects of personality that we bring to a relationship can change from person to person (you might find doing more organisation for dates if this is something your partner struggles with, for example), but bi feminism encourages examining whether these aspects of ourselves are being influenced by patriarchal ideals rather than our own wants and desires. This can be difficult in practice, especially if your partner is less enthusiastic. It can involve a lot of false starts, weeding out red flags, and most importantly, requires you to have a strong sense of self outside of any relationship. Hannah, a bisexual woman, who's mostly had relationships with men, has experienced this difficulty in dating. "I'm a feminist and always express my views openly, I have definitely been in contact with some men who hated that on Tinder, but I got pretty good at detecting those attitudes and throwing those men away," she says. "I'm currently in a four-year monogamous relationship with a cishet man and he definitely respects me and doesn't expect me to fulfil some traditional gender role." "I'm less likely to have to deal with stereotypes and generally find the people I'm interested in...have a better understanding and use of consent language." Despite this, queer women who date men — but bi women in particular — are often accused of 'going back to men' by dating them, regardless of our dating history. The logic here is easy to follow — we are raised in a (cis)heteronormative society that bombards us with messages from birth that heterosexuality is the only valid option, and that cis men's pleasure is the essence of all sexual and romantic relationships. Therefore, dating men after having dated other genders is seen as defaulting to the norm. On top of this, bisexuality is still seen a phase which we will grow out of when we eventually 'pick a side.' (The idea of 'going back to men' also assumes that all bi+ women are cis, ignoring the experiences of bi+ trans women.) Many of us internalise this and may over-empathise our attraction to men without realising it. Compulsory heterosexuality also plays a role in our dating life — we may settle for men in order to please our families, fit in, or just to silence that nagging internal feeling that there's something wrong with us for being attracted to women. To combat this, bi feminism is also part of a liberatory framework which seeks to show that same-gender relationships are just as — or sometimes even more — healthy, loving, long-term and beneficial, as different-gender ones. While bi feminism advocates for holding allocishet men to the same standards as women and people of other genders, it's also imperative that the framework supports intersectionality, inclusivity, and equitability. Relationships with women aren't going to be intrinsically better than those with men or non-binary people. Bi feminism can also mean holding ourselves and our female partners to the same standard as male partners. This is particularly important given the rates of intimate partner violence and abuse within same-gender relationships. Bi feminism must hold all relationships and behaviour to the same standards, regardless of the genders within them. SEE ALSO: Why bi people are more vulnerable to partner violence Although things are improving, the idea that bi women are too much of a flight risk for other women to date is still a hurtful stereotype within women-loving-women (WLW) community. Many lesbians (and gay men) still believe the stereotype that all bi people are more attracted to men. A study published in the journal Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity called this the androcentric desire hypothesis and suggests it may be the cause of some biphobic sentiments. Bi+ women are seen as "returning" to the societal benefits that relationships with men offer and thus are shackled by heteronormativity and patriarchy — but this theory doesn't exactly hold up in reality. Firstly, bi women face higher rates of intimate partner violence than both gay and straight women, with these rates increasing for women who are out to their partner. On top of this, bi women also experience more mental health issues than gay and straight women due to double discrimination and isolation from both hetero and homosexual communities. It's also far from true that men are the starting point for all queer women. Even before all the progress we've made in regards to queer liberation, which has allowed people to understand themselves and come out at a younger age, there's always been women who've never dated men. After all, as problematic as it is, the term 'Gold Star Lesbian' has been around for decades. How can you go back to a place you've never been? These biphobic stereotypes further influence bi women's dating preferences. Sam Locke, a bi woman says that internalised biphobia around not feeling "queer enough" or fear of fetishisation from cishet men has put her off dating them. "I also aware that bi women are heavily fetishized, and it's always a concern that at some point, a cishet man I'm involved with might try to leverage my bisexuality for their personal desires or fantasies," she explains. While bi people need to contend with erasure and fetishisation, the identity itself still opens up more opportunities to experience different kinds of intimacy and love. Poet Juno Jordan described bisexuality as freedom, an assessment that I wholeheartedly endorsed in my book, Bi the Way. But while bisexuality may give us the freedom to love people of any gender, we are still fighting for freedom from patriarchy, homophobia, and monosexism that limits our dating choices in practice. Until that time, bi+ feminism is just one of the ways we can navigate dating in a way that honours our queerness. View the full article
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