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  1. ‘Essential Elements Of Soul’ by The Lab Addicts Distributed by Di-Lee Promotions Ltd Album Update March/April 2006 Following a highly successful launch, Lab Addicts’ Essential Elements of Soul album is destined to be one of 2006 finest releases. Widely acclaimed by top DJs such as Richard Searling, Mike Stephens, Steve Hobbs and Andreas Hellingh, it is now taking the soul charts by storm! Within the time span of two weeks it has achieved amongst others a no 5 spot in the ‘Starpoint Radio’s & Simply Soul’s - Soul and R&B’ chart and a no 2 spot in the ‘Soulportal.dk’ chart. The album is also doing very well outside the UK with soul fans from countries like Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany & Japan already taking a keen interest Lab Addicts’ success in the UK. See for instance the extremely complimentary review of the album on www.soulportal.dk by Frank Ryle. Further reviews and interviews are also due on www.Soulsite.de, and in the magazines ‘Blues & Soul’ - Steve Hobbs, ‘Manifesto’ – John Kane, ‘The Beat’ – Alex De Ponti, and ‘Nsoul’– Kev Roberts. With such a positive vibe going round you better make sure you get your copy now as this is a strictly limited CD with 500 copies only for UK distribution!! Get your copy on http://www.soulchoonz.com Contact email - [email protected] Tel. 07784 140040
  2. You asked me that on the other board and once again no here to participate in discussion's on soul music and was posting in the appropriate forum about a very popular new release. Do you have a problem with that?
  3. ** New Release ** We are very pleased to announce The limited edition release of Lab Addicts’ Essential Elements of Soul This highly talented band from New Jersey whom write and produce all their own material, have produced a truly outstanding collection of 8 choice tunes, whether you like steppers music (Dance All Night) slightly more up-tempo (Movement) or you are more into soulful ballads (Just 4 Love), there is something for every soul music fan. Exclusively distributed by Di-Lee Promotions, these eight choice tunes are guaranteed to keep the dance floor moving all night!! Listen to all eight tracks on-line at http://www.soulchoonz.com For orders and enquiries contact [email protected] ** This is a Limited Edition CD with only 500 copies printed. It is a real collector’s item. ** CD comes in a black cardboard sleeve
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