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  1. Hey, At the moment i only a single disc Greatest Hits compilation. And I reckon he's frickin' awesome so can anyone pass up any suggestions which of his CDs should i get next?
  2. I have a large variety of soul and rnb records. However i have only very little jazz and no blues at all. From my jazz "collection" i am the proud owner of Miles Davis' Kind Of Blue and John Coltrane's A Love Supreme. If any one can make just a couple of blues and jazz reccomendations, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Aretha Frankling is the Queen of Soul- everyone knows that. But after listening to I Never Loved A Man... one wonders is she the queen of cover songs as well? I mean she totally made Respect her own, but there's also A Change Is Gonna Coome and Drown In My Tears...
  4. Prince is pretty funky, as are Sly and Family Stone (anyone see Sly's reapperance at the Grammys?). But ultimately James Brown is No.1. Speaking of James Brown I'm going to his concert in 8 days!!!!
  5. Heyas all, Just wondering if the album is on CD at all? Come to think of it, are any of Motown's Albums on Cd? It seems the only stuff i find at my stores are the endless amount of Best Of, Gold, Greatest Hits, Essential collections etc. Thanks
  6. yeah this is a great awesome album. its got the full range, from old school soul to the new hip hop-ish stuff- highly reccommended. Love the title sam cooke song.
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