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  1. CUTTA


    SPOTIFY https://open.spotify.com/artist/5qspnEIIXTt7AEJ57iaYoi SOUNDCLOUD https://soundcloud.com/daheadcutta https://soundcloud.com/daheadcutta/do-you-really-want-2-hurt-me
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL5uAOXu7OQ
  3. CUTTA


    ENJOY HAVE A NICE DAY https://www.soundclick.com/bands3/default.cfm?bandid=391763
  4. CUTTA


    RIFT AMONG MANKIND https://www.soundclick.com/daheadcutta
  5. Hello everyone, This playlist is dedicated to getting money for charity all the tracks here are monitized which means ads play before each beat and a small amount of money gets made for each play any amount made from this will be giving to the american cancer society I lost my grandma to cancer and my wife lost her mom so now I'am going to do what I can to help starting now. So to help out just play a song or two every little bit helps and will be appreciated. THANK YOU VERY KINDLY YOU HAVE A NICE DAY PEOPLE PLAY TO DONATE PLAYLIST - American Cancer Society PLAY TO DONATE - American Cancer Society by DA HEADCUTTA | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  6. CUTTA


    im hosting a producers challenge anyone interested check out the link below i have three songs to sample from and a soundcloud page dedicated to it aslo so i can upload the submissions i get given proper credits to anyone submits a track hope to hear from you talended people soon THANK YOU VERY KINDLY AND HAVE A GREAT DAY HERES THE LINK BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION http://daheadcutta.weebly.com/producers-challenge.html
  7. To me no he could had been something special he showed us that in his forever verse but he would continue down that road in my eyes he is someone who could have been great for hiphop but chose not to for some reason even til this day he shows flashes of that forever drake but still never put out a true hiphop album the dude has so much potential its crazy and he doesnt seem to see it. i think if he worked with producers like dj premier,9th wonder pete rock pharell he would put out a classic with that effortless flow of his. But thats not what it is so to me he is not a legend or ever will be just a very crazy popular pop artist. What do you think vote in the poll link below.... thank u very kindly poll http://freebeatsforrappers.weebly.com/hiphop-poll.html
  8. I never liked this game and i love rpgs but in my eyes its waaaaay overrated boring combat story put me to sleep cloud had pop eye arms the music was a 2 out of 100 at best what a piece of over hyped trash even til this day i hope they never remake it and let i rot forever. Anyone agree vote on my site theres a link below...have a blessed and safe dayPOLLhttp://daheadcutta.weebly.com/weekly-poll.html
  9. OFFICIAL SITE http://daheadcutta.weebly.com/
  10. I'm letting the flood gates open now most of the beats on my FREE BEATS NATION PAGE have no fan gate and can be downloaded normally now enjoy.and please give me credit if a beat is used ...thank you and have a nice day heres a link below FREE BEATS NATION PAGE LINK FREE BEATS NATION | Free Listening on SoundCloud FOLLOW ME ON MY MAIN PAGE DA HEADCUTTA | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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