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  1. So this chick catches her boyfriend flirting with some random other girl. She flips out and the next thing you know shes swinging a into his car. Does this video remind anyone else of the lonelygirl series? I think I feel another saga coming on. Maybe this is the next lonelygirl.
  2. Ah, now that's a good place to die.
  3. this girl is definitely my new favorite hottie
  4. Yea, I pay a flat rate for unlimited downloads, I like it a lot. My music library has probably quadrupled since i signed up, cause i get sooo much more music now...it's something like 5 free listens to each song before you buy too, i think it's a pretty nifty deal.
  5. Anyone else using Napster's unlimited subscription?
  6. Anyone have any new magazines they love? I just picked up "Shock"--it's basically a compilation of crazy articles and images, and i LOVE it. Reading it really got me thinking to the lack of interesting new magazines out there now, since everything is completely focused around celebrity lives. I want to see more funny things like this!! http://blahblah.blah.bla owww!
  7. thats too bad, but i swaer that all the new cell phones are pretty good at this.
  8. your phone doesn't save new words? i swear all of them do that now...
  9. ya i been using T9 because in the long run it makes you type faster than using the ABC mode. After altering my dictionary on my phone a bit i got my T9 to stop putting in random words.
  10. I Use T9 (if you don't know: http://www.textfast.t9.com/ind ex1.htm ) alot for when it comes to text messaging recently, but i know that there are some people which still prefer to use the ABC way to text people. what do you use? and which is faster?
  11. Has anyone seen this clip (www.getthewholething.com) yet? now, she's hot. I just want to know who she is and where I can find more of her.
  12. Chose Green Day (who woulda thunk the former little brats would go political and have Grammy buzz). have to admit, though, that most of these bands are boooring (at least now)---I'd like to take them for a cab ride www.entertainmentanytime.com and shake some sense into them. the truth is, when i hear most of the stuff on this list, it produces a result similar to what happens to the guy in the taxi when you repeatedly press the left and right arrow buttons.
  13. For a slightly less violent game that is Halloween appropriate, there's this: www.creepycrossword.com. i've found it to be a nice yin to the cat bashing yang. and it lets you practice your cell phone text messaging skills too.
  14. Not too surprised by any of those, but I somehow figured Britney would be on there (and very rarely give Avril Lavigne any thought at all). as for Kanye: at least he seems to acknowledge his ego. his music seems to constantly grapple with being cocky and being totally insecure.
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