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  1. Chiana

    Teachers Needed

    Hey Dude, PM me and I'll give you some instructions to be a teacher. This also goes for everyone else who wants to teach a course.
  2. Sounds like souleek is great. Can you find latin Rock, Rap Reggae all kinds of music genre what else do you share there?
  3. Hey Everyone, I still havent made a School Board yet but we are gathering a Teachers List and we need teachers. You can teach Science, Mathamatics, Sex-Ed and lots more. English, Literature and also Writing Classes. Webmatery like HTML, php, javascript and many more. So if you wanna be a teacher, Post here and PM me for Temperary Teachers Lounge Link. :bigsmile:
  4. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of a good filesharing program to use.
  5. Its not like I have a choice, I dont have enough room on my comp to save it and my burner is not working.
  6. I use Ares and I was using Warez but that slowed down my comp. Anyway, I just dl, hear the song and then delete it.
  7. Which and How many P2P Filesharing Programs are being track my the government and others for law sue? I heard Kazaa tracks people as users get there ip and gets the user. What other Programs are being tracked the same?
  8. Hey, Joeyz where VA? Virginia? I play Reggae, Rap Techno in Parties everyone loves that mix. I not good enough to play in Clubs still practicing and learning. :)
  9. Personally I think they are all hot and I dj them all day. But you choose who you like. :bigsmile: Come on lets rock da party. :D
  10. How about Utopia Online School? Does everyone like it or no? There will be Sex-ed, Webmatery such as php, html, javascript and lots more. Science, Music, English, Literuature and lots more. And if you can think of a Subject to teach or suggest one, PM me and I'll note it.
  11. Chiana

    Da Vinci Code

    hhmmm haven't read it yet, but he was the smartest guy that walked the earth.
  12. Hey everyone, I need some help wth a name for and online school for free classes and It's a message board also. But I need help coming up with a name any suggestions? Also we need teachers and students. PM me if your interrested.
  13. Spring Diamond :rolleyes:
  14. Im listening to "Yo Quiero Bailar" by Ivy Queen, spanish song.
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