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    Track, fencing, and duhh...MUSIC!
  1. drakee90


    I agree with method bjorks voice sounds like nothing else
  2. I didnt really know what catogorey to put this in but this guy has made lists, reviewed, and summarized practiccly everything in rock muisc... http://www.scaruffi.com/usmusic.html
  3. hmmm sun ra...possibly one of the largest catalogs of albums of any group/man out there... However...Were do I start??? I would greatly appreciate a point in the right direction when it comes to Sun Ra
  4. Who is your favorite DJ? Mine would be DJ Cam and RJD2
  5. drakee90

    frank zappa

    My favorite zappa album by far is Burnt Weenie Sandwiches
  6. Miserlou by Dick Dale from the opening of Pulp Fiction
  7. drakee90

    Women Rockers

    Grace SLick could really wail Today Alison Goldfrapp and Beth Gibbons croon beautifully
  8. I agree Zeppeline 1 and 2 are there best, but after those 2 Physical Graffitti is such a classic practiccly everysong on the DOUBLE album is amazing, its plants most mature lyrics and the bands best musicianship of their career besides the first half of zeppelin 1
  9. AMEN kiwibank yea ZAPPA!! peter f*ing frampton...
  10. i downloaded some lanterna and hawkwind...thanx that stuff is verrry nice
  11. hendrix was a great guitarist and made some great sounds but there are so many people who were up there with him and his guitar, if not better! his songs were just the smoothest of the bunch so he came out on top
  12. -Summer Babe -Trigger Cut by Pavement THE SOFT BULLETIN by the flamming lips
  13. drakee90


    i think finnally we are one is much better than yesterday more "dreamy" and it flows bettter
  14. drakee90

    Flaming Lips?

    I purchased the soft bulletin as my first flaming lips CD and absolutelt loved it! Now i think it is time to move on to another release of their's but which 1???
  15. Meet The Beatles was also my first album, and sparked my love for music about 10 years ago The beatles still work magic today and probably always will
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