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  1. I'm doing ok, I guess. After graduating college, a new reality took control of my life (or it may have been reality itself, taking hold). Whatever is was, is it what I am 100% involved with. After trying to land a job in my career field (IT) right out of college, I found it to be much, much harder than I expected it to be. Being unemployed seems to really takes its toll financially (as well as psychologically) sometimes, so I decided to dedicate my post-college life to further education and skill development. (As well as a personal journey to find myself.) No, I have not enrolled in graduate school, but I am very focused on my education and my future. I have had to make sacrifices for my future like everyone else does. I don't download music even half as much as I used to. I also have stopped heavy participation in online forums (such as this one) for the time being. Once I find more of a 'balance' in my life and can have a solid piece of mind about my future, I may return as an active member of this forum. I don't know when (or if) it will be, but I always believe there is hope for the future. Take care, -Bombardier
  2. Yes, that's right. I'm taking a leave-of-absense from the forum. I've got some priorities in my life that require my upmost attention. After graduating college, my ever evolving priority list has changed as my time has got to be devoted elsewhere. This is not necessarily a final goodbye. i may return someday when I find myself and am certain that I am on top of my priorities (and not vice versa ;) ) I want to thank the BeatKing community for taking me in and I have enjoyed being here. Thanks, -Bombardier
  3. LONDON, England (Reuters) -- Some of the world's largest record companies are testing a new music format in Europe known as the pocket CD to spin new life into faltering music singles. At three inches in diameter -- or roughly half the size of a conventional compact disc -- the pocket CD carries a selection of music tracks and mobile phone ring tones from a host of artists ranging from 50 Cent to Black Eyed Peas. The technology made its debut in Germany last summer with Universal Music, Sony Music and later EMI and BMG, all selling a limited number of the CDs to test the public's appetite. http://www.cnn.com/2004/TECH/06/21/europe....reut/index.html
  4. Welcome to BeatKing!! :scratchin: :strumma:
  5. WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court ruled Monday that people do not have a constitutional right to refuse to tell police their names. The 5-4 decision frees the government to arrest and punish people who won't cooperate by revealing their identity. The decision was a defeat for privacy rights advocates who argued that the government could use this power to force people who have done nothing wrong, other than catch the attention of police, to divulge information that may be used for broad data base searches. Police, meanwhile, had argued that identification requests are a routine part of detective work, including efforts to get information about terrorists. http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/a..._identification
  6. SAN FRANCISCO June 21, 2004 — Brian Muller, an Army bomb squad team leader who served on a security detail for President Bush, said he was dismissed from duty after deciding to tell his commander he's gay. "I didn't do it to get out of a war I already served in a war," Muller, 25, said in an interview. "After putting my life on the line in the war, the idea that I was fighting for the freedoms of so many other people that I couldn't myself enjoy was almost unbearable." The exodus of soldiers like Muller continues even as concerns grow about military troop strength, according to a new study. Some 770 people were discharged for homosexuality last year under the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. http://abcnews.go.com/wire/Politics/ap20040621_104.html
  7. Much, much, worse than you could ever be thumbsdown
  8. Yep. Sad. isn't it? :( Big money is trying to win out over fair use.
  9. I guess you shouldn't waste the paper giving me a redneck application I'd probably not get in anyways with my like for the Clintons ;) If Hillary Clinton ever runs for president, you can bet that she will get my vote :good job:
  10. Again we see someone who was working for a company and not a military soldier When will people learn that the Middle East is a very dangerous place to be right now; and if you are not heavily armed and capable of defending yourself, you will be captured. As has been done with other hostages, the Militants have proven that they will always honor their threats to murder their captives. I hope this act of terrorism does not influence South Korea to pull their troops out of the Middle East. :reallymad:
  11. I will get a hold of and read Clinton's book. As I've said, I've always been a big fan of former President Clinton and this book ought to be a good read :good job:
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