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  1. steely dan won best jazz fusion band with vocals 2 years in a row, u can vote for the at fusemag.com.............
  2. found our dog at the pound 2 weeks after she was going to be put down, last owner thought she dug to much,.......she doesnt dig at all and is kid freindlywe found her on the inernet, wife drove 2 hours to get her, well worth it.
  3. sounds better then the original version
  4. Heya Dude, the dirty dozen brass band is a new orleans jazz and funk all brass band, but this year looks like they added a guitar player, there is a tuba player also playing the bass lines a slide trombone to sax and a trumpet, verry good stuff, pretty ez to find too check em out!
  5. np method, we had a great time almost to much fun, i also have a couple avi files from the show but they're like 12. mb, maybe to big, cya =)
  6. sorry, pics are little blurry. and dyland = dylan.
  7. hey guys!.......been a while but heres some pics :) , john mayall was great, charlie musselwhite was awsome as usuall, dirty dozen brass band was there, etta james, james brown
  8. im new to 2.9 win amp. but i think its great if there anything to replace real one that might oops missed Mikes post. but i agree
  9. if you guys want sound quality try db power amp, converter is good also
  10. aww bummer Umma, peter green would have been nice! although havent heard any recent shit from him, but bet its good.
  11. sure i have a digital camera, only2 megapixals but whats good about this fest is can walk right up front row , ill be happy to get some pics
  12. hey guys =) Doheny blues fest 06/4/004 ive been every year , very good 2 day fest right on the beach here in so cal, this year i know charlie musselwhite and john mayall will be there...also u can here the music from the campsite if you have to care of stuff....like food and and beer and so on =)
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