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  1. Reyka vodka is giving away a free trip for 1 winner and 10 friends to Iceland in October to see Bloc Party , Of Montreal, !!! and a bunch of other bands. Enter here: http://www.icelandnaturally.com/Reyka/ It’s part of the Iceland Airwaves Festival. Now if you win you gotta take me! ;) Cheers!
  2. yeah, I think so, too! glad you enjoyed her :)
  3. she's a singer-songewriter, and she's got a really great band, the nocturnals. you can see pics and music here, definitely check it out: http://hoooka.com/gracepotter
  4. dcougar99

    the sounds

    this seems like spam to me, but the sound have been around for awhile, and I'd definitely call them pop/rock.
  5. right? I think it's pretty cool.
  6. you have to watch this music video... this band No More Kings got the cast of "Karate Kid" to appear in this music video, and its' so funny. apparently the guy who plays johnny directed it. it's pretty awesome.
  7. oh no, I know who digital underground is... they're awesome! gotta love "freaks of the industry." I was talking about the commercial thing... I think I've seen that kid in a band, but I can't remember which one... it's on the tip of my tongue, and it's drivin me nuts!
  8. haha - the digital underground? awesome. what band is that kid in?
  9. the iScape - ever heard of it? I've only seen this on YouTube, maybe it leaked too early, and this is under wraps or something? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxYJqU82DQw
  10. ooh yeah, good call on Al Green!
  11. I just got this set the other day, and I have to say, it's really good. there are some classic missing, but they still did a good job with these: http://www.sonymusicstore.com/store/catalo...amp;x=0&y=0 what're some of your fave ballads? I've been enjoying the earth, wind & fire disc - I was always used to their funkier numbers, but they do a nice job on the ballads!
  12. You all really need to check out this new Beautiful Ballads collection....my fav has to be the Gladys Knight CD. http://www.sonymusic.com/clips/selection/f..._01_full_56.asx
  13. dcougar99

    Kyzer Sozay...

    this rapper is amazing! His rhymes are tight... and hilarious. Check out his video on Music Nation.com (you may have to click the link twice for it to work). http://musicnation.com/v165
  14. Sam Moore's new album is phenomenal!! Check out the ecard for yourselves: http://www.rhino.com/flashcards/sammoore
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