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  1. Aesop Rock C-ray walz M-1 Busta rhymes El-p
  2. The Forensic Beast Please leave a review.
  3. http://www.soundclick.com/thephilosopherakaartisticat New and beter tracks, please review. fank you vary moch
  4. You produced this? The melody gets way to sappy melodic at one point. This crew is good, Could get signed easily. Production is superb. But, all in all...its just not artful to me. But alot of people like music cuz they like to hear what no one will tell em.
  5. I say he was "JUST A" alot People aren't JUST A Like jesus was a benevolent wino malnutrionist but really, he does so much more for the world than you think. who knows, you might understand
  6. el-p and definitive jux www.definitivejux.net must have meacromedia flash
  7. I've evaporated/ between a broken compass and lighting/ this heart hunts, only to trace the temperment of gods first parvenu/ He screamed with a low frequentcy, Im in you/ krillion apparation struct a magnificent view/ elect trick wars, as this destiny's renewed, Im in you, I am two/ Did a sub conscience grow, is her feeble act my strength?/ Did I track down her care, did this miss-fit sink?/ Did this virus pluck the feathers, Am I a cannibal?/ I swear I never knew, but this filters so well made by the reprimandable/ He screamed He scraemed, I own these stars! The apex is owned!
  8. Thanks man IM a little scrawny white dude. I mean Im not weak at all, but I look small. Im just a vocalist.
  9. That is enough of a compliment for me But Not at all
  10. http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?PID=560833&t=3313
  11. Im go down in history as a poet, so I care kinda, Plus Im a rapper and alota cats really just 'bite" (rap jargon for plagarism) as in bite a line, I try to keep out of the rap scene.
  12. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/2/thephilo...ticat_music.htm
  13. The 33.3 percent represents my soul as in mind and body represent the other 66.6% Its like Phobia Fo obeah I would post more But Im kinda scared of plagarism
  14. Beyond this skin I am 33.3 precent/ A viral branch to your roots, the Fo obeahs event/ the anti-dote in electrodias neueral link? A dystopic reputition when you fall back to prey/
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