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  1. Nujabes seems to be getting re-discovered 3 years after his death. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL5rJj6p160[/media]
  2. Caught up with her album recently. Standout songs like Upside Down, Romance Is Dead, New York, and others. http://www.palomafaith.com/gb/
  3. After all the nonsense she's put herself and others through, it's easy to forget about her talent. I really enjoyed Back To Black. Great album!
  4. napho

    Was (Not Was)

    [quote name='DudeAsInCool' date='16 April 2010 - 07:28 PM' timestamp='1271464099' post='188807'] Trippy opening to the video. Who was their vocalist? And how the hell are you? [/quote] They had 2 in later days. The fat guy with the smooth voice was Sir Harry Bowens and the skinny guy with the raspy voice was Sweet Pea Atkinson. I've always loved those studio groups put together to not officially exist unless there was a demand to tour. I'm still alive and cruising online, swooping down to post occasionally.
  5. napho

    Was (Not Was)

    I like their music, but then again I have no taste. Walk The Dinosaur is their best known song, but I like Anything Can Happen and Knocked Down Made Small as well. http://www.myspace.com/wasnotwasfreaks http://worldwidewas.com/[media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGgRipOH0nY[/media]
  6. You're not the first to express that sentiment.
  7. I see 2 problems here. One, because people watch snippets of shows on sites like YouTube, Conan and others never get the ratings they need to be considered successful. Two, un-Americans like me can't see Hulu videos.
  8. That list is an egregious outrage, a crime against humanity. Where's the dignity, where's the decency, where's Charles In Charge dammit? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km22zWPz4uY&feature=related
  9. Here's a free server that only has a retention rate of 10 days, but it's there all the time. http://www.just4today.net/ This one is more like 300 days but slightly slow to connect today. Port 563 Also, there are servers that are free if you have IPv6. Somehow, I doubt many care though.
  10. I Can't Say Goodbye is one of my favourites. Too bad they seem to have broken up. Bravo Silva - I Can't Say Goodbye Bravo Silva - The Future Found at skreemr.com http://www.skreemr.com/results.jsp?q=bravo...=SkreemR+Search
  11. One thing it does is get alot of blank pages that need refreshing. And error reporting and auto-updates can be construed as good, or you can decide they're dangerous like when Earthstation had an autoupdate feature. Depends on your politics. :)
  12. napho

    Was (Not Was)

    on Google. I seem to play the song "On Any Given Night Anything Can Happen" all the time. They were a couple of Detroit producers who hooked up with 2 vocalists -Sweet Pea Atkinson and Sir Harry Bowens and that's Was (Not Was). Their biggest hit was Walk The Dinosaur. http://www.amazon.com/gp/music/artist/Was_...2205405-2732832
  13. There's a fine line between integrity and taking yourself and your music too seriously. For me , that line is $234.87.
  14. A guy from the US south found his way to Toronto and stayed. The rest is history. Several of Hawkins' Canadian bands and band members have had successful careers on their own, including And Many Others (as Crowbar), The Band, Robbie Lane and the Disciples, and (Jim) Atkinson, (Terry) Danko, and (Duane) Ford; the guitarists Terry Bush, Jack DeKeyzer, Mike 'Pepe' Francis, John Till, Pat Travers, and Dom Troiano; the pianists Richard Bell, Scott Cushnie, David Foster, Larry Gowan, and Stan Szelest; and the singers King Biscuit Boy, Beverly D'Angelo, David Clayton-Thomas, B.J. Cook, Jackie Gabriel, Tobi Lark, Bob McBride, and Jay Smith. Hawkins' son Robin (b Toronto 24 Dec 1964) was frequently his guitarist beginning in the 1980s, and his daughter Leah (b 30 July 1969) was his singer. Hawkins had a reputation for requiring his backup musicians to practise frequently and strenuously; this work ethic is thought to have been the catalyst behind the accomplished playing of many of his protégés. http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com/ind...s=U1ARTU0001571
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