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  1. Yea!!! The new Leroy album "Squish" is out and available to download at Leroy Rocks I just downloaded it last night and WOW... Leroy is one funky mo-fo! I will say though there is a lot of depth on this album. It ranges from super funky to super soulful to a old school southern funk like Little Feat meets Sly! This is a very cool album, I love it!
  2. I don't know what to say... it's working just fine for me using WMP 10.
  3. I agree, I think his voice sounds like Dr. John too, as well as Sly Stone. It says on his web site that he's putting out a new CD soon! When I first heard Leroy's music on the T.V. show "Arrested Develpment" it was like 3 seconds of music. I could tell there was something there.
  4. That sucks! I purchased the songs in the download section too. If you like music that has soul you'll love Leroy's music.
  5. They work for me... I just played them using Windows Media Player.
  6. I've got to spread the word about this cool new artist "Leroy" he's got that rock, soul and funk that you don't hear everyday it almost reminds me of some Sly Stone or Dr. John... it's very cool. I first heard his music on the T.V. show "Arrested Development" so I tracked him down, here's a link to his official website: www.leroyrocks.com
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