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  1. All you guys have to check out Gabriel Young!!! A true music phenomenon! Click the links at the bottom of the post to give them a listen! Thanks for your interest! After hitting the Athens, Georgia music scene early in January, 2004, Gabriel Young has captivated audiences with their unique brand of acoustic, R&B flavored, pop. The 19-year-old musicians have skillfully constructed a voluminous sound that is uncharacteristic of a duo. The band has already yielded 43 original tunes, demonstrating their effortless approach to songwriting. Their raw talent and stage presence has propelled them into the local spotlight and turned a number of heads in the music world at large. Gabriel Young's debut album, "Sidewalks & Dirt Roads," (released Dec '04) introduces the band as a fresh, yet emotionally-dynamic duo that produces a mature sound beyond their years. Kalen Young Nash's soulful, R&B influenced vocals cleverly complement Peter Gabriel Zorbanos's bluegrass/folk guitar work. Their combination of contrasting genres creates an unparalleled sound. The delicate pieces "It's You," "Sallie's Song" and "Three Day Weekend" find a subtle balance of rhythm and melody that flatters the tenderness of their subject matter, highlighting the purity of young love. New GY Music Sallie's Song Apart From Me DADGAD The Offical Gabriel Young Web-Site seven days in that moment skies apart If you really like them ... tell them about it on Gabriel Young message board @ Gabriel Young Fan Forums Photo courtesy of Dave Cone
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