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  1. You got it :bigsmile: :good job:
  2. Another picture mesh.. due to popular demand :bigsmile:
  3. A friend of mine named Marcia... she got a number of good shots at the show... and now it seems she's putting them together :D
  4. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! This is some artwork that was given to us by one of our fans after the CD release party.
  5. :bigsmile: Wail-in on the Teli
  6. Here are a few pics from the CD release party... this guys just look like rock stars :bigsmile:
  7. GY heads out to NYC and CT today to play a few shows and meet with some new friends! We're all really stoked about it. Wish us luck! :strumma:
  8. Gabriel Young will have a live interview on 91.7 FM and play a few songs in 15 mins... starting at 4pm EST. You can catch today's interview at UGA online at http://www.wuga.org/ I believe all you have to have is Media Player or Real Player :)
  9. Yep... it's having a hard time right now.. I think we're probably gonna switch to a new server soon.. this one is NOT doing the job.. thanks for the 'nudge' Shawn.
  10. Yall talkin about me again?
  11. I switched the links over while the site was down... and forgot to change it back.. thanks for the reminder ;) :bigsmile:
  12. promoting... brainstorming....calling....emailing... maybe catch up on sleep...
  13. One of our fans at the Gabriel Young Forum posted this video ... the first GY music video... you guys should check it out.. I got a kick out of it :) there seems to be a whole vast collection of these Sim2 videos at thesims2.ea.com :good job:
  14. The CD release party has been scheduled for Friday, December 3rd @ Seney-Stovall Chapel in Athens, Ga. The door is @ 7:00 the cost is $5.00
  15. You're right Shawn.. for right now it's just going to be a strait rate for all shipments. We don't have many international fans right now... so we're willing to swallow the additional costs for the few of you that live outside of the US... mainly for simplicity sake... enjoy the cheap rates while they last .. and thanks for your interest Shawn :D
  16. Gabriel Young is releasing their first album "Sidewalks and Dirtroads" December 3rd. This CD is now available for pre-order on-line at GabrielYoung.com in the merch section.
  17. that's exactly what I thought! I definintely hear the Joe Cocker in there.. it's a nice sound
  18. One of my personal favorite artists right now :D ;)
  19. :hug: Thanks to everyone for being so supportive.. by helping us get back on our feet... Gabriel Young really appreciates the BK community and we are trying our best to get our fans connected to this site :)
  20. Happy Birthday Man!! *drunk* :par-taaay: :party: :partae:
  21. Thanks for signing up guys... it means a lot to us.
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