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  1. Monday - Friday @ 7pm Click this tab to request GY on Net Radio or email your request to [email protected] They exclusively have "Undone" right now. If you'd like to hear it give put in a request!
  2. I checked the links and it all works for me... anyone else having problems?
  3. New videos have been posted on www.gabrielyoung.com! Please Check them out in the music section of the main site or... right here!! Breathe Love me, lovin you
  4. happy birthday boss! :psychofun: :smokin:
  5. Gabriel Young hits MAINSTREAM radio for the first time tomorrow! This is good news! Gabriel Young is to perform live (Tomorrow!) Friday, Jan 15th! at 8am on the 102.1FM Magic Morning show! Please listen for a brief GY interview and a GY tune LIVE!!!!!
  6. Gabriel Young is reappearing on the WUGA 91.7FM radio show "It's Friday" on FRIDAY, Jan 15th @ 4pm EST! Please tune in via the net at www.wuga.org They are going to be playing a number of new unreleased tunes "Breathe," "Undone," "Love You Lovin Me" and "Chasing My Dreams" among others! This is a live show not to be missed!!! A number of these new songs have been fine tuned in response to some excellent advice from music industry professionals. We are really eager to see the response.
  7. happpy happy birfday nate woooooohooooooooo!!! :hyper: :hyper:
  8. Intersting how someone who can't perform, when it comes to live shows, has gotten so much attention and such a big record deal. It's easy to sing the right notes when you have 100,000 takes to get it right when you're in the studio. Name recognition is a powerful thing. She was recording with a big label before she ever performed with her band... this is what happens when you do things backwards... I feel 0 sympathy for this one.
  9. A review that was well worth the wait!
  10. If you'd like to help us get GY's album "Sidewalks and Dirt Roads" on the air waves, then here is a list of radio stations that you can call. Please call and request your favorite songs of the album! :D "Local Noise" Rock 103.7 FM Please call in your requests 7-10pm on Sundays on their request line @ 706-369-1037 or Email your request to the programmer Chris 24/7 @ [email protected] (Please remember to put Gabriel Young in the 'subject' line. :D WUOG 90.5 FM "Sound of the City" Please call in your requests 8-10pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 706-542-4567 or IM wuogger on AOL Instant Messenger. (GY is now available on this station starting Monday 1-10-05)
  11. What? No Gabriel Young? ... ppppppfffffft some list that is.....
  12. A true milestone! Way to go boy_320! :scratchin: :strumma:
  13. Happy Holidays from JoeyZ and the ZFam :)
  14. joeyz

    Oh my.

    haha that's freakin great......
  15. Gabriel Young now has their very own live chat... Now you can chat real-time with other GY fans HERE
  16. GY in New York ;) Thanks for all the cool pics Marcia!
  17. joeyz


    oh no it's Jippies birf day! 11111111111111111ooooooooonenenene OOOONnneee!!! happey birthday kidabean!
  18. :D Alright! :good job: Looking forward to hearing what you think :)
  19. Yep... good old Shawn figured me out To be honest I was to busy handling the camera to get any shots of myself :bigsmile: ... no pics were taken of me :P
  20. Here's a pic of the guys on the street downtown Bridgeport, CT. If you're interested you can check out more picks of the trip at the GY message board PS We scored a big show at Southlake Mall in Atlanta. Prime time shopping, 2 hour set, from 5-7pm this Friday... We're finally gonna hit our target audience :bigsmile: It'll be interesting to see what kind of response they get
  21. She sure can belt it for being a skinny little white girl. The GY boys are going to be fighting over her when they get famous ;)
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