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  1. With Noiseshaper thrown in there...you can't go wrong.
  2. MakeNoise

    Van Hunt

    Definately some good stuff.
  3. C-RAYZ WALZ: Ravipops (The Essence) Rapping since age five in Hip-Hop Mesopotamia (the South Bronx), becoming an undie-hop legend on the battle circuit and pushing CDs guerilla style, C-Rayz Walz practically bleeds Hip-Hop. Referencing Super Lover Cee And Casanova Rud, spitting funny-yet-poignant punch lines (“I don’t jerk off no more/ I came empty-handed!”), waxing poetic about the days “before niggas learned gun-fu,” and dispatching a distinct flow that eschews overcomplicated head-alienating word labyrinths, Walz remains both undeniably true-school and progressive at every move. “Protect My Family” is as heart-on-sleeve as the title implies, with Walz buying groceries, detailing the disintegration of his misogynist attitudes, and vividly comparing his daughter’s cry to a thunderstorm. Fun, and equally as compelling, is the space disco of “The Lineup,” a posse cut featuring Wordsworth, J-Treds, Thirstin Howl III, Vast Aire, Breezly Brewin and MF Doom “turning study hall into a bloody brawl.” Still hungry, still battling and still enough skills to “drown you with a cup of water,” C-Rayz, swords blazing, lives up to his rhyme-slayer rep. - Christopher R. Weingarten: CMJ New Music Report ------------------- This is a great album. I watched this guy spit on the mic when I was in New York and he's come a long ways.
  4. Thanks for having me. Mike underestimated me when he invited me over. Little did he know about my evil master plan to take over and rule this place with an iron fist. :P Cheers. MN
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