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  1. Look im not trying to start a fight but I just dont understand.. Lets say i started a thread about Kazaa not connecting even though there is a whole thread about how Kazaa connects (bad example I no).

    but see my point I think the reason these threads are able to be made without any fuss is because all the admins and mods and most members dont like bush so nobody bitches but the ones who like bush or dont care to hear nothing about it are screwed because they are out numbered.

  2. Ya but they're OLD!!

    They are all the same.. bush is stupid woopie shit this has been buggin me for awhile but i havent said nothing because you all have ur own opioin (cursed spelling) but why must we start a whole new thread just for some jokes about bush.. why dont you post those in another thread thats about Bush Jokes

  3. They said that they're would be a bunch of songs that didn't make the CD that made it in Japan. It does kinda suck but what can you do thats why they have Ares.

    I dont think they are really cheap skates though you can only fit so many songs on an album.

  4. They're not as hardcore as people think they are, they just havent been shown real hardcore music.

    I think they are good but they are not heavy metal hardcore.

  5. So what do u think is better now that they are both out.

    I think ESPN does really give madden a challenge again but I have to say Madden's franchise and graphics are better then ESPN. I own both but find myself playing Madden alot longer then I was ESPN.

    Good try ESPN but Madden once again wins i think.

  6. ya it is a nice one. I have this massive bass amp that is starting to piss me off though cause its hard to take to my friends to "practice" lol.

    Ya I have been playin for 4 days and already know 3 songs...

    Ozzy-Crazy Train

    Korn-Somebody Someone (4-string)

    Beavis and Butthead theme lol

    ya so thanks everyone and yes that means i have 2 instruments to play with on my own time.

  7. Yo

    I just thought i would stop by and tell you Im finally playing a instrument. Im playing the electronic Bass and already am pretty good at it I think.

    here is what it looks like, Its not very good but good for me right now.


  8. Recently Yoda caught up with the LimeWire Development and asked them a few questions regarding the application and it's 4.0 version. If you are a fan of Limewire, or just want to check up on some info regarding LimeWire, check this interview out.


    Peerevolution: When was Limewire started and at the time what plans did you have for Limewire?

    Limewire: We began development of LimeWire in June 2000. Our vision for the future of the P2P client was as a smart agent that could locate information as well as files. The client would access the network and pull together relevent results for anything you were interested in.

    We saw large corporations and websites participating in the network and

    providing information and files to the public. If you were interested in a

    car, then Ford, GM and Toyota would answer your search with useful

    information, images and documents. As part of this broader idea of what the

    network would provide, we build servers to tie into websites and databases.

    At the same time, we expected the public to be part of the network and for

    it to be a level playing field for all.

    Peerevolution: How many developers were working on the Limewire project when it was first started?

    Limewire: We started with 5 or 6 developers and we have 5 or 6 now. There were a couple more developers working on crawling, pong caching and our server product at one time. We peaked with a handful of business developers

    running around as well but they are long gone. Now, we are very focused on

    the LimeWire client software.

    Peerevolution: When you started Limewire did you think it would ever become this popular?

    Limewire: Basically yes. Our goal is to reach 100 million or more users so we still have a ways to go. We want ubiquity. Our owner forsaw that P2P clients were the wave of the future and would supplant central server based software. However, even now it is pretty amazing to role out software to a few million users.

    Read Full Interview

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