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  1. Im bored and my favorite football team (Arizona Cardinals) finally put back in my favorite QB Josh Mccown after the their coach benched him after he had a 2 game winning streak cuz there coach is a moron.

    anywho this week they play the horrible 49ers and if the Cardinals dont score over 35 points on them I will do anything you guys agree for me to do.

    have fun!

    The Game is this sunday

  2. well i guess Arizona is hanging around, They are gonna give Rookie QB from Michigan John Navarre the start against Detroit. It should be intresting to see what he can do.

    They still never should of benched Josh Mccown, they were riding a 2 game winning streak and now its gone cause fat albert.

  3. 2004 NFL Regular Season Standings after week 12



    New England 10 1 0

    NY Jets 8 3 0

    Buffalo 5 6 0

    Miami 2 9 0


    Pittsburgh 10 1 0

    Baltimore 7 4 0

    Cincinnati 5 6 0

    Cleveland 3 8 0


    Indianapolis 8 3 0

    Jacksonville 6 5 0

    Houston 5 6 0

    Tennessee 4 7 0


    San Diego 8 3 0

    Denver 7 4 0

    Oakland 4 7 0

    Kansas City 3 8 0



    y-Philadelphia 10 1 0

    NY Giants 5 6 0

    Dallas 4 7 0

    Washington 3 8 0


    Green Bay 7 4 0

    Minnesota 7 4 0

    Detroit 4 7 0

    Chicago 4 7 0


    Atlanta 9 2 0

    Carolina 4 7 0

    Tampa Bay 4 7 0

    New Orleans 4 7 0


    Seattle 6 5 0

    St. Louis 5 6 0

    Arizona 4 7 0

    San Francisco 1 10 0

  4. "I thought for a mad split second, ‘I could snap your neck like a straw, snap it and let you fall and say it was an accident’. But then I just let him drop. I couldn’t kill him, I couldn’t live with that on my conscience."

    What thoughtful thinking of him to not snap that man's neck like a straw.

  5. By CHRIS SHERIDAN, AP Basketball Writer

    November 20, 2004

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Indiana's Ron Artest, Jermaine O'Neal and Stephen Jackson, and Detroit's Ben Wallace were suspended indefinitely by the NBA on Saturday for taking part in one of the ugliest brawls in U.S. sports history, a fight with fans that commissioner David Stern called ``shocking, repulsive and inexcusable.''

    League officials and police were examining videotapes of Friday night's melee and interviewing witnesses. The NBA issued a statement saying it was reviewing rules and security procedures ``so that fans can continue to attend our games unthreatened by events such as the ones that occurred last night.''

    Artest, O'Neal and Jackson -- who all threw punches at spectators in the stands or on the court at the end of the nationally televised Pacers-Pistons game -- were to begin serving their suspensions Saturday night, when Indiana hosted Orlando.

    Wallace's suspension will start at home Sunday night against Charlotte, the next game for the reigning NBA champion Pistons.

    The exact length of the four players' bans could be announced as early as Sunday.

    ``I didn't start it. I just played the game,'' Wallace said Saturday before learning of his suspension. ``The league is going to do whatever they feel needs to be done, and I don't have no problems with that.''

    Pacers players did not immediately comment Saturday, but team CEO Donnie Walsh issued a statement saying, ``responsibility for Friday night's action can be shared by many.''

    Pistons CEO Tom Wilson said the team plans to use ``playoff-level security'' starting with Sunday's game, doubling the number of armed police and increasing other arena security personnel by about 25 percent.

    The brawl was particularly violent, with Artest and Jackson bolting into the stands near center court and throwing punches at fans after debris was tossed at the players.

    Later, fans who came onto the court were punched in the face by Artest and O'Neal.

    ``We'll put it all together, take it to the Oakland County prosecutor's office and have them review it and they'll decide if there are any charges,'' Auburn Hills Deputy Chief Jim Mynsberge said.

    ``The whole fiasco could take weeks to decide,'' Oakland County Prosecutor David Gorcyca said.

    G. William Hunter, the executive director of the NBA Players' Association, apologized to fans for the events of Friday night.

    ``We are in the process of consulting with our players, league officials and others in an effort to determine all of the facts,'' Hunter said in a statement. ``No one can condone the level of incitement and violence we all witnessed.''

    The next game between Indiana and Detroit is Dec. 25 at Indianapolis. The rivals, who met in the Eastern Conference finals last season, won't play each other in Auburn Hills, Mich., again until March 25.

    Read more

    Unbelievable.. who do you think is at fault..

    I think everyone that was envolved was at fault and childish

  6. ya i no your right. Josh Mccown does suck.

    But they are winning, I guess leave him in there until they are out of the playoff race for sure, then bring in Navarre. If he shows anything keep him, if not I heard Chargers are wanting to deal Brees in the off season (Unless he is a free agent i didnt get that part) if so attempt to get him and if you dont get him there is always the draft.

    But i doubt they make the playoffs but Im gonna root until the end atleast they are playing respectable right now Im happy for that!

    But you gotta admit Dennis Green is a great coach. Greatest move by the cardinals.... probly ever lol :lol:

  7. sorry for the double post but does any Vikings fans remember this catch!


    Looks like it was a nice one!!

    ya Vikings fans would understand it more..

    its the catch that knocked the vikings out of the playoffs even though they started the season 6-0

  8. Oh, and Yoda, I did vote for the Buffalo Bills.

    Where's the number bitch?

    here are you happy women i fixed it

    The Pack are way ahead but I guess if people start posting there favorite teams and its not the Packers somebody else could take first.

  9. What are you mercying about. Being Prez is kinda hard, ya Clinton did his job and did his job well better the G Dub but maybe he was in a easier situation. Now we got a bunch of terrorist ready to kill Americans, John Kerry or not and there is people out there with nuclear explosives and it seems John Kerry cared more about the public eye on what they feel about wars see G Dub no stuff that we dont thats why he do what he do... he keep it real

    sorry about the long paragraph I just had to take all that from the heart, wasnt worrying about all that puncuation garbage.

  10. He aint gonna send us there he got that plan and he gonna get it done. The man sticks to his word

    When he said he was gonna attack Iraq, what did he do? attacked Iraq. He'll get us out soon, I feel safer with him then Kerry now. Life is great my friend.

  11. G dub bush keepin it real with that win homys! haha

    I thought for sure Bush lost with all these haters like Eminem and all those damn pop stars but Im sure they feel real dumb now!


    G Dub once again keepin it real in the hood!!


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