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Everything posted by Yoda

  1. Yoda

    Super Bowl

    wow they are trying to comeback still arent they..
  2. Yoda

    Super Bowl

    its over now 31 10 3rd quater
  3. Yoda

    Super Bowl

    Well who is gonna win this year.. Im kinda jumping my bridges here but im pretty sure the Steelers are done at 24-3 at the half so who is gonna win this year? its hard to say but I think New England will probly win again.
  4. ya i live in michigan so we go once a year in october so the lines are dead but the dragster was still like 2 hours so i decided to pass. but ya the force is kick ass i sucks waiting cuz u keep lookin at it going what a dumbass i am for even thinking about riding it but its fun as hell.
  5. ok how much bigger can they get.. i can barely ride the millineum force without pooping my pants.
  6. Yoda

    DMX question

    me and my friend are tryin to find a song that has this one line in it that makes no sense but i gotta hear the song. Which song has this line from DMX when it rains outside niggas get wet so stay inside something like that lol
  7. Yoda

    sad day

    damn dude im so sorry to hear that I choke up when i hear about pets and stuff dieing. I love animals. I remember when i was driving with my mom once like last summer and this dog just came out of no where and i ran it over and it died right there i cried for the rest of the day. sorry to hear about this
  8. Well there is alot of them i like. Pantera, Slipknot, Korn, ba the list goes on but I would say my favorite for the longest time would have to be Coal Chamber. What is yours?
  9. Dont get to ahead of yourself dude. Beltran may not be there just yet. He is talking with the Astros still.
  10. We are having a snow storm here right now. 8 to 12 inches. they say 8 is on the ground now but more is to come. On top of that we have 40 MPH winds. Its all good for the white Christmas thing but.. who wants to shovel for me :)
  11. Giambi is not good he cheats. he is gonna look like somebody poked him with a needle when he doesnt have his steriods anymore. Womack is a average player and Posada is not all that good either
  12. Tony womack is a allstar? Who do they have at first? Ole Giambi isnt gonna do anything anymore without his steriods.
  13. tell you what they are taking a chance here, these are all great looking moves for the yankees but if it backfires oh man shit is gonna go flying.
  14. i wonder if shorty will ride with him to prison. loser
  15. Yoda


    ya potato did u see how they won though the lions just got a touchdown and the longsnapper for the extra point muffed the snap and the holder couldnt get it in time. Lions football classic right there
  16. Yoda


    I have a feeling Big Ben wont be able to take the playoffs yet.
  17. Yoda

    A bet

    This will not be fun...
  18. Yoda

    A bet

    and i thought u said u loved me! All I was that night was meat to you!!!???
  19. Yoda

    A bet

    o i see how it is!!! lol
  20. Yoda

    A bet

    o crap i thought for sure nobody would watch.. dammit it got on national television to DAMN DAMN DAMN!!! so whats the final verdict?
  21. ya I looked at it, I was like what the hell. That does mean they fixed those things right?
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