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  1. Hey I was just wondering if anyone would be intrested in a football fantasy league on Yahoo Sports for beatking members.

    If you are intrested reply back and let me no if you think we should have a live draft or a autopick.

    Im thinkin to get atleast between 5-10 teams hopefully.

  2. Sad news everyone Tourettes guy Passed away a few weeks ago.


    Even though I didnt know for sure if he was fake or not or whatever the case may be I could always go watch his videos on a bad day and always get a laugh and be cheered up. I of course didn't know the guy or know if he was a good guy or not. But his videos always made me laugh at thats what I will always remember him for.

  3. I love the Mad Season album, Above. I fell in love with "Long Gone Day". I also highly enjoy "Wake Up" and "Lifeless Dead."

    For those that haven't, check this album out.

    Yeah its definatly really good all of the songs are pretty good in there own way its definatly an album that never gets any playing time or anything but its really good

    I also like River of Deceit and I don't know anything

    I think we pretty much named them all. But that is like one of my favorite albums that never gets anything.

  4. Hey!!

    Yoda's in the house!!


    Yeah I still check in once in awhile just not alot of time to stay regular workin alot and playin ball keeps me pretty occupied

    How have things been with you man

  5. Im sure most of you knew but today was the day in 2002 they found Layne Staley dead in his apartment.

    Just posting a topic about it sense it is music and really its kind of a sad situation if you think about it nobody could help him and it actually took a rock star so many days to be found dead pretty sad

  6. I dont know Im sure some of you have seen this but I just got this site from my friend its so funny I dont care if the guy really has tourettes or not but Oh my God this stuff had my laughin so hard. I thought I would share it with you.


    There is alot of swearing so yeah if you dont like that dont bother clicking

    my favorite so far has to be the one where the bird gets into the house when he goes WHAT DO MEAN A BIRD!?

    The newest one is good when he calls Bush Kernal Cluster F#ck

  7. We upgraded after a series of hacks.

    oooooh alright I was just wondering how like new people coming to the site would know how to join if it always said that.

    Just makin sure you guys didnt accidently put that up or whatever

  8. Hello

    When I returned to Beatking the other day it obvisously didn't remember my username and password so I was at this part where I could type in my username and password but above it, it said The board is down for mantience and to go do something with my life or some where along those lines. So I figured you guys were fixing something adding new features or whatever. I kept returning to see if you were done yet because I didnt know what was going on finally I just put in my username and password in and blam its working.

    I was just wondering what was up with that.

    Thank you

  9. Hey Thank guys just got bored the other day and was like oh yeah forgot about these places I work all the time now so I usually don't get to much time to go online and when I do you know me gotta talk to my ladies on the AIM :-P

    But yeah Ill stop by post once in awhile just to see whats up. Man I remember back in the day these sites were like a everyday thing in the summer.

  10. I've just started listening to Skinlab I believe there kind of old but I dont know I like them alot its not like a all time great band or anything but its something cool to listen to for awhile. My favorite song is Come And Get it I just bought the CD because it was on sale for under 10 bucks haha Yeah I bought a CD you guys can take me out in the parking lot if you want.

  11. Is this the day they found Alice in chains singer Layne Staley dead? I can't remember exactly and I cant find any stories on it just ones that say he is dead but no dates or anything.

    Just kind of curious

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