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  1. Hi notbob, I'm glad to see you are doing well. I've missed your posts on ZP but I don't suppose you will be back there ever, but just so you know anyway. It's good to get an update. and thanks to Dude for pointing this out to me.
  2. That was fucking awesome, lol. Just to add to the rabbit theme, http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...eoID=1452361531
  3. I remember some of the IRC room botnets on DALnet. I also remember when I stumbled upon a botnet on p2pchat when they forgot to put their room to invisible. 5 minutes later the network went down, and didn't go back up for a week lol.
  4. Finally something for a Detroit resident to be proud of. :excl:
  5. I'm going to be sitting home and watching ST: DS9 episodes on my computer for hours on end. Unless my friend gets back to me in Dearborn and we go out drinking.
  6. >_> I might just take you up on that offer potato if I could afford the travel distance. and btw cheapprick I live in Jackson, Michigan.
  7. hey guys, it's me again. this is a pretty friendly forum with people i've known on and off for years, so why not post a silly question? i have never been in a serious relationship (im 22), i have the social skills of a bridge troll, and i just moved to a town where i know no one. i've made pathetic attempts at dating services online which haven't worked out (lol not that i expected much), and everyone at my work (new job) is either in their 40s or already married and with kids in their 20s. how can i solve this connundrum (spelling?) and meet people (both women for relationships and friends i
  8. another question, how the fuck do you have 21,000+ posts? lol. sorry, I just think that is amazing.
  9. Do notbob or grab_grab post here at all? I'm at work and cannot really search but I see they've both been banned from zeropaid for one reason or another and would hate to completely miss out on the stuff they post.
  10. MoonMan


    Thank you. :) I went to ZP once yesterday.. seems a lot stranger than any other time I've been there. Not so many familiar faces. Oh well.
  11. LOL I remember reading about this holiday last year around this time.
  12. Nothing wrong with a little David vs Goliath action every now and then where David truly pwns Goliath without a moments hesitation.
  13. LOL! Is that for real ? Was that really on the New York Times?
  14. Don't worry, I wasn't being critical of you. Actually, I find your posts pretty entertaining. Keep on truckin' mr redneck.
  15. The whole British knighthood thing just seems to me like a giant joke that never ends.
  16. OK, can someone explain to me in stupid person terms what the positives and negatives are for this "faith-based initiative" law. I'm having trouble grasping what it is about.
  17. After looking at that picture, I'm getting a strange sensation. On one hand, I'm utterly and truly disgusted. On the other hand, I feel bad for that lady who is being exploited for laughs on the internet. Anyone that fat is a.) going to die at an early age, b.) has huge self confidence issues, and c.) probably takes any "positive" attention she can get.
  18. I hate Metallica and everything they stand for. After St. Anger they all should have been shot.
  19. Hello everyone! It's been quite some time since I have posted on this site. I've been going through a mountain of bullshit in real life. I just recently reformatted after my system just randomly decided to delete its own registry. In redownloading everything, and trying to remember my favorites, I decided I should stop by here. It's a really great site, and I wish I was apart of it from the beginning. Anyway, I want to clear up a few things and ask a few questions while I'm at it. Firstly, where do you folks hang out ? Do you have a DC++ hub or perhaps some kind of chat client? I'd really li
  20. I'm at school right now and responding to this when I should be using Visual Basic. :bigsmile: The way polls have been showing lately, and the recent upbeat Republican attitude rejuvination from the convention, makes me wonder if Kerry has a snow balls' chance in hell of taking this election. Even as I type that, I have trouble stomaching my own words.
  21. This will be my first time voting and you can bet I'll be voting for Kerry.
  22. I had an odd night at a hotel party. I think I have mono and pink eye. Seriously.
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