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  1. Gave me chills listening WOW for an 11 yr. old, i got blown away, aND I DONT EVEN CARE FOR THEM KIND OF SHOWS.. just wow
  2. thanks for the link, not bad at all
  3. that was funny, thanks, the aggression has to come out somehow
  4. Rod the Mod... An icon, he rocked in his younger years , and mellowed now. saw him 3x back in the day. his live performances were what made him for me
  5. MrBag

    Whats up?

    The beat goes on,, Welcome
  6. Did Elton Write Come down in time, or did his mate at the time(Bernie Taupin) write it? back then Bernie wrote most if not all the lyrics. its such a beautiful tune
  7. You have your parents over for a visit, and mom ask" whats that in the dogs mouth?"
  8. I loved the box tops, the grass roots were also there and the young rascals,,, great music.. always takes me back.. great post
  9. ill have a couple hits of that stuff they are smoking
  10. Who is going to mow my lawn? who's going to work for a low hourly wage ? who's gonna do the jobs other folks turn their head up too?? Not I, I am a American, I am beyond that
  11. Yes they are still revelant, Lets see how many bands stay together and still tour for as many years as the stones did and still do!! and still entertain as well!!
  12. He is a asshole, What schools did he attend? did he get past the 8th grade? it stills blows me away to think this guy is the leader of the nation we all reside... dammm.. thanks for reassuring my thoughts on this dude...
  13. I was going to do my own homework, thanks for doing my homework for me.i really appreciate it......
  14. That's great. im laughing and trying to type at the same time.. funny shit.. you made my day,, thanks.. still laughing.. brings out some funny ass visuals in my head
  15. She is starting to turn into a porker, I work for a newspaper and we printed a recent photo to highlight the news of her branching out from music and let me tell you, she looks ok but you can start to see the pork is coming
  16. you guys spelled out a lot of great guitar work as being bad. but the guitar solo in the Tom Petty song. Running down a Dream,, it truly sucks. i been playing giutar for many years now and let me say ,, that guitar solo in Running down a Dream. is really bad... Can I do Better?? yes with no hands too.. so my vote goes to this one TP Tune
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