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  1. Sean Paul is good on cd, but have you heard him on live recording? This is simply ridiculus. This guy as NO VOICE! ha... what technology can do these days...
  2. Hey I just got this cd. Just listened to it couple of times but I must say it sounds good. None of them as good as the originals but still, very interesting. I like the one with willie nelson. ho, and reggae got soul... what a classic - makes you want to dance. As Ben Harper is as intense as he can be. I feel I might get bored soon, but for now that is what is playing in my system.
  3. What's up with ZP? Been two days now...
  4. downloadalot

    Questions only

    So... what's the point of this thread again?
  5. downloadalot


    I do love hip hop. Didnt like it at first though, as I found it too simple and repetitive. But I discovered hip hop in 1998, and understood it had come a long way since run dmc and there was more to it than I though. I used to listen to a radio show called rapattitude from the Montreal University's station. They were playing independent rap from new york and there was live freestyle battles and shit. I went to so many shows that year! I found out there was so much going on in my city. Man that was pure underground hip hop, small shows. I also went to dj shows : dmc finals, itf (x-ecutionners...) And few bigger shows (Gang starr was awesome). Anyway I do sometime listen to Eminem and shit but I think the best Hip hop bands are underground, some only releasing in 12inch ( o yeah I got also to discover those record store ... man so refreshing! Among some local talent that are worth checking out - Shades of culture (have at least 2 cds out- anything is good except the song mindstate) Obscure disorder, grand master garner a.k.a Ghandi, Mizery (maybe hard to find). Oh and why not - Bran van 3000 as some hip hop.
  6. Pantera - vulgar display of power is pretty much the most brutal thing I can think of. I'm sure this music can kill people.
  7. Problem with classical is that what is available on p2p is more than often shitty versions of the classics, ripped from some "classic for noob' wall-mart compilation cd. Most of them are not labelled properly. Also, 128 is just not suitable for that type of music. Anybody has some good quality recording ? Maybe we could meet somewhere. I have quite a few, ripped from my cds, high quality, properly labelled. Anyway... my favorites : Dvorak, Beethoven (of course) - all the symphonies -, Belà Bartok, Wagner.
  8. downloadalot

    nice site

    Hey yoda I'd like to ear some music from your band, as I am sure it is full of common sense and sanity like your posts! :P
  9. downloadalot

    nice site

    Hey that was me up there the guest hehe
  10. downloadalot

    nice site

    Good job - keep up the work ! Add some sound and the site will be awesome. But why midi and not mp3s to download ? Songs - or albums to download would be nice. ...Or are they too large to host?
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