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  1. Steer away from Gangsta/Bitches/BlingBling/Hood. Whatever happened to lyricism? What ever happened to stories? Rap sold it's soul to the mainstream.
  2. No, she can't be. She can not be Halle Berry or Salma Hayek, so she can not be any hotter.
  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That is so f'n awesome!!! Watching these will eat a day, and cramp your gut.
  4. She didn't fly over, she flew in, and her hair extensions got tangled in it.
  5. "They only live in captivity..." They fail to mention in the video that Ligers are also infertile, incapable of producing offspring themselves much like mules. Disgusting fact that you didn't want to know: the shared DNA % between Lions and Tigers, and Horses and Donkeys that allow crossbreeding and infertile offspring is the same % shared by Humans and Chimpanzees.
  6. Since all modern genres owe their roots to blues and jazz, their fusion isn't new, it's just a return to the beginning. Not to mention, early hip-hop itself was largely built out of rock samples.
  7. Seats 4 in comfort.... reaches 65.... affordable... the People's car.... Hitler's master plan? The VW Bug? Those were his specifications for the "People's Car" (pretty much the translation of Volkswagen). Watched an excellent doc on the history of VW a while back. Great stuff.
  8. The album is good. Aesop was already a departure from mainstream hip-hop, but on this one, he went out on a limb and ditched El-P's production. Some people who like a more techy sound may enjoy this album thoroughly. On top of that, Aesop is nearly unparalleled in lyrical delivery.
  9. True. Sometimes the words "Concept Album" are frightening. Others, they are brilliant.
  10. Last year Aesop Rock and Pharoah Monch had good releases. Kanye's album was strong, Blue Scholars are worth checking out. My new habit has been buying off of this: I haven't heard of them, it doesn't sound like; Dirty South, Gangsta, Club.
  11. If they want to return to the 90's, then they need to learn to settle for what it was in the 90's. Lots of independent labels selling a solid 1 million, not one large label selling 15 million. I was a bay area fan in the mid 90's, and for the most part heard very few of the songs that I listened to make it anywhere even approaching main stream. Of course, at the time, if you weren't LL Cool J, MTV didn't play you. Now MTV doesn't have anything to do with music at all. Who'da thunk it.
  12. "People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both." - (attributed to) Benjamin Franklin There is never a good outcome from allowing the government to assume more power.
  13. When I first started surfing on 28.8k Dial-up, I used nothing but Netscape. I didn't even know about IE for a long time. After it began coming "packaged" with windows, I'd simply uninstall it, and install Netscape again. The beginning of the fade can't just be pegged to Microsoft or Apple, or anything like that. What began the fall was people's web pages back in the Dialup days. A good deal of sites weren't written in a code that supported Netscape browsing. Users were forced to at least run IE as an alternative, and then for convenience, as their main browser. Following that, you could
  14. I think most of the world has been there. You have, however found both the release and the upside. I used to write a lot of poetry, but I find the best writing seems to come from below the line of content.
  15. True. However, if they put together a shitty album, I want to hear less shit, not more. Where is the "List the albums you love beginning-to-end" thread?
  16. Ok... Dude, you posted a link to an interview with Trent Renor and hip-hop artist Saul Williams, and someone had mentioned they DL'd the album. Well, you can download the whole album at 192kb for a suggested price of $5, or for free at Saul Williams' website, Right Here. Mine's on the way. Reznor told Wired "his work on The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust is the most involved he's been with any non-NIN project since he worked with Marilyn Manson on Antichrist Superstar." Enjoy.
  17. I cry foul! No Radiohead (whom, by the way... I still don't get, never will. But it doesn't matter when every music critic on face of the planet wants to give Thom Yorke oral), no Roots. *edit* Nevermind... found Radiohead.
  18. Never been into sports with shorts so short your balls can hang out.
  19. What's our mission tonight? Get laid get funked! Happy birthday!
  20. Is that so we can have more cuddle time for Christmas, sweetie?
  21. Damn.... 50's putting his thug image in jeopardy by speaking like an intelligent businessman.... wtf?
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