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Posts posted by Excrement_Cranium

  1. I just bought the parts to fix the Pioneer turntable that I mentioned above. :lol:

    I had looked in the past with no luck but I just looked again and found that tonearm weight on Ebay. It was in an auction with some other parts for a PL-514. The tonearm assy is the same on my PL-516. I spent $13.81 for that auction plus $12.08 shipping. A belt on a "Buy it now" cost me $7.50 shipping and all. For $33.39 I should have the junker spinning. I now need to buy a belt for the Kenwood and a decent cartridge. Then I'll have plenty of turntables to sit around unused. :lol:

    But but but... they will be WORKING!

    Never enough of a fan of vinyl, but I dig vintage equipment, and I have a habit of buying old speaker sets out of thrift stores and restoring them and/or updating the hardware in them. I haven't done a set in a few years, as it pisses my wife off, but it was something I always enjoyed and was a rather inexpensive hobby.

  2. I actually have an old 70's JVC quadraphonic Receiver. It has 8 speaker channels in total. The damn thing weighs about 60lbs. I saved it from Goodwill when I was about 13. I haven't found a speaker yet it couldn't power perfectly.

    It isn't so great for highs, but that can be fixed with a boost in equalization.

    I also had a Fisher that was about the same, but it had a joystick to control the fade/balance. That one I saved from the dump on the way home from school one day, saw it sitting on top of a garbage can and snagged it. I loaned it to a friend a long time ago, and it has long since disappeared from my knowledge, until it turned up in the hand of my sister in law's dopehead brother in law.

    Nothing beats those old amplifiers for pure punch power.

  3. The English barely turn out to vote even without the queues. What is it with everyone queuing half way down the street every four years in America?

    I'm increasingly getting sucked in by the Obama thing. I'm not looking forward to the moment we all realise he is a politician.

    Didn't get my vote.

    Neither did that shitbird McCain.

    Have to write Ron Paul in...


    Win me over Barack, you have the floor...

  4. That was at the Chinook Pass summit, in the Cascade Mountains between Eastern and Western Washington. We took a trip over to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma and the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. We were going to hit Pike Street Market and the Piers, but ran out of time and money.

    Oh well, it's only a 2 1/2 hour drive, and I have lots of family on that side of the mountains.


    To the right of where that picture was taken:


    And the view of Mount Rainier from the West side of the pass:


  5. They are keeping it top secret. :lol:

    I am not at all familiar with the group. I noticed that Paranoid Android is #256 on Rolling Stone greatest 500 hits of all time.

    ...so I found the tune and listened to about half. To put it bluntly, I didn't see any trace of talent in the lyrics/music/vocals. :dunno:

    It was worse than Neil Young. :sick02:

    Of course that is what my parents said about the 60's classic rock/motown/top 40. :lol:

    I'll make you Radiohead fans a deal. You don't play it in the trailerpark and I won't piss in your front yard.

    Thank god I'm not alone in not "getting" Radiohead. I've tried and tried and tried, and I just can't see why all the music critics live firmly nestled in the pubic hair at the base of Thom Yorke's balls.

    We gotta have a beer.

  6. Yeah. I logged in. BK returned to the tab.

    I can't imagine the number of pages I'd have to wade through after...3? 4 months?

    Argh... laziness.

    You can blame dude, he kept prodding me with PM's that prodded my email, and so on and so forth.

  7. When I was around 8 years old, Ricky Skaggs had a concert here in Yakima. Unfortunately, the band's van broke down on the way in to town. My dad seen them, and came to town and grabbed his truck, and loaded up the equipment, and brought it to the fairgrounds where they were to perform.

    We got free tickets to the show, and afterwards, we got to hang around and meet the band.

    Somewhere, my mom still has jackets signed by all the band.


  8. Thanks to all of you.

    I got an hour and a half of overtime as a present from work.

    I'll trade you. Really... you can have my hours, and I can have your salary. Worked 54 hours in the past 3 days at less than $9 an hour.



    Happy Birthday, snookums.

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