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  1. Help with CD Covers

    No way to save it. No right click to save. I think I'll use Amazon. And Album Cover Finder, it just does not find very many covers that I'm looking for. I wish CC cover would do CD Albums.
  2. Help with CD Covers

    Thanks kiwibank for sharing, but I had no luck with both of them. The MA3D would not install, and the Album Cover Finder, never could even the simplest ones. @ DudeAsInCool thanks also.
  3. BitTorrent Client List

    Lots of JFK conspiracy fans here. PM Shawn for a link to his assassination discovery Sure I'll PM him. There also is a series called "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" there you'll find almost all the info about the JFK assassination. You should be able to find then on p2p These are the common file names are The Men Who Killed Kennedy - [1 of 6] - The Coup d'Etat.avi The Men Who Killed Kennedy - [2 of 6] - The Forces of Darkness.avi The Men Who Killed Kennedy - [3 of 6] - The Cover Up.avi The Men Who Killed Kennedy - [4 of 6] - The Patsy.avi The Men Who Killed Kennedy - [5 of 6] - The Witnesses.avi The Men Who Killed Kennedy - [6 of 6] - The Truth Shall Set You Free.avi The Men Who Killed Kennedy - The Guilty Men (2003) LBJ et al.avi Here's one to look for Jean Hill - JFK assassination witness her last interview before her death.rm Here's a Sample of the Video I Rip that I call the JFK Turkey Shoot
  4. BitTorrent Client List

    I use ABC too and it does seem to slow my pc down...........which client does use less system resources? Try using Azureus; it only uses one Port. That alone will help you. But you need to install Java first.
  5. Help with CD Covers

    I like using Amazon to find Covers and Be sure to click "See larger photo" Here’s an example
  6. BitTorrent Client List

    Thanks Malicious Intent, I will. This look like a good will keep up forum. I'm just started seeding a DVD I rip on JFK called "JFK The Case For Conspiracy" 1.4 GB avi
  7. BitTorrent Client List

    I like using Azureus; it only uses one Port. Also don't use common 2p2 ports, but use ports 49152 through 65535. Now some tracker sites will reject your connection if you’re using a common p2p port I've been using Azureus for a very long time with out any problems, unless you have a corrupted java or O/S. I do occasionally test other BT Clinets when new version come out, but Azureus still beats them all in my book. But my favorable version of Azureus is v2.1.0.4 Bitspirit is one that I do not like, and I don't get the speeds that I get with Azureus. There has been word that it sends out info to some unknown source, on what you are downloading, but I have not been able to confirm it. And if you use ports 49152 through 65535, and not common p2p ports it will give you better speeds. (see pic) The fastest speed I've ever had on a single torrent D/L was 310kbps, but I commonly get 250 to 275kpbs