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  1. i am pitiful i suck cocks and harass women and children. If any of you want a good blow job email me at [email protected] I am very good at what i do.
  2. Steve Vai is a God ((ROCKON))
  3. dvdpark

    New Rock Hub on DC

    Wanted to say thanks to a few of you that have joined the ROCK ON CAFE on DC++, a pleasure to have you
  4. :scratchin: you can check out a couple of tracks here if you likeNeal Schon Preview
  5. JOURNEY GUITARIST NEAL SCHON SET TO ONCE AGAIN BRANCH OUT ON HIS OWN WITH THE RELEASE OF HIS SIXTH SOLO ALBUM, ‘i on U,’ DUE OUT FEBRUARY 22, 2005 ON FAVORED NATIONS November 23, 2004 -- What could be next for a musician who’s done it all? As the lead guitarist and songwriter for the multi-platinum band Journey, his work with guitar legend Santana and composer Jan Hammer, NEAL SCHON has lived the life of several rock gods. Still, he continues to reinvent himself, taking his own musical vision to new heights with his sixth solo outing, i on U, a dazzling collection of guitar instrumentals. It’s due out February 22, 2005 on Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label. Playing with modern sounds and flavors, yet always staying true to his signature guitar sound, i on U pulls it all together. Says SCHON, “this is the first album that encompasses everything and makes it brand new.” “Since I joined Santana,” he continues, ”I’ve always tried to go into every album in a different way. i on U is taking me to a new place and new sounds, but you can hear my years of work throughout the whole album. Sitting back and listening to it now, the history with Santana and Jan Hammer really shines through.” For i on U, SCHON teamed up with keyboardist and songwriter Igor Len as co-producer, and drummer Omar Hakim. “When I was on tour and trying to put the first stages of this record together,” he says, “I called Igor Len, who I had worked with on my ELECTRIC WORLD solo album, and asked him to be involved. He sent me some tracks that he was working on, and they were going exactly in the direction I wanted to go with my music. So I took his hooks, added all of the guitar parts and synthesizer solos, and embellished and tweaked them from there. Although I wrote ‘Father,’ ‘Moondust,’ and ‘Highland’ on my own.” Each listener will experience the album differently. From the majestic opening of “Blue Passion,” and the soaring melodies of the title track, the songs suggest wide open spaces, an overview of what’s to come, with tracks like the driving, passionate “Burning Bridges.” Then it’s on to the far off reaches of the imagination, with the arpeggiated rhythms of “Timeless Motion,” the spicy funk of “Loner’s Dream,” and the eastern flair of “It Will Happen.” “The guitar is one of the most expressive instruments of our time,” proclaims SCHON. “I want the listener to be able to imagine whatever they want since there are no lyrics. And have the music take them to any place they want to be.”
  6. :scratchin: looking for the new Neal Schon if anyone happens to see it :thank you:
  7. dvdpark

    New Rock Hub on DC

    Thanks Nate, I appreciate the advise man...I feel honored :bigsmile:
  8. dvdpark

    New Rock Hub on DC

    Its private enough nate, can you get in?....lol :good job:
  9. :scratchin: If your a serious music lover and maybe interested in sharing your collection and making some new friends you can get the client hereDC client is here and the hompage. its pretty easy to setup and if you need any help , you can contact me here or at [email protected] Share The Music (((ROCKON)))
  10. dvdpark

    New Rock Hub on DC

    check you messages , I sent you a link for the client or you can get it in the above post as well, set it up and get back with me , be happy to help (((ROCKON)) :scratchin:
  11. If anyone needs the client or has a version they so wish to have , please let me know, Im a DC user and also own a Private Rock Hub, the clients are shared by many there, be happy to help anyone that needs one.....ROCKON !! EDIT: I respectively request that you refrain from posting unrelated pictures in your replies. You're off topic. Thanks --Ken
  12. dvdpark

    New Rock Hub on DC

    :read this: Well thank you very much, very nice of you, I still have a few to give away myself
  13. dvdpark

    New Rock Hub on DC

    Be happy to have anyone interested in rock music there, if you need the client you can get it here DC,, just leave me a message here and i will be happy to register you , requires a username and password for the Privat hub i own, thanks again or you can reach me at [email protected]
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