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  1. I guess someone had to take Tori Spellings place.... :bigsmile:
  2. One that sticks in my mind is Chuck Francour - Under the Boulevard Lights
  3. They are free, but only work for a short time (usually a week or two I think). You have to constantly get a new beta. :wha': The Gnutella network doesn't do that much good for me either, and when I do use it, I certainly don't use BS.
  4. ....... if this was an average person, they would have been accused of cheating :rotfl:
  5. They are known by name but seemed to have done well for themselves even with other players. It's known that Peter and Ace both have had problems in the past with drugs and it's been obvious that Gene has been money driven since the early 80s :D Even though Peter Criss is an original member.... I always thought of Eric Carr the better drummer. It's a shame he isn't here anymore. :(
  6. Ha.... I had this happen from the exact same place. I heard the dialing and it took a minute or so for me to realise what was going on, then unhooked the line from my modem (which I had hooked up temp. when my broadband was down and forgot to unhook it). I was looking up playstation2 cheats for my son..... I was hoping I caught it in time, but still ended up with a $12.00 charge on my bill from this place. It is very tricky indeed!
  7. A lot of people are having problems with this test release. Especially with the ticker. I agree that it is better to wait before trying this out.
  8. ""Attached Image (Click thumbnail to expand)"" ....ummm, no thanks, lmao. The size of that picture is more than enough as it is!! :D
  9. she certainly looks it, lol Her speaking to anyone about drugs is like the pot calling the kettle black.
  10. First of all, Why was the worker going through his bag? And what an ass for turning it in to the police. He could have just kept the weed for himself and got wasted that evening. Looking for identifiacation.... sure. Did they not know who was checked into the room? I agree the worker was being an ass... who cares if he smokes pot? It doesn't say if the 45 was loaded. If it wasn't I really don't see a problem with it either. But he shouldn't have gotten stoned and forgot his bag...... :gigglin:
  11. ......Then you don't have any beef. :P Sam
  12. Yeah, I see no point in blaming the idiots on the show for what the other idiots are doing to try and be like them. I'm not a fan of the show, but if people are dumb enough to try this stuff, then it's no one elses fault but their own. Remember when everyone was throwing a fit over Beavis & Butthead? Only it was younger children imitating the stupid acts. Parents were complaining about it and trying to get it pulled off the air. The way I see it, if the parents are monitoring what their children (especially really young kids) were watching they wouldn't have to worry about it. Sam bonk
  13. All it does is remove the MyDoom... no other bad things??? It doesn't sound like such a bad thing........ unless there is something they haven't found yet, lol.
  14. Now THAT really would be handy even if it is a little unfair !! Aha.... the power of inflicted queuing frustration. evvviiiiiiillllllllllllllllll (there's no evil smiley so here's one) LOL... true, but I think deleting them is even more unfair, since the will not re-queue on their own unless the user retries them or one re-connects. I would tend to be a little more lax with the amount I allow people to queue up as well I think. I could just scatter them in the queue and make it more fair for everyone. :smokin: ..... hmmm, there isn't an evil smilie? wow!
  15. Soulseek is the best thing out there. I like to able be to control my shares so the greedy leechers are left without, as it should be. If you really have a problem with the queues, toss a few bucks Soulseeks way and become a privledged user. So what if the server is down from time to time? It gives me the chance to organise my dowloads, add more shares, and burn CD's for back up, etc. I take advantage of those downtimes. :righteousdude: Sam BTW, You guys have the greatest emoticons here, lol I could spend all day here and spam with them... but I won't, hehehe :rightonman:
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