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  1. oh, lol, and one more thing, I bought martin scorsese presents "The Allman Brothers Band" at x-mas, love it, all of their best blues songs. I'll post the track list: 01. trouble no more 02. done somebody wrong (live) 03. stormy monday (live) 04. can't lose what you never had 05. statesboro blues (live) 06. one way out (live) 07. hoochie coochie man 08. I'm gonna move to the outskirts of town (live) 09. dimples (live) 10. need your love so bad 11. you don't love me (live)
  2. geoff achison - gettin evil* geoff achison - classically blue tommy castro - the essential tommy castro -cd tommy castro - live at the filmore* tommy castro - can't keep a good man down dereck trucks band - out of madness* dereck trucks band - july 12, 2003 - live* dereck trucks band - joyful noise dereck trucks band - soul serenade govt mule - 2003 - the deepest end 2cd I have these to share and most of the allman brothers
  3. geoff achison -gettin evil (2000) just found him recently and liked his style of combining blues and classical music. tommy castro and joe bonamassa have played in a local club near me on a regular basis and I'll be going back to see tommy castro :good job: as my nick will tell, I'm a big allman brothers fan so fast guitar and rough blues vocals catch my interest, I gotta mention dereck trucks again, just think he's one of the best I've seen live recently, great slide guitar, all styles of music,but I saw him when he played with the allman brothers, he's a regular member but has his own band, if you have "hittin the note" it's worth taking another listen to "instrumental illness" he's featured on the slide guitar. If anyone has listened to any of these artists lately please let me know what you think. :)
  4. :angry: lol, what do u mean what's up with zappa being on there? hmmmm, zappa was an excellent guitarist very underrated!
  5. :) glad to see you here rusty, have fun
  6. thanks kooper, now how much trouble am I going to get into for printing out the sheet music to "harrigan"? lol
  7. I'm using it too method but the face is the same for me, I must keep mine on default , the user list is always in a block in the right hand corner :) the freezing lags are still the same :(
  8. :jammin: hey isn't it strange how some blues makes you feel sooooo good? kind of an irony, lol but anyways, I get up listening to the allman brothers jam, if anyone is on soulseek let me know, would love to share, lots of blues artists, past and present, mdenise on soulseek
  9. I know this isn't specific just to the blues but is it just me or is radio becoming more controlled? The more I read and listen to all these stations I feel it's alot of stamped output. I know many artists have to deal with clear channel ( letting them produce their concerts) in order to get their songs heard. Just one more thing that's starting to piss me off about corporate america, I'm not impressed with their last minute moral code of conduct either, lol let me know what you all think. :)
  10. with the addition of warran haynes and dereck trucks another dimension has been added, they're definitely worth taking another look at again, thanks for the response kooper
  11. B) well, I like many blues artists, all the ones mentioned in the post for sure, but guess I'm a product of the seventies, I'm an allman brothers fan, I think gregg allman still has a great blues voice, very distinctive, saw they're new show last summer, it was great, mostly blues rock now, let me know if anyone agrees
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