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  1. Film takes on right angle of Fox News Channel By Mark Jurkowitz, Globe Staff | July 14, 2004 Among media watchers, a debate has long raged about whether Rupert Murdoch's Fox News Channel is the "fair and balanced" antidote to pervasive liberal media bias that it claims to be in its promotion or a megaphone for spreading conservative dogma. In the film "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism," which premiered last night in New York, liberal filmmaker Robert Greenwald launches an all-out attack on the cable news channel's editorial integrity. Relying on former Fox employees and contri
  2. The Who's classic concert film "Live at the Isle of Wight" has been restored for a three-pronged release in 49 North American movie theaters (Aug. 9), on DVD (Aug. 10 via Eagle Rock) an on the INHD high-definition television network (Aug. 14). The film captures the Who's Aug. 30, 1970, performance at the U.K. festival, which fans regard as one of the best of the band's career. The theatrical release will include a 10-minute excerpt of a new interview with guitarist Pete Townshend plus an introduction by director Murray Lerner. read the entire article here: http://www.billboard.com/bb/daily/
  3. Weight loss product manufacturer Slim-Fast announced Wednesday it had dropped Whoopi Goldberg as its spokeswoman, following a controversy over sexually explicit comments she made last week at a fund-raiser in New York for presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. John Kerry. "We at Slim-Fast trust the public understands that the way in which Whoopi Goldberg chose to express her own personal beliefs at the recent fund-raiser at Radio City Music Hall does not reflect the views and values of Slim-Fast," said a statement from Terry Olson, general manager and vice president of marketing. "We are disapp
  4. good one from woodstock stubz
  5. Microsoft Releases New Batch of Patches By Brian Krebs washingtonpost.com Staff Writer Tuesday, July 13, 2004; 5:35 PM Microsoft Corp. today issued two "critical" software updates for its Windows operating system, bringing to 12 the total number of critical software fixes the company has released so far in 2004 and putting the focus once again on the security of Microsoft's widely used Internet Explorer Web browser. The two patches deal with security holes in the Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. The first involves a flaw in "task scheduler," a program that allows Windows u
  6. Tuesday, July 13, 2004 Earth's magnetic field is collapsing, scientists say Change will wreak havoc -- but not for about 2,000 years By WILLIAM J. BROAD THE NEW YORK TIMES The collapse of the Earth's magnetic field, which both guards the planet and guides many of its creatures, appears to have started in earnest about 150 years ago. The field's strength has waned 10 percent to 15 percent so far and this deterioration has accelerated lately, increasing debate over whether it portends a reversal of the lines of magnetic force that normally envelop the Earth. During a reversal, the main fie
  7. Famous mandolin tied up in legal battle Bill Monroe's son wants to sell to 'right place' Tuesday, July 13, 2004 Posted: 9:49 AM EDT (1349 GMT) Bill Monroe's 1923 Gibson F-5 mandolin is considered one of the finest mandolins in existence. NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) -- The son of bluegrass music pioneer Bill Monroe said Monday he wants to sell his father's famous mandolin, preferably to a museum where it can go on public display. The 1923 Gibson F-5 mandolin remains locked in a vault while a Nashville court sorts out a disputed deal that would have sold it for $1.1 million to a proposed mu
  8. I am, is it better than IE? I have to say with the new toolbar it blocks all popups, I don't want a browser that has lots of junk, IE with updates seems to be fast and no popups, tell us how "deepnet" works demon.
  9. Monday, July 12, 2004 CRIA files appeal in song swap case By ANGELA PACIENZA Canadian Press TORONTO -- The Canadian Recording Industry Association, which represents the country's major music producers, filed its appeal arguments Monday hoping to overturn a decision last March that protected the identities of people who copy music online. In a document filed with the Federal Court of Appeal, the organization said Federal Court Judge Konrad von Finckenstein erred in his interpretation of the country's copyright laws and overlooked some aspects of evidence presented. The judge "failed
  10. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PRESS RELEASE AI Index: EUR 25/005/2004 (Public) News Service No: 176 12 July 2004 Greece: Olympic Games must not lead to a trade off of security for human rights Amnesty International is concerned about reports that refugees, migrants, asylum-seekers and the homeless are being rounded up and detained as the Greek government mounts the biggest security operation in the history of the Olympic Games. "There is a real danger that the security measures around the games will also undermine further the social and economic rights of vulnerable minorities such as the Rom
  11. welcome DJ, and I hear ya warflower, have fun guys, welcome your comments
  12. Norah, Keith Toast Gram Musicians flock to California to remember rock's ultimate cult figure Pictures of Joshua trees and desert highways, and fans adorning cowboy hats, glittery suits and what must have been the largest collection of hipster western shirts in the state of California. These are the images inspired by Gram Parsons, a country-rock cross between James Dean and Kurt Cobain, whom, many credit with fusing the two genres. He lived fast, died young, and left a not-so-good-looking corpse. In the thirty years since Parsons' passing, the legend of his dramatic Joshua Tree desert de
  13. there's always one in every crowd, maybe no one's at fault, maybe the victim's answer wasn't so polite and an argument ensued, we'll never know, alot of people call the police over anything, it would take more than someone spitting on me to call the police.
  14. Isabel Sanford of 'Jeffersons' Dies Jul 12, 12:37 PM EST The Associated Press LOS ANGELES -- Actress Isabel Sanford, best known as "Weezie," Louise Jefferson on the television sitcom "The Jeffersons," died of natural causes, her publicist said Monday. She was 86. Sanford died Friday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she had been hospitalized since July 4, said Brad Lemack. Her daughter, Pamela Ruff, was at her side, he said. Her health had waned after undergoing preventive surgery on a neck artery 10 months ago, Lemack said. He did not give a cause of death. Sanford co-starred with
  15. that doesn't mean a thing shawn, his policies are what matter, he's afraid to talk in a forum that isn't totally receptive to him, what a coward, only proves his character to me, julian bond is an educated and respected politician from back in the 60's, he wouldn't be speaking out if he didn't think bush's policies were causing more harm than good. Powell was respected and was already chief of staff, he had the credentials, just switched to the republican party and was considering running for president, that was a political appointment, rice supposedly had the credentials but lately I'm not s
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