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    LTJ Bukem

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  1. cube

    Just Jack

    seen them live, warming up for someone (cant remember who)
  2. amazing video. probably my fave music vid ever.. along with jason forrest's stepping off vid.. which is a spinal tap kinda thing with wizards and elves!
  3. nothing special as far as i know. finish this tune off with non. get baked if possible.... thats about it :p
  4. cube

    hello (again)

    oh no... bouncing stuff over the net ;) never been that far away from the uk.. furthest was south carolina
  5. only dzihan & kamien i've heard was a tosca remix. on the suzuki in dub album. which is fuqqin awesome!
  6. cube

    hello (again)

    yo... well. i've been mainly running my little (well quite nicely growing) online label called exegene. which was set up to promote the more diverse sound to drum and bass. no cheesy bassline and boring generic beats. we have 31 main releases, 1 remix project, and a cd (which sold out!) as for other stuff, i did two years at college doing music technology, and i kinda messed up going to uni this year. so im on a gap year, going in september. (i just found an old topic of what do you, well, 3 years later, im still a bum) as for my own productions, they've been slow. i had some stuff but it got lost in a hd wipe, but thats got me more motivated to get some new tunes on the go... currently, this week i've been comissioned to do a tune for a canadian label, which will feature the vocal talent of nongenetic from the shadow huntaz.. www.myspace.com/nongenetic and my myshittyspace, if you wanna check, www.myspace.com/cubist i'll be dropping a couple of recommendations later on
  7. stunning lp this. especially the tune with richard davis.
  8. cube

    hello (again)

    i didnt die! i just fell asleep.
  9. i'll look into it thanks.,
  10. i need to change the skin on my invision board how do i go about doing it?
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