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  1. KOOP...F U C K YOU... i'M OUTTA HERE... THIS IS WHY....FUKIN PRICK To begin with, you're not going to stop me from doing anything. Secondly, I'm going to tell you this for the last time...when I post an OP-ED column, I clearly leave the OP-ED tag on the column....most people who read opinion columns have sense enough to know it's not a wire report by AP or whoever, but for clarity's sake I leave it up at the top. OP-ED means opinion editorial. Despite this, you persist in posting notes implying that I'm trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes by posting a news report when it's actuall
  2. Kazaa and co 'not cause of music biz woes', say Profs By Tony Smith Posted: 30/03/2004 at 12:06 GMT File sharing has no effect on CD sales, a pair of US academics have claimed. The finding will not make pleasant reading for the music industry, which claims file-sharing is the cause of the huge decline seen in North American, German and Italian CD sales. Harvard Business School Associate Professor Felix Oberholzer-Gee and Professor Koleman Strumpf of the University of North Carolina base their claim on research carried during the Autumn and Winter of 2002 to compare song download volumes w
  3. Student wants vodka to power your cell phone: By Shera Dalin St. Louis Post-Dispatch (KRT) - ST. LOUIS - Imagine powering up your cell phone's battery with vodka and having the charge last for a week. An area seed-money group was so taken with the idea of turning hooch into juice that it invested $400,000 in cash and in-kind services with the St. Louis company that is developing the technology. BioGenerator, a new seed-capital company, signed a deal Friday with Akermin Inc. Potential uses for Akermin's technology include powering a cell phone or laptop computer using vodka, beer or any ot
  4. Out of the mouths of Babes > > > > >> > > > > >> A Sunday school class was studying the Ten Commandments. > > > > >> They were ready to discuss the last one. The teacher asked > > > > >> if anyone could tell her what it was. Susie raised her hand, > > > > >> stood tall, and quoted, "Thou shall not take the covers off > > > > >> the neighbour's wife." > > > > >> --- > > > > >> > > > > >> I had been teaching my three-year old d
  5. ...interestingly enough...the Gaza strip has never been 'Palestinian' land. It was part of Egypt (Upper Volta) for hundreds of years. Israel 'occupied'/ confiscated it from Egypt after the 1967 war. :change note:
  6. Likud backs poll on Gaza pull-out Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has said he would honour the outcome of a Likud party referendum on a planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. The proposal to hold a referendum was approved at a convention of 7,000 Likud central committee members in Tel Aviv. The ballot of party members will take place in May, officials said. The disengagement plan, which involves a pull-out from most Gaza settlements and some parts of the West Bank, has met fierce resistance within Israel. Mr Sharon took to the stage on Tuesday evening, amid applause as well as boos a
  7. like sayin Stevie Wonder beats out Marvin Gaye. Both are good . Van Hunt is more moody and better lyrics. The Soul of John Black is more complex musicially and funky beats great to hear all this good music coming out :jammin: :jammin:
  8. dammit...I ran out of batteries for my Oweja board. :D
  9. "Talal Dweikat, the Palestinian intelligence chief in Nablus, said his forces are too weak to confront the terrorists." ...even the Palestinians understand that their are terrorists among them.
  10. Mar. 30, 2004 19:57 | Updated Mar. 30, 2004 21:53 Terrorists try to recruit child as suicide bomber By ASSOCIATED PRESS Palestinian terrorists tried to recruit a 15-year-old as a suicide bomber, at one point locking him in a dark room, but also luring him with clothes, a cell phone and promises of paradise, his family said Tuesday. The story of ninth-grader Tamer Khweirah, who was extricated by an alert older brother, underscored the growing use of children by terrorists and stoked Palestinian debate over what is permissible in the fight with Israel. Tamer is one of four teens arrested b
  11. ...another great reccomendation!!
  12. you know Koop ..your right...maybe he is related to Bill Wyman!
  13. ....and to think that A-hole-L.... is by far... the largest spammer and profiler on the internet. Oh well...Porche come...Porche go... :D btw...Porche joke... What is the difference between a Porche and a porcupine?? give up.... With the porcupine ..the pricks are on the outside...har...har
  14. A-O-L put spammer's Porsche up as contest prize New York-AP -- Finally, some payback for all that spam, thanks to America Online. An A-O-L sweepstakes launching Tuesday will offer a spammer's 2002 Porsche Boxster S as grand prize. A-O-L obtained the car in settling a lawsuit against a spammer though to have made more than a (m) million dollars from the useless mailings. Although the company has previously won cash judgments and destroyed computers used in spamming, A-O-L says the latest case represents a move toward targeting the fruits of spammers' labors -- things like cars, houses, boats
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