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  1. I think they should make virtual machetes, or a machine that allows you to stab people in the face over the Internet, like CTC wants. I'd buy those (or I might pirate them). I agree. Their priorities are way off.
  2. The odds are pretty low that it was a "hooker" who stole it. Hell, it's possible Gary Coleman stole it. I'd say it was him, that bastard.
  3. At least they're funding something because they certainly don't fund public schools. So instead of helping to educate people in the United States, they're funding something that is really only a small part of that education (health education relating to "substance abuse"), and at the same time they're only offering the Federal government's point of view on the issue. And then, after all this, they're blatantly supporting PARTISAN POLITICS. They're using public money to push one political party’s agenda; namely they are advocating for the integrity of a particular politician (Bush). Of course, since there is virtually no accountability or check of power in these "departments", nothing can and ever will be done to put a stop to it. Want to know how much is being appropriated for Education in 2006? http://www.nsba.org/site/doc.asp?TRACKID=&DID=35292&CID=892 Take a look. You'll also see what programs are being cut. Print the list out and give it to anyone who may be on the fence about voting for a Republican candidate in the next few years (most importantly the 2008 presidential election). The Republican Party obviously does not value Education and other social programs, nor the well being of those not in the upper class.
  4. This still confirms the point that she's a no talent hack who is also guilty of stealing other people's work. The fact that he fucked up on copyrighting the song doesn't mean much. It's still obvious Spears tooks someone else's work and used it make garbage truck loads of money.
  5. My father was going to see them for the first time in his life when they were to come to Buffalo, NY, then Bonham died and the concert was cancelled. Zeppelin was by far his favorite band/artist. My uncle was going to see them prior, but that date was cancelled as well when Page's son died. Long story short; don't make plans to come here. Someone might.........get hurt.
  6. Please tell me this is some sort of joke. One of the only channels left on television that would just give you straight facts with a bland presentation was The Weather Channel. No conflict, no jokes, no couches; NOT A FUCKING CHATTERBOX STATION. Just a channel devoted to weather information; something you could get pure information from, or something you could even fall asleep to (considering the option to knock yourself unconscious with a tire iron isn't available). What's next? Reality weather where people compete to become weather personalities with phony drama and annoying 20 somethings who can't even tie their own shoes, let alone become real meteorologists? If I ever meet Terry Connelly randomly, on the street, I'm going to pile drive him/her into a sidewalk for ruining an outpost of sanity on television.
  7. Useful but also requires a lot of caution. I'd be careful with something like this.
  8. Because as we all know, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and virus outbreaks aren't naturally occurring events. We all know they're created by omnipotent beings to bring about the end of existence. Retards. That's all I have to say. R - E - T - A - R - D - S.
  9. http://ul5.rapidshare.de/cgi-bin/upload.cg...308718078690943 Rapidshare is also pretty good.
  10. I don't know about "Family" viewing but a lot of the shows they mentioned should be eliminated for another reason: They suck ass. I like Family Guy but even I don't really watch it anymore because I've become bored with it. Mind you this is a GOOD show and I still can't watch it. There's no way I'd ever watch a shitty show like "The War at Home" or "Desperate Housewives". All garbage. The days of good "sitcoms" is over.
  11. Not suprising. If night clubs were a video game, this would be level two. It was bound to happen.
  12. Not really............ Not suprising really. Actually it makes a lot of sense.
  13. At least if Cameron does it there is a glimmer of hope that it might be pretty good. I won't like the movie if it involves Claire Danes, Nick Stahl and any tie in with the previous travesty directed by Jonathan Mostow. Cameron better direct, or I'm not even going to give it a viewing. It would also be nice if they could get Linda Hamilton back, but I suppose I could let that slide.
  14. They're probably trimming those who are low on the ladder. The people who are probably most directly responsbile are the higher ups; the one's firing people.
  15. Can he sing? That's what's important. I don't like him or dislike him based on any spiritual belief system. He's gotten together with an excellent drummer, now we need to hear the rest. I’ll give it a test listen when it comes out.
  16. It's really easy to make shit. I'm sure they have 7,000 crap songs waiting to generate enough hype to feed the corrupt music industry even more than this album did. They're a fucking sub par "emo" like U2 rip off, not to mention it seems like they got their song writing skills from Radiohead; another pile of shit. I can't even say they're overrated because I'm wondering how they were ever rated in the first place. Really, I feel like beating my head against a wall whenever I hear some stupid buzz about another crap band with no song writing talent and the same phony, gimmick-laden emotional approach. I’m not stupid; you guys can’t write good songs. Don’t bother trying to cover that up.
  17. Obviously he didn't drink enough of it considering he's still alive. What is it with great musicians? Is it just me or do the majority of them suck as human beings?
  18. Bird Flu sounds nice. I can't wait to contract that. Hopefully it will turn out to be more effective than that sham SARS.
  19. Making money off of her religion. What a beautiful example of blatant, greed-driven exploitation. I'll be surprised though if this piece of shit album sells very well. We all know Madonna can't sing (anymore?). The digital doctoring is so bad, that it's impossible not to notice what's going on.
  20. Just having this thread gives him way more attention than he deserves.
  21. I find nothing appealing about Franz Ferdinand musically.
  22. They want royalties? Then don't prosecute file sharers. That sounds fair. You can't collect royalties on something you deem illegal. That's having it both ways. Greed 2.0 indeed.
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