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  1. While this is true, in this circumstance, the punishment doesn't show that of an overzealous prosecutor. This is pretty consistent with what the average person would experience. That's what makes this interesting. She was not given a draconian sentence. I'm not going to pry, but could you give more information on this? I only ask since it's technically being used as a talking point in your response, but it's info I can't research. If you don't want to, I can understand.
  2. Who's their lead singer now? Last I heard (which was a while ago), the last one left (or was kicked out, I'm not sure of the details).
  3. I don't buy any of the offered excuses. She's not suicidal. She belongs in prison, just like any other person would be. Her "celebrity status" and income bracket should not override a judges decision. This is not justice, or equality under law. Normally I'm not into "celebrity gossip", but this one interests me because it has broader societal and legal ramifications. It's a case study on how the justice system is skewed.
  4. It's not a bad idea really. They're bringing the advertising model of television to digital distribution, which has been happening for at least a little while anyway (most of the U.S. network TV stations have their own video areas on their Web sites where they stream episodes of prime time shows, with commercial support). While I detest Web site advertising of this nature, which at this point are Active Interstitial ads (which make me want to commit homicide via blunt force trauma), the adverts in video distribution don't effect me as much (probably because I've become desensitized to this kind of advertising from years of watching television). The sticking point here is what a person is "allowed" to do with their downloads, and what format they're getting them in. They may not have DRM, but can they be shared with others without legal issues? Will people be getting, say for a video format, a WMV file? Or maybe some sort of low-quality video delivery system? If they're going to do anything besides completely free and open (what P2P distribution is), they need to offer advantages. They have two right now, in the ease of obtaining these downloads, and the lack of legal issues; two things less P2P savy computer users are going to bite at. Perhaps this will be enough.
  5. It'll be a while until anything significant happens to the middle-lower classes of the United States. It'll be a while until foreign policy makes more sense and isn't driven by arrogance and a lack of respect for life. The Democratic party features many members that are considered "right wing" in the global scheme of politics. Don't think you'll be getting national health care or anything like that in the next decade. Besides, they wont even have enough power to do anything significant for a long time. The president, meanwhile, still holds all the power on foreign policy, and it's obvious he'll ride the Iraq war out until the bitter end of his second term. That means deadlock until at least 2008. Enjoy the next two years.
  6. I know rabies seems out of place, but it's an awful (and amusing) way to die.
  7. I suppose that's a great way to prove that anyone, regardless of gender, can be a professional. It's also a great way to prove that aesthetics and sexuality are very important factors in the work place and determine who gets hired. Way to go. Nothing like turning BACK the clock on equality. Exactly, because as we all know, "nerd" is a very well defined and legitimate term and it's very easy to classify someone as such. It's also important to remember that it's "so not cool" to be too interested in "things". I guess I'll stop here because frustration and a sense of hopelessness have just flooded my thoughts. Nothing about this makes any sense. It's just a stupid and counter-productive gimmick on many levels. May the "brain-childs" of this die unexpectedly in some sort of horrible accident. Here's a few of my personal favorites: -Crushed by giant dinosaur statue at putt-putt golf course -Hit by ambulance driven by Zombie Dale Earnhardt Sr. -Death by Carrot Top -Drowned at Sea World -Blunt force trauma from a large trout -Mauled by Roy while Siegfried masturbates -Lethal injection of steroids courtesy of Barry Bonds -Midget suicide bomber (thrown in out of poor taste) -Capped by Redneck4sure -Capped by Dick Cheney -Capped by Zombie Lee Harvey Oswald (since it's obvious now that Zombies have risen from the graves). -Capped by Captian Kirk -Capped by KAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! -Slip and fall accident (one of the most pathetic ways to die) -Rabies I have more but this will just about cover it.
  8. I think I've found a new religion. It's called StumbleUpon. My new religion also led me to the best page in the universe (eat shit maddox): http://www.sjgames.com/illuminati/politics.html
  9. Ok. It's actually an excellent idea. It's a full community based thing. It's almost like a centralized network of "shared Web sites". People create an account and then post what sites, etc, they think are "good" (or what they have interest in). All these profiles with this user submitted data is used and returned as results like a search engine. Obviously being user driven and not Bot or agenda driven means crap sites and spam is severely limited.
  10. I'm a little confused as to it's function. Does it share your FireFox bookmarks or history with other people to create a pool of info? If so, is it on by default? Can it be turned off if it is? If that's part of the deal, and it's on by default, it would seem like a potential securty/privacy threat. From reading the short (and I mean short) description and comments, it's like a search engine tool that combines content with regular user rating (meaning things that are "popular" among people will show up more). This seems to be a very good idea since garbage sites that might get returned from a search engine don't show up. However, I have to question where the content comes from. Does it come from users submitting, or are a users bookmarks and such mined and shared?
  11. YouTube is annoying because some post video directly into a forum post (meaning an external player shows up as soon as the page loads). I'm sick of visiting threads at other forums only to realize that it's there and that I have to either leave the page A.S.A.P (with a little delay action as the video tries to load for a few seconds freezing the browsers GUI), or wait for it to load. I like being able to choose when I want to view media like that.
  12. You'd probably an electrical outlet if given the chance. I'd rather drive nails into my ribcage than even look at Paris Hilton for more than 10 seconds (which I heard causes cancer and high blood pressure).
  13. The government only does this for large corporate interests. Why aren't they creating trade barriers with China due to their currency being kept artificially low? Or because of their mile long list of human rights violations (all of which result not only in continued human suffering, but also in jobs and livelihood being lost in first world countries in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia)? The government only intervenes in “global capitalism” when there is a monetary reward involved. In this case, it’s like this. -Media companies give bribes to politicians (from all parties). -Politicians in turn do everything in their power to make sure they have the ability to maximize their profits (even if done so illegally). -Politicians take their mercenary ways overseas because foreign entities are perceived to be taking away from the media companies’ ability to maximize profit. If they sound less an less like a government to you, then you're probably right.
  14. They wanted (and succeeded) in acquiring "3 tons" of fertilizer, for obvious reasons. I've seen what 1 ton did in Oklahoma City. I don't see the point of your reply. Do you doubt their tenacity or sincerity in building a bomb? They bought the shit didn't they (they didn't know they were undercover operatives)? They sure as hell aren’t maniacal gardeners hell bent on growing the biggest tomato in history. Of course it will (sadly), but you can't excuse or put your self in denial about what happened here. This was a terrorist cell. Terrorism is real you know. They only thing that can be done is an appeal for a balance between freedom and security. I understand what you're saying, but the approach and responses of many in this thread seem to be about turning a blind eye to the ability and drive of fanaticism, because of a fear of their own governments over zealous response and ability to capitalize on the fear of its citizens. The problem is, sometimes we need our government to provide security. It seems like lose-lose, and often is, but never go out of your way to disregard fanaticism or look for ways that this could "all just be some sort of misunderstanding or government propaganda plot". Initial media reporting looks grim and disappointing. We'll see all the evidence in detail soon, and not just snippets. What makes me upset is it seems they wanted to attack Canadian soil. The Canadian populace is the most open and accepting I've ever seen (I've been there). They take in all sorts of immigrants, and the government isn't imperialistic at all. They aren't involved in the Iraqi conflict, and are in a supporting role in at least stabilizing Afghanistan (they aren't launching offensives to my knowledge). There isn’t even a retarded and religious/philosophical justification (like they make for attacking U.S. soil and its citizens).
  15. People miss the point of Coulter. She's absolutely 100% fake. She writes books, and says outlandish things so she can make money (and media attention). She then gets spots on places like the Today show where she can promote her "books" and say more outlandish things so she can make even more money, because the media eats that shit up like the mindless entertainment jerk-offs that they are. I could do it too, but I just don't have the energy (or the conscience) to do it. Since she also makes use of subtle sexuality, she has an added dimension which increases sales probably 5 fold. A lot of people have bought this hook, line, and sinker. I never once, from the moment I first learned about her, thought she was genuine.
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