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  1. I also heard the DELUXE version is Chopped & Screwed
  2. Artist: 50 Cent Title: Hustler's Ambition Album: Get Rich Or Die Tryin' Soundtrack Year: 2005 BUY THIS CD ====================================================== (Light the fire that needs the air) (I won't burn unless you're there) Yea, I need you,I need you to hate So I can use it for your anger you know, its real shit, feel this! [Verse 1] America got a thing for this gangsta's shit, they love me Black Chucks, black skullies, leather Pelle-Pelle I take spit over raymo shit, I'ma fan Got through the silver duck tape on my tray eight handle The women in my life bring confusion shit SO like Nino when we new jack, I'll holla cancel that bitch Look at me, this is the life I chose Niggaz around me so cold, man my heart dun froze up I build the empire on the low the narc's don't know I'm the weatherman I take that coca leaf and make that snow Sit back, watch it turn to dope, watch it go out the door O after O, you know, homey I'm just triple beam, dreamin Niggaz be schemin, I fiend to live the good life The fiends are just fiendin Conceal my weapon nice and easy so you can't see The penitentiary is definitely out the question for me [Chorus] I want THE FINER THINGS in my life So I hustle (hustle) Nigga you get in my way while I'm tryin to gett mine And I'll buck you (buck you) I don't care who you run with, or where you from Nigga fuck you (fuck you) I want THE FINER THINGS in my life So I hustle (hustle) [Verse 2] Yea, I don't know shit about gymnastics I summersault bricks Black talons start flyin, when a nigga flip I cook crack in the microwave, niggaz can't fuck with me Man my cold days, they called me chef boy are 50 Check my logic, smokers don't like seeds in their weed shit Send me them seeds, i'll grow them what they need Them ain't chia pet plants in the crib thats chronic And I'm sellin them 500 a pop god damn it I sold everythin I'ma hustler, I know how to grind Step on grapes put in water and tell you its wine If you analyze me, what you'll find is the DNA of a crook What goes in my mind, its contagious Hypnotic, it sounds melodic If the rap was the block or spider, I'll be poke and butter Now get a load of me, flashy, far from low key And you can locate me where ever that dope be, be gettin money man [Chorus] [Verse 3] Its a hustler's ambition, close your eyes listen, see my vision Mossberg pumpin, shotgun dumpin and drama means nothin It's part of the game, catch me in the coupe switchin lanes In the jeweler's with your chains I upgrade from 30 B's to clean V's Rocks that I copped procedes from the spot I got the energy to win, I'm full of adrenaline Played the curve and get nauseous, watchin the spinner spin I'ma plan to make it, a prisoner of the state Now I can invite yo ass out to my estate Them hollow tip bent me up, but I'm back in shape Pour Crystal in the blender and make a protein shake I'm like the East coast number one playboy B Hugh Hefner'll tell you he don't got shit on me The feds watch me, icey they can't stop me Racist, pointin at me look at the nigga ratchi Hello! [Chorus]
  3. Does anybody know when Mike jones CD comin out? that a nice remix.
  4. i thought his cd came out on Dec 7th
  5. heres 3kings by slim thug [slim Thug][Hook]2x When I hit the club all the girls show me love While Im at the bar, got drank by the jug In the v.i.p with the chicks and the drugs Its the T.I.P, Bun-B and Slim Thug [slim Thug] [Verse1] I got drank by the pint Dro by the pound Headed to the club in the boss top down Slim Thug bout to clown represent H-town If you love me you gon smile If you hate me you gon frown Cause me and my bosshoggs bout to ball till we fall This year,I won't stall, Slim Thugga want it all Goin solo, first cd out that nots slow-mo Heres another hit thanks to the drank and they do-do Fa sho though we got the club shut down Tryna pick which chick Ima cut now Got a fetish for thick girls thats caramel brown On a hunt and uggh guess what I just found Come in v.i.p with me boo, while we post up We blowin purple stuff we pourin purple stuff We blowin rolled up stuff, ya can tell that we rich It Slim Thugga, T.I.P and Bun-B bitch! [Hook] [T.I][Verse2] Ay ay ay 22's on a brand new Coupe wit no roof(roof) A hundred and fifty doller tennis shoes, no suits We some ballers pimp you oughta be followin our suits No ad-libbin nigga jus do like I do(do) Dont get it confused but dude Im not you (you) If you ain't heard the news Im known to speak truth (truth) Thats why Im at the bar buyin all these green goose (ay ay ay) Passin it to the wall but mayne is they loose That ma nigga Slim Thug they mean what they do Say the black one a slut but the red would cut too (too) Give 'em number to the suite and tell 'em to fall threw (threw) And tell that nigga ESG and Paul Wall too I know Bun did had been fun wit them freaks, yeah(yeaaaaa) Do it like a G for Screw and Pimp c From the A but got all of Houston with me At the superbowl full of ????? nigga! [Hook] [bun-B][Verse3] We goin hard in the paint like Carmello (Carmello) This is for the boys who sip purple and sip yellow (yellow) Shorty shake ya jelly like jello (huh) She curvy like a J.lo Damn baby poke me off before I even said "hello" (said hello) Is it the car, is it the ice is it the grill (is it the grill) Cause Im a star that pay the price to keep it trill (keep it trill) She at the bar, she lookin nice, she on da pill And she got two more wit her ready so tell me how you feel (hol up) See pimpin ain't made nigga pimpin ain't raised nigga Nigga pimpin is born Pimpin since its early dayz (right) These niggaz get to trippin playa pimpin ain't lazy And if ya miss Pimp C throw up ya dueces and ya tres (mayne) We thought of many ways and perfected the grind (grind) Makin million dollas more six figa checks will get signed (signed) Slim Thug you up next to shine and I can't even lie Wit me and T.I.P you done wrecked 'em this time foo! (time foo) [Hook]
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