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    What's up music lovers? I'm Oldbeats which means that I love the classic sounds of-soul-r&b-jazz and doo-wop..looking forward to rapping about great sounds!
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    California-based Metallica joins a growing list of artists who have donated to the state's wildfire relief efforts. View the full article
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    I think you'd appreciate this @DudeAsInCool
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    It can be hard to decipher whether Jacquees' appeal is authentic, or a byproduct of the warm nostalgic vibes of the late '90s and early 2000s that his music often hearkens to. If he weren't such a skillful singer, he probably wouldn't get away with it, but his decadent voice and lush harmonies can elevate material that might… View the full article
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    MoviePass is bringing back a version of the plan that made it so popular in the first place — a subscription where you pay a monthly fee and get an unlimited number of 2D movie tickets. MoviePass Uncapped will have a regular price of $19.95 per month, but the company is offering cheaper deals for what it says is a limited time. If you’re willing to pay for a full year (via ACH payment), it will cost the same as that original unlimited plan, namely $9.95 per month. If you don’t want to make a full-year commitment, it will cost $14.95 per month. Now, you may be thinking that this kind of deal is exactly what got MoviePass into so much trouble last year, to the point where it nearly ran out of money and began announcing new pricing plans and restrictions on a seemingly constant basis. However, the company’s announcement today includes multiple references to its ability to “combat violations” of MoviePass’ terms of use. And those terms do say that “MoviePass has the right to limit the selection of movies and/or the times of available movies should your individual use adversely impact MoviePass’s system-wide capacity or the availability of the Service for other subscribers.” So if you’re a heavy MoviePass user, the plan may not be truly unlimited. In addition, you’ll only be able to reserve tickets three hours before showtime, and you’ll need to check in to the theater between 10 and 30 minutes before the movie starts. This new plan replaces the ones announced in December. If you’ve already signed up, you can stick to those subscriptions, but new users won’t have that option. In a statement, Ted Farnsworth, CEO of MoviePass parent company Helios and Matheson Analytics, said: We are – and have been – listening to our subscribers every day, and we understand that an uncapped subscription plan at the $9.95 price point is the most appealing option to our subscribers. While we’ve had to modify our service a number of times in order to continue delivering a movie-going experience to our subscribers, with this new offering we are doing everything we can to bring people a version of the service that originally won their hearts. View the full article
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    I will begun posting again and driving some traffic
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    I dig this... I was listening to it and then it started to be part of my world and then it stopped and I realized I was listening to it again... hard to explain, but I liked it.
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    A screenshot of Cardi B's Instagram Story surfaced earlier this week which read, “Ain’t no hoe taking my spot. Stop BAPPIN." Many thought this was a dig at Megan Thee Stallion but Cardi took to social media to clear up the rumors. Cardi B made it clear that she doesn't have any feud with Megan Thee Stallion. She took to Twitter to clarify the Instagram Story, claiming that she hasn't even really been online in the first place. "I barely been getting online. I haven’t been talking to nobody just straight promoting! Stop putting me in bullshit let me keep minding my business in peace. Thank you," she wrote. Megan Thee Stallion also appeared to address the rumors shortly after Cardi. "If you’re a real hottie, please spread positivity. we real around here and we fw everybody that fw us. No dry hating no dry beef," she wrote on Twitter. Megan Thee Stallion recently addressed the competition among female rappers. She explained the competitive nature is part of hip-hop but at some point, it won't necessarily be like that forever. “I feel like since, like, forever, it has only been, like, one female rapper at a time. And naturally, women are competitive. So I feel like, without beef, hip-hop probably wouldn’t even be what it is, so it’s good to have, like, a little friendly competition here and there,” Megan said told Essence. “ Just because we might be rapping about some of the same things, we’re not doing it in the same way. There’s enough room for all of us to eat. So as soon as we can get that together, then we’ll be all right.” View the full article
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    Remember last year when the biggest question on the internet was "who bite Beyonce?" After the question finally died down and other media happenings took over, Regina Hall has now decided to bring it back to light since discussing the matter in a recent interview. To be fair, she was asked about the event so she basically didn't choose to talk about it again. Frederick M. Brown/Getty ImagesWhen asked if Tiffany was serious when insinuating that someone literally bite Beyonce in the face, Regina let it be known that her Girls Trip co-star is no rookie when it comes to exaggerating. "Let me tell you something: I could tap your leg with my foot and Tiffany would retell it as me kicking you," Regina said. "She’s a comedian. She can make a story, know what I mean? That whole thing took on a life of its own." To this day we don't really know who bite Beyonce but Sanaa Lathan was named a suspect, later denying it. “I adore Beyoncé. I would never do anything malicious like that — to her, or to anyone. It’s so bizarre. It’s so crazy," she said. “Thank God I’ve been in this business for 20 years and have had so many rumors about me. They used to devastate me in my 20s, but in order to survive in this business, you just have to let it roll.” View the full article
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    And a few more...It's A Man's World-James Brown..Memphis Tennessee-Chuck Berry..Moon River-Jerry Butler..Take Time To Know Her-Percy Sledge..I'm So Proud-The Impressions..If You Need Me-Wilson Pickett..Old Love-Mary Wells..School Girl-The Five Royales..Without A Doubt-Major Lance..Welcome Home-Walter Jackson..Bernadette-The Four Tops..On Broadway-The Drifters..Any Day Now-Chuck Jackson..Hey Love-The Delphonics..Shake Your Groove Thing-Peaches An Herb..I'll Be Around-The Spinners..Native New Yorker-Odessy..Evil Woman-The Temptations..Ain't Nobody Home-Howard Tate..Golden Time Of Day-Maze..Crying Won't Help You Now-Clyde McPhatter..I'm Gonna Miss You-The Artistics.
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    Great list,if I may add a small Jazz set from-Kool And The Gang[Kool Jazz-1969]very nice LP from a group known more for funk.
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    Hi,Zariah,I'm new too so hello,I'm Oldbeats.
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    Kool And The Gang with their first Billboard 100 Top Ten hit. 1973 it reached #4.
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    Oh wow! Very nice single! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klxzUZxKYII
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    No matter how we live Life is hard No matter who we are We're doomed from the start A few crazy decades To laugh and to cry When all's said and done We're Born To Die My grandmother said it Talking to herself I picked up on it And say it myself There are no answers Still we ask why When all's said and done We're Born To die Life without meaning Life without purpose Life with no hope Going in circles I'm thinking of Hamlet Clad in black No one who leaves here Ever comes back A few crazy decades To laugh and to cry When all's said and done We're Born To Die Jim Colyer ascap
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    He told me of An empty tomb And how Jesus Rose from the dead He doesn't know That empty tomb Is just on paper And in his head Things Could Be Worse That's what he told me But I don't see how If you do, show me Things'll be better When Jesus lifts the curse That's what he said Things Could Be Worse When he was done He passed the plate He needed money To perpetuate The Lord's work And to buy a coat To buy a car And pay the house note Things Could Be Worse That's what he told me But I don't see how If you do, show me Things'll be better When Jesus lifts the curse That's what he said Things Could Be Worse I can't love Jesus I'm not gay I love KymBo Cos she's a babe Things Could Be Worse That's what he told me But I don't see how If you do, show me Things'll be better When Jesus lifts the curse That's what he said Things Could Be Worse Jim Colyer ascap
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    Hopefully you got it out of your head or figured it out.
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    http://jimcolyer.com/sitebuilder/flash/player?f=/music/flash/playlist.xml%3Ft%3D171 I've been away so long sleeping without you Chasing the dollar sign across this country So many lonely nights dreaming about you I'm coming home today and I'm Gonna Love You You are the reason I have to travel Somebody's got to put food on the table I'll be the working wife though I'm not above you I'm coming home today and I'm Gonna Love You When I get home I want you right by my side I'll get off the plane Right into our bed And we'll hide solo You are the reason I keep on working We'll want a home and children in the future I believe you'll be the perfect husband I'm coming home today and I'm Gonna Love You And when I get back to you That's something I will do I'm Gonna Love You Jim Colyer ascap
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    Title: No Hables la Mentira Artist: A-Santyq Style: Techno/ Minimal Label: Eastar Records Listen to the release here and get your own copy! Available Now From: iTunes Beatport Junodownload Amazon Thank you for your Support!
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    http://jimcolyer.com/papers/entry?id=80 Reflections I began writing songs in December, 1963, in my senior year of high school. While others were mulling over their algebra, I was struggling with lyrics and melodies. My music is a blend of different styles: country, rock, blues and pop. My lyrics are often personal, drawn from my own experiences. I enjoy working with females because it is a challenge to write from the female perspective and fun to go into the studio with pretty girls. Much of my material can be described as “rockabilly for women." There is a Shania influence, and I try to create girly images. Visuals are important in songwriting, and I dress mine in upbeat melodies. I have felt driven to write and record. Maybe I had to pursue music to validate myself, to prove I can succeed in this field. I had the idea of going to Nashville at 19, but it took me a decade to get there because of college and the army. Once in Nashville, I befriended a music major with a studio in his back yard. We recorded song after song and produced an album. Expressing myself in this way was a catharsis. I have had many influences. 1950s rock n' roll started it. From the moment I heard Elvis Presley's "Hound Dog," I wanted that record. An Elvis influence pervades my catalog, evident in songs like "Hard Earned Love." In the 1960s, it was The Beatles. In the 1970, it was Swedish ABBA. I traveled to Stockholm and wrote a book about ABBA. Top 40 was a big deal. I would come home from school and throw myself on the bed with my radio. I bought records: 45s and LPs. I became interested in musicals like West Side Story and Gypsy. I write what I want to hear. If other people like it, okay. I give vent to my emotions. Sometimes it starts with an idea. Sometimes it starts with strumming the guitar and playing chords. A melody comes and suddenly, I have a hook around which to write a song. Sometimes it is easy. Sometimes it is hard. 1997-2003 was a Renaissance! I wrote 200 songs and spent time in the studio. I worked with singers and musicians in Louisville and Nashville. Things slowed when Michael reached college age because I was helping him. Good productions are essential, ones that stress the vocals. People want to hear the singers, and they want to understand the words. Instrumental tracks should support the vocals. Lead guitars and keyboards should stay true to the melodies while improvising enough to create interest. Bass and drums are the foundation, and other tracks sit on their shoulders. The record is the thing! A friend told me I was going to "make it in old age." I want to pass along my best tunes, those that inspire constructive behavior. I think of my Christmas song and my wedding song: "I Promise." One bride-to-be chose "I Promise" from 400 songs. There is no particular audience. I do what is in me, and the chips fall where they fall. If people like what I do, they let me know. I suppose my audience is people who appreciate honest songs and the work that goes into them. I am still doing this at a time when people with more talent have given up. I am still moving in the direction of giving the world classic songs. I have mp3s on my site. People around the world hear my songs and make comments. Johnny Thompson put his vocal on "Save The Planet, my environmental song. I am not afraid to expose my material, and that has helped me get independent cuts. 1963-1972 - Early Years I have written 1500 songs counting the lyrics 2013-16. It started as I was turning 18. I began hearing songs that did not exist, and that made me a songwriter. There was an old, beat-up guitar at my grandmother's house. Chords were easy to make, and I quickly learned to fit them into patterns. I could transpose from one key to another. The problem was, I had no rhythm. That came later! The neck on that old guitar was awful, and its strings dug into my fingertips. The pain in my fingers woke me in the night. Calluses formed! My first songs were about my girl friend and I drifting apart. That is true for most writers. Self-pity is a factor. Most songwriters are introverts, and schizophrenia and the creative process seem related. Creating music which no one else identifies with isolates a person. He finds himself cut off from society, misunderstanding and misunderstood. That is how it was. My mother bought me an electric guitar, a Gibson. I was no guitarist! I banged out chords and screamed, sweat pouring from me on hot summer days. My first songs were imitations of what I heard on radio. Coherent efforts were "Welcome Mat" and "Long Live Rock n' Roll." The culmination of my first period was the gospel songs I wrote after coming out of the army. My religious phase was tumultuous! As America rejected the Vietnam War, I began reading books of a spiritual nature. I delved into the writings of Aldous Huxley and hung out with "Jesus freaks." We went to a Pentecostal church, where the congregation danced in the aisles. We spoke in tongues! I threw away all my possessions except for my clothes, Bible and guitar. I went off the deep end and was admitted to the mental ward of the Veterans Hospital in Louisville. I was given 10 shock treatments. My gospel songs grew from the turmoil, "Jesus Paid My Debt" being the best. I recorded it with Kymberly Bryson 36 years after it was written. No problem because it sounded like it was a hundred years old when I wrote it! It reeked of old time religion! 1973-1985 - Comeback I rose from the ashes! I began going to the Dipperwell, the restaurant where my mother worked. The Dipperwell was run by my mother's cousin, Thelma Lee, and she introduced me to a drummer in a local band. He helped me record "Long Live Rock n' Roll" in a Louisville studio. I did the vocal. We took it to Nashville and pressed 1000 45s. I mailed them to radio stations, publishers and record companies around the country. Doing a record was like a resurrection! Decent songs followed, the strongest of which was "Phoenix," based on the bird of Greek mythology. I was that bird, and I soon found myself in Nashville recording in a makeshift studio in a friend's back yard. I had a 4-channel Teac, and he had a Dokorder. We put the decks together, and our collaboration led to an album with students at Castle Heights Military Academy, where I worked. We called it "Rising from the Ashes." My renditions of "Belle Meade Blues" and "Leaving" were on it. They were comeback songs! Tim Morrison sang "Too Late For Love," and Lori Powell did "Losing Makes You Stronger." Naturally, it was a misadventure! Recording with Amy Plummer that summer, "Sailing Out" came out nice. Those first female songs were really male. I simply changed the pronouns. As things played out, I pressed the final cuts for Jim Colyer Records. My son's mother did "Somebody To Love," and I backed it with "I Am The Greatest" Silence! I realized the futility of making my own records. Years passed before I recorded again. 1989-1996 - Rewrite After becoming a parent, I questioned music and my involvement in it. I had a son to take care of and had squandered my resources. My songs were second generation imitations of what I heard on radio. Few held up, and even those were mediocre. They reflected my life at a particular level. Entering middle age with a kid gave me a different perspective. I retreated to my parents' basement following a divorce. Nothing sounded good, and I spent my time writing a book about Sweden's ABBA. The rewrite began unconsciously. I wrote the lyrics for "Agnetha" and "Stockholm Lady" over old melodies. "When I Was A Boy" evolved lyrics relevant to my own boyhood. I wrote a jukebox musical called "Phoenix Rising," 30 songs pieced together with a story around them with characters and dialog. It dealt with an American soldier named Frank Logan who had a daughter in Sweden he had never seen. Frank was about to father a second child with a young British singer. The plot reflected my infatuation with younger women. I discarded "Phoenix Rising," knowing it was unstageable. The rewrite continued as fragments sprouted verses and bridges. 1997-2004 - Explosion I thought "Save The Planet" could be an international hit and advertised in a Louisville music paper for a vocalist. It triggered a chain of events I could not have foreseen. A lady in Indiana recorded it, but it was no good. Shortly thereafter, a clerk in a video store told me about her cousin wanting to be a country singer. I gave out my phone number, and Ron Coogle called looking for songs for his daughter Rachel. I went to their house with one called "Satisfied." We took it to Doc Dockery's studio in Indiana and did a demo. Rachel performed the song on a TV show for songwriters. Doc then introduced me to Pam Ingold. Pam and I recorded 8 songs, including "Things Aren't Good At Home". Suddenly, I was back in Nashville writing songs on Music Row. I bought Doc's Takamine as songs poured from me. Many were female. I wrote "Always The First Time" for Donna Carter and "Songs About Angels" for the Gentry Cousins. My best work was coming in my 50s during the Shania Twain era. These girl songs were different from the early ones. There was female psychology in them. I was writing as if I were a woman! By now, women sang the way men used to. They were strong and independent, and they liked my tough girl lyrics and rockin' beat. I recorded with Kenny Royster at Direct Image in Nashville. I did "I Promise" with Veda, sub-titling it "Wedding Song", and I began to think it wise to identify my lyrics with entrenched institutions. "Feel So Country" was filled with patriotism and flag-waving! I wrote the lyrics for "Merry Christmas" over the track and promoted it in December. Good Christmas songs are hard to write as the best ones preceded the rock era. I played my songs for ascap writer reps and published them on the Internet. I started jimcolyer.com. Writing female I have recorded with 35 women going back to Lori in 1978. Originally, I was singing everything myself. Finally, I started working with real singers, male and female. I did not care for the females of the Elvis and Beatles eras. It was in the 1970s after women became more assertive that I began paying attention. ABBA did it! I may have listened to Agnetha and Frida as much as any person alive. When Shania Twain appeared in the 1990s, my writing had reached a point where I wrote female without thinking about it. That would have bothered me had I been younger. By now, I thought it cool to write from the female point of view. I enjoyed talking to women about music and going into the studio with them. I cannot recall the girl's name who sang "How Did You Do That", but it has garnered praise from other writers. Writing needs to flow naturally. It should not be based on artificial hooks or ideas someone carries around in a notebook. The best philosophy is to write only when you feel like it. Do not write for publishers, and do not write something you think people are going to buy. Write from yourself. Those songs will last. Having written 1500 songs in 50-plus years, it behooves me to critique my catalog. I am 70. From this point, I am content to reject self-pity songs for those that communicate positive emotions. I want to be identified with songs that inspire people, especially young people. My Christmas song does that. So do the Shania-type songs that tend to encourage young women. There was a time when all I wanted was to get songs out. Now, I am sensitive to the effect lyrics have on listeners. We are affected by the movies we see, the books we read and the music we hear. 2016-2025 - Making It The time came to quit losing money because of music. My catalog must generate income. Music is a luxury, not a necessity. It is egocentric, the songwriter's favorite word being "I." John Lennon could stretch the word "I" over several seconds. From my own list of 200 titles, 70 began with the word "I." Music people care about themselves and their families. They want money, and when they get it, they are gone. Each generation produces its music and rarely relates to that of previous generations. It is like language, tied to the sexual mores of the people making it. Everybody writes, and writers tout their own songs. It is money and self! Radio hits are recorded using state-of-the-art technology, and production cannot be overestimated. Listeners respond first and foremost to sound. Songs are intellectual things. A bad song with a good production can be a hit. A good song with a bad production cannot. The ideal situation is to have both a good song and a good production. I publish on the web! If people like my tunes, they can use their own resources to record them. I am conscientious about what I pitch, being interested in songs with positive messages. Colt Records J.K Coltrain owned Colt Records. One Night Stand was on the label and put "I Looked Twice!" on their CD. There was a release party at the Nashville Palace, March 28, 2009, and Michael went with me. Donna Ray was on Colt Records and recorded "Old Time Country Song". It was very traditional and went to #3 on the SoundClick Country and Western chart. LaDonna Kay in Kentucky did "Feel So Country" for myspace. Katrina Lynn from Pennsylvania recorded "Feel So Country" with David Walker in Lavergne, Tennessee, and put it on youtube. I did a CD called "God Given Talent" with Kymberly Bryson. We recorded at Direct Image and got airplay across northern Europe. Victoria Eman in The Netherlands put "Love Me Just A Little" on her album. Josh Oldaker in West Virginia put "Jesus Paid My Debt" on youtube and on his gospel CD. Josh has pressed 4000 copies and paid me 9.1 cents per copy as required by federal law. It is my strongest demos that are getting the attention of independent artists. Annie Bushmeyer Annie Bushmeyer is from Quincy, Illinois. She said she did not know a soul in Nashville and sat in her apartment the first night thinking, "What have I done?" She soon found a waitress job and started meeting people. I met Annie in a karaoke bar in Nashville the night of April 1, 2014, and was immediately drawn to her! Really, I was looking for a girl to sing over pre-recorded tracks so I could get on youtube. One thing led to another, and I showed Annie "Born To Sing," re-writing the first two lines to suit her. I showed her "Hard Earned Love," and we went in the demo studio at ascap, finally doing 6 vocals. "I Looked Twice!" was number 6. Then, came the crossroads. It was either quit or take Annie to Direct Image and Kenny Royster. I opted for the latter. We laid 3 tracks on September, 30, 2014. It was a rough ride! Kenny had raised his rates, and the approaching winter was to be a hard one. A redeeming factor was that Kenny's musicians had shed all pretense of "old" country. They offered a mix of country, rock and blues with Annie's vocals topping it off! By February, 2015, we had completed 6 songs: "Live My Dreams," "I Looked Twice!," "Born To Sing," "Hard Earned Love," "All Roads Lead To You," & "Love Me Just A Little." We were headed in the direction of an EP. I was sending songs to Internet Radio, and Annie and Johnny Thompson planned a showcase. Annie performed "Live My Dreams" with a band at the Vanderbilt student center. I got the idea of starting an ascap publishing company called "Colyer Bushmeyer Music," and that is what I did. I met with Ryan O'Grady in Membership Services on February 20, 2015, and founded the company. The 6 Annie and I recorded at Direct Image are the best I have done. They were played worldwide on Internet Radio. I have a list of stations I submitted them to. Georgetown Masters on Music Row did the mastering, and Annie and Johnny pressed 1000 EPs at Disc Makers. Annie did the Get It Girl showcase with Drew Haley @ SOUTH, 524 Demonbreun St., June 3, 2015. She performed "Live My Dreams," "Born To Sing" & "Love Me Just A Little." Annie Bushmeyer on The Stars of Tomorrow, July 2, 2015 She did a TV show at KMA Studios in Nashville. After an interview with J.K. Coltrain, she performed "Live My Dreams" & "I Looked Twice!" Annie Bushmeyer on NECAT television, Aug 26, 2015 I set it up for Annie to be on public access TV in Nashville. Jesse Goldberg, whom I knew from the Songwriters Guild, had a show, and Annie performed 3 songs from our EP. Her performance is on youtube. My goal is for my songs to be on major labels with world-class publishing companies like Sony/ATV and Warner-Chappell Music. Revised 2016 Jim Colyer
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    Heaven or Hell, need to pick ur role, energy feed, to draw ur soul, its all in the choice, so listen to his voice... as these boisterous daemons voices, screaming venomous beaming noises, poison us scheming with lust,/ this matrix so anxious, it seems to torture us, beneath the flux, never stuck in place, nor ever muck the pace, knuckles down with a busted face, buckles the clown in last place, no need to frown, turn it upside down, no longer allow, in, the negative min., that's the beginning, of sinnin... Heaven or Hell, need to pick your role, energy feed, to draw your soul, it's all in the choice, so listen to his voice... and enter his kingdom, his words of wisdom, read em, his people, need em, lead them, reminisin and wishin to envision the mission with in him, its in us all, try never again to fall, by learning to bend the law, why not avoid the flaw, make ties, mend with ya'll, just blessed the call, its all just right, remember always ur in his sight to feel his might, thats the blessing within, ... Heaven or Hell, need to pick ur role, energy feed, to draw ur soul, its all in the choice, so listen to his voice...
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    I'm a pretty big psychedelic music fan and I would love to have a chat room on my music website so I can discover new bands that are less well known. Can anyone recommend a good chat room that is similar to Rumbletalk or C-box?
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    What's your favorite all time music?
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    Might want to place a filter on the news feeds. The same Divinyls story was in there three times in 24 hours. To be honest, the inhuman posting seems a little, well...inhuman. I've responded to several threads and it seems no one cares to comment. I don't think flooding the site with redundant news is going to bring the masses (back). If the dynamic for BK has changed, maybe news should be posted as news, rather than threads. Just sharing thoughts. There are also two identical "Download" links in the menu bar at the top.
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    "Love Shack," released in 1989, had to be one of the worst.
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    Preview, leave feedback, and download! Preview / Download: <iframe src="http://emd.sharebeast.com/embed.php?type=basic&file=z1w8i7vdprmo&enableDownload=true&title=The Temptations - Just My Imagination (Deejay Light Soff Blend).mp3&dur=211.6&bg=F9F9F9&border=CCCCCC&color1=00A5DF" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" style="width:100%;height:52px;"></iframe>
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    Soundcrash presents a one-off joint headline show for the desert soul rebels Tinariwen and cosmopolitan folk singer/songwriter José González. An utterly unique night of musical excellence you don’t want to miss. You’ve got to be doing something right when you can count amongst your fans the likes of Thom Yorke, Brian Eno, Carlos Santana or TV On The Radio. Formed in rebel training camps in Libya, these exiled nomads-turned-rockstars of the Sahara have become the soundtrack for Touareg independence and reconciliation, combining traditional Touareg melodies with Malian, Western, Berber and Arabic influences to create spare, evolving, hypnotic grooves. As if Keith Richards, Santana, John Lee Hooker, various members of Primal Scream, Mogwai and the Grateful Dead had got lost in the Sahara for a decade and then returned as a fully-fledged desert band. They have opened 2012 with a bang, winning a Grammy Award for Best World Music Album and the award for Best Group at the Songlines Music Awards. José González, whose family fled their Argentinian homeland bound for Sweden when the military Junta came into power, provides a perfect counterpoint to the hypnotic relentlessness of Tinariwen’s grooves. Being exposed to latin-american melodies from an early age and drawing from the idiosyncrasies of Scandinavian folk José González’s music is a unique hybrid which takes the best of both worlds. Both poignantly beautiful and subtly warm, José González will win over your heart and mind. Concerts don’t get any better than this. Two hugely renowned acts come together for the first and only time tonight at The Shepherd’s Bush Empire for a very, very special show. Be there. http://www.soundcrashmusic.com/tinariwen-jose-gonzalez/ [img]http://www.soundcrashmusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/tjgWeb.jpg[/img]
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    I used to think the stars were our blessings then my teachers told me differently and left me questioning the authencity of my reasoning fuck society, we ain't leaving no legacy ignoring the poor, teaching the rich i'm sucked in to all the sins the world don gave me Shit got me high on hennessy and weed Its messed my up mind so i'm mesmerized By the ignorance of our leaders the followers, the money hungry hypocrites Who can't see that they've become cannibals I'm perplexed, haunted by the thoughts of tomorrow Am i gonna be there? Or will my body be stone cold lifeless in a ditch, as they try to bury me quickly Cursed to be a revolutionary This is my second coming You still not hollering i bet you can't hear me If you try hard enough i bet you can find me This is a letter to all my unborn seeds.
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    Opinions expressed here aren`t necessarily those of the management.... B) What a list...as a metalhead and a student of 80`s hair metal i hardly agree with any of it.... http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/listofthe...ir-metal-bands/ images: Fair Use/Screengrab: The 25 Worst Hair Metal Bands....LIZZY BORDEN
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    not a diss at all lol just tryin to freestyle a little. I hope no one takes it the wrong way i've seen plenty of good writers here. Keep me posted on the battle
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    ive bled verse after verse but this one feels like the first as i search out a verse thatll help me work out this hurt, i aint a rapper im a writer, but rap is my method of expressing my life to u in chapters but it feels with each chapter a piece of me dies, its given to u and living within these lines, so its in your eyes, read me as i skip beats, read me as i colapse into a coma, i left my legacy in 6 albums so fuck it im over, ive done all that i wanted acheived what i set out to, who the fuck would of believed i did it all by 22, so im through with all the bullshit lets be honest lifes pretend were born to live to die so im runing straight to end, i search within my soul is there any humanity left my writing seems to retain any sanity i have left
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    lets not forget what Joshua Redman is doing these days... He just played a show at the Blue Note with the Bad Plus which I heard was fantastic and his Elastic band he was playing with was on fire! Brian Blade is the dirtiest drummer out there!
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    FIRE! Heat! Banger! Download and leave feedback: [font="arial, sans-serif"][size="2"]<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://cdn.hulkshare.com/p/player.swf" height=24 width=290><param name="movie" value="http://cdn.hulkshare.com/p/player.swf"><param name="FlashVars" value="soundFile=http://hulkshare.com/ap-ghv0h869tk11&titles=Lil Wayne ft. Rick Ross - If I Die Today - EXPLICIT - JefeMedia.mp3"><param name="quality" value="high"><param name="menu" value="false"><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></object>[/size][/font] [font="arial, sans-serif"][size="2"][url="http://hulkshare.com/ghv0h869tk11"]http://hulkshare.com/ghv0h869tk11[/url][/size][/font] [font="arial, sans-serif"] [/font] [font="arial, sans-serif"][size="2"]HOT OR NOT?! Let us know![/size][/font]
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    This track is also being referred to as "John" ... we have that official release here: [url="http://www.beatking.com/forums/topic/41092-lil-wayne-ft-rick-ross-john-liltunechi-rickyrozay-polowdadon/"]http://www.beatking.com/forums/topic/41092-lil-wayne-ft-rick-ross-john-liltunechi-rickyrozay-polowdadon/[/url]
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    Caught up with her album recently. Standout songs like Upside Down, Romance Is Dead, New York, and others. http://www.palomafaith.com/gb/
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    Well done, Josh. I liked both pieces. I think you have a future in music - keep at it and drop back to keep us abreast of your latest work.
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    im from the southeast side, so let me define what these streets are like young minds are in decline tryin to get by in these meantimes and in the meantime... politicians on the tv screen saying we gotta be vigilant in order to defeat crime and that may seem fine, while there living in comfortable surroundings its found that round here some little kids wont even make it home for tea time teenagers are attracted to the prospect of fast money commiting street crime and most of them wouldnt change a thing even if they could make time rewind money and scraping by are just a fact of having to grow up and the police dont show love round here so why should we trust them whenever they show up an
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    Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beck dropped by KCRWs studios today to play songs from their new collaborative album, Irm, as well as selected cuts from 9 X5. Enjoy, <object width="424" height="421"><param name="movie" value="http://www.kcrw.com/music/programs/mb/mb100127charlotte_gainsbourg/embed-video"></param><param'>http://www.kcrw.com/music/programs/mb/mb100127charlotte_gainsbourg/embed-video"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.kcrw.com/music/programs/mb/mb100127charlotte_gainsbourg/embed-video" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="424" height="421"></embed></object> <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=" name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>
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    Pukka Up Celebrates 5 Years at Pacha London with One Huge Party! Saturday 30th January 2010 Pacha London, SE1 1PR 10pm- 5am Thre3Up, Danny Quattro, Ant Brooks and more http://www.pukkaup.com | http://www.pachalondon.com Tickets £10 Earlybird / £15 in advance / £20 on the door VIP Tables: available by calling 0845 371 4489 **WARNING This Event Will Sell Out** **100 Advance Tickets Available at £10** On Saturday 30th January, UK & Ibiza house music brand Pukka Up, marks its 5th year at Pacha with a sumptuously spectacular celebration. Featuring an exclusive six hour B2B set from backstage bad boys Thre3up it's one of the hottest tickets in town! The Pukka Up Ibiza Reunion held at Pacha in October Sold Out a staggering ten days in advance - and with a fan base snowballing on a daily basis this is its most anticipated date yet! Check http://www.pukkaup.com for pictures and videos from the last event. Famous for five Ibiza residencies, mad capped boat parties, and an expanding number of tour nights Pukka Up is now a friendly community of house music fanatics. The Pacha events are the jewel in Pukka Up's crown with people travelling the up and down the country to catch up with like-minded friends and meet new ones. Described by Basement Jaxx as one of the 'best parties of the year' & by Bacardi 'as one of the maddest parties' there's no shortage or plaudits. Add a generous coating of hedonistic tinted anniversary glamour you've got a Goliath of a Saturday night! The 30th January promises upfront house and electro, the trademark PU decor and lashings of decadence - but remember to watch out for the sexy Pukka Up Dirty Cop Girls who will be on hand to keep you in line! Artists on the night include: Main Room - Thre3 Up. Back by popular demand and consisting of Sean Hughes, Scott Giles and Dermot C, Thre3 Up perform an exclusive six hour back-to-back set. The last time they played they showed clubland how to rock a night club with an upfront music policy and DJ booth antics which had the fans wanting more and more. Global Room - Hosted by Politics Headed up by Ant Brooks from CR2 Records and Strictly Rhythm he'll be joined by Luke G, DJ Freaky, Simon Wells, Matt Bishop & Scott Kemp. They'll be oozing out some freshly honed future classics. Warning: Please don't be disappointed and get your tickets early - there are a 100 limited advance tickets available at £10 from http://www.pukkaup.com/events/78/. After that they rise to £15! To find out more visit http://www.pukkaup.com. Here you can also sign yo to become a member with entitles you to lots of other Pukka Up goodies. It's free, so what are you waiting for! *****FULL LINE UP***** BALLROOM Thre3 Up ft . Sean Hughes . Scott Giles . Dermot C Supported by Danny Quattro GLOBAL ROOM Politics feat. Ant Brooks [CR2 . Strictly Rhythm] Luke G Sonny Taylor & Mr. Flee Simon Wells & Matt Bishop DJ Freaky (Ibiza Underground) Scott Kemp (Rubix)
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    Say hello to the future of music, Goodbye to the deluded, disillusioned and stupid, You did not wanna meddle with me, Cause being mellow just isn’t me, Say hi to the fellow that delivers rap simplicity. Lyrically swallow a punch, As I follow a hunch, Cause tomorrow for lunch, im eating the alphabet from A to Z, But ill start with j and b, and end with k and c, Keep up your jealousy, hope u enjoy hating me, But you’ll never have what it takes to be, King of this rapping, You been waiting a thousand years for it to happen, But your acting, so play your role, stick to plot, But my scenes up next called the bitch got shot, And this is not a tit for tat spit, This is the nail in the coffin of a shit spitting bitch, And u aint stopping this, im ever lasting. And this is the clever crafting, of a word professor, The words and the wisdom I give them, each verse gets better, The letters I shred together will leave u dreading sleep like u was heath ledger, My verses explode as I expose the next hoe to get choked, Leave u wit a broken nose, in a comatose from a verbal overdose, Battles over closed, Cause your throwing blows, that are too weak to touch me, It must be ugly living life as a wanna be thug g, Messenger vs. Daniels, Shit it’s a lesson for ya can u handle, The essence of hip hop, Is the messenger and that’s its stop, This is not a battle that’s even, so heres your answer Ur a pussy and im destroying u like cervical cancer, U can barely put a sentence together, U barely make sense so im sentencing get a, home tutor to help ya, With your dyslexia, Im gonna get dude as in cool to put the tools to work, And add a new section in the site for girls, So u can keep your bitch spits to your self, occasionally ill pop in and rewrite your rhymes myself Just to give u some help, In your verse u say u run the grime scene, If that’s the case the future of grime music is frightening, Ur writing, is quite dim, u might bring the typical content, But your lyrics aint honest, your full of shit, I’m sick of fucking schooling pricks, And this is bar 44 but I don’t give a fuck ill keep spiting 40 more, I don’t need to write half then take a break for a day, I aint that way, freestyle means freestyle players play, U aint hardcore, u aint even hard your a whore, U started a war, knowing youde loose why the fuck did u choose to start it for, So say hello to the future of music, And goodbye to the deluded, disillusioned and stupid, Let the voting commence,
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    Steve Earle is an American singer-songwriter-guitarist, best known for his work in rock and country music - according to Wikipedia some think of him as the new Bruce Springsteen. The cut I've chosen for you tonight, 'Satellite Radio" is off of his new album, "Washington Square Serenade". Pretty nice mixture of blues and rock, if you ask me. You can check out the song RIGHT HERE or HEREand see for yourself. For more information about the artist, visit the Steve Earle Website. Enjoy.
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    DJ Pheloneous Exclusive Remix as heard on airwaves coast to coast!!! Artist: DMXSong Title: No Love For MeGenre: Reggaeton/Hip Hop Remixhttp://www.sendspace.com/file/6rjpg8'>
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