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  1. I used to think the stars were our blessings then my teachers told me differently and left me questioning the authencity of my reasoning fuck society, we ain't leaving no legacy ignoring the poor, teaching the rich i'm sucked in to all the sins the world don gave me Shit got me high on hennessy and weed Its messed my up mind so i'm mesmerized By the ignorance of our leaders the followers, the money hungry hypocrites Who can't see that they've become cannibals I'm perplexed, haunted by the thoughts of tomorrow Am i gonna be there? Or will my body be stone cold lifeless in a ditch, as they try to bury me quickly Cursed to be a revolutionary This is my second coming You still not hollering i bet you can't hear me If you try hard enough i bet you can find me This is a letter to all my unborn seeds.
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  2. not a diss at all lol just tryin to freestyle a little. I hope no one takes it the wrong way i've seen plenty of good writers here. Keep me posted on the battle
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  3. wow be carefull bud when directing a diss at every writer on the site. theres alot of very good writers on this site that would destroy this verse in a few bars. anyway nice peice keep at it. im gonna try and get a good 6-8 people involved in a little tourney. so ill count you in. ill let you know when its all arranged bud.
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