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  1. ive bled verse after verse but this one feels like the first as i search out a verse thatll help me work out this hurt, i aint a rapper im a writer, but rap is my method of expressing my life to u in chapters but it feels with each chapter a piece of me dies, its given to u and living within these lines, so its in your eyes, read me as i skip beats, read me as i colapse into a coma, i left my legacy in 6 albums so fuck it im over, ive done all that i wanted acheived what i set out to, who the fuck would of believed i did it all by 22, so im through with all the bullshit lets be honest lifes pretend were born to live to die so im runing straight to end, i search within my soul is there any humanity left my writing seems to retain any sanity i have left
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  2. just afew bars which i made? there probley not even good. so please rate and be honest cause im not good at this shit. my bars are so hot like lyricals in mc videos dont fuck with the best or ull end up like the rest scum off the earth dont mess with me sit down while you got the chance or be embarrased cause you wont get a chance find it easy to spit few bars but your a embarrasment when ur on a next hype kids dont usual mess around with the olders so act ur age or get fucked up while these bars cause there getting used like ya mum time to sit down and shut the fuck up skin afew zoots and chill play some tunes like biggie and tupac write down some bars nd battle hard
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