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  2. Title: Evolution Artist: Groofeo Style: Dub Techno Label: Sanex Music Listen to the release here and get your own copy! Available Now From: Beatport Apple Music Spotify Amazon Traxsource Junodownload Our New video: Farhad Gozalov - Myth Label: #SanexMusic Style: #DubTechno Album: Various Artists - Dub is Dub Tech (Mini Version) [SM218] Official release date: 05.08.2019 https://youtu.be/_ga9EdlNmM0 Website: http://www.delwwg.com/ Twitter page: https://twitter.com/delwwg Thank you for your Support!
  3. Seoul-based education technology startup Mathpresso announced today that it has raised $14.5 million in Series B funding. The company’s flagship app is Qanda, which provides students with math and science help and tutoring. Participants in the round include Legend Capital, InterVest, NP Investments and Mirae Asset Venture Investment. This brings Mathpresso’s total funding so far to $21.2 million. Its previous round of funding was a $5.3 million Series A announced at the end of last year. Mathpresso says Qanda (the name stands for “Q and A”) is currently used by a third of students in South Korea. The app launched in markets including Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore last year and now has users in more than 50 countries. Qanda uses AI-based optical character recognition to scan math problems. Students take a photo of a problem and upload it to get instructions for how to solve it from the app or tutors. In a statement, Legend Capital managing director Joon Sung Park said, “As an early investor of China’s leading mobile education companies such as Zuoyebang and Onion Math, Legend Capital has witnessed robust growth of China’s mobile education market. We strongly believe that Mathpresso has the technological and operation capabilities to expand overseas and grasp new opportunities emerging from the digitization of education, such as offering personalized learning for each student.” View the full article
  4. Robert Townsend is hailed as one of the most respected comedians in the entertainment industry. In his lengthy career, the actor-director-writer has been involved in films and television shows like Cooley High, Hollywood Shuffle, The Meteor Man, The Parent 'Hood, Carmen: A Hip Hopera, B*A*P*S, and American Soul. He worked with all of the great black comedians since the inception of his career back in the 1970s, but according to Faizon Love, who is affectionately remembered for his role as Big Worm in Friday, Townsend's reputation isn't as clean as his fans may think. "He's a b*tch ass n*gga, but I learned a lot from him," he told VladTV. "The reason why I say that is because I know how smart this guy is, but when it comes to...I think it's the reason I don't wanna...him and Keenan's [Ivory Wayans] relationship [was close]. So, when it comes to ride or die, he's not riding with you," Faizon said of Townsend. "He's going to take the Robert Townsend safe route. I love everything he's taught me, but I still say, you a b*tch ass n*gga. Why you can't you ride for Bill Cosby when he's been looking out for you since Meteor Man! Are you serious?" At another point in the interview, Faizon claimed that the only reason Chris Tucker accepted the role of Detective James Carter in the action-comedy Rush Hourwas because Faizon convinced him to take the part. "He didn't know who Jackie Chan was," he said. "I'm a big Bruce Lee fan. I'm like, 'Are you f*cking kidding me? That's Jackie.' [Imitating Tucker] 'I don't know no gotdamn Jackie Chan, man!'" Faizon also claimed that Tucker was out of control with the demands he was making while filming, including wanting a Corvette from the studio and a Puff Daddy wardrobe that consisted of multiple puffy jackets a la "Mo Money Mo Problems." Check out parts of his interview below. View the full article
  5. He called out Charlamagne Tha God on social media, but on Monday, Lyfe Jennings and The Breakfast Club came face-to-face. Last month, Lyfe released a track called "Slave" (although he now claims it's titled "Beat It Like a Slave") and comedian-social commentator Amanda Seales shared an Instagram Story of herself making disagreeable faces while listening to the song. He sings, "I'm gon' beat it like a slave so you don't run away / Got the whips and chains, call me master / I'm gon' beat it like a slave and work you every day / And do everything I say, I'm your master." Amanda's good friend Charlamagne Tha God reposted a clip of her Insta Story with a deprecating caption. Lyfe came across the clip and made a video of his own, calling out Charlamagne for not supporting his career and for spreading negativity. Almost exactly a month later, the two came together on Power 105.1's radio station to discuss what led up to their lightweight beef. To begin, Charlamagne insisted he didn't even know the person singing the song was Lyfe. "I think you knew it was my record," Lyfe said before adding that Amanda included his name on the video, so Charlamagne must have had some idea who was singing it. However, Charlamagne denied he was aware of the artist. "If you reposted this, I just feel like, my catalog speaks for itself. Every single song that I've pretty much ever done has been on some real positive sh*t, man. It's been on some uplifting sh*t. And it's just so funny how artists, if you go through time, black artists, we the only genre of people where people be like, 'Oh he old school now, he ain't poppin' no mo'.' Country artists and all that type of stuff, they protect they artists. They put 'em on pedestals, but we don't do that, man. We'd rather hurry up and take some negative stuff." Lyfe interrupted his own thought and asked Charlamagne, "Did you post that, um, I got a new album out?" Charlamagne said he wasn't aware of the record until he came across "Slave." Then, Lyfe looked around and commented that the mood in the room was different that his previous visit. After the hosts assured him that everything was fine, Charlamagne addressed Lyfe's accusations that he doesn't support the singer's music. "I was like, that's not true. I've interviewed Lyfe before. I've been on plenty of radio stations that have played Lyfe's records. Lyfe can come to The Breakfast Club right now if he want to." Lyfe understood, but he still didn't appreciate his song being spun into a negative narrative. "To clarify, when I said, 'Beat it like a slave,' I'm talkin' 'bout a sex slave. If you watch the video, you can see everything that's in the video." Angela Yee added that Britney Spears had her song "I'm a Slave 4 U" and Charlamagne stated she got backlash from that at the time of its release. He also added that Lil Wayne also caught heat from his "Karate Chop (Remix)" lyric where he stated he's "beat that p*ssy up like Emmett Till." Check out clip of Lyfe talking things out with The Breakfast Club below. View the full article
  6. Contrary to what many Barbz may think, T.I. is a fan of Nicki Minaj. Last week, the ATL rapper jumped on his ExpediTIously podcast and discussed his list of top 50 rappers. He and his panel spoke on the placement of Nicki on the list and T.I. stated that the Queen rapper would possibly have to be excluded if it came down to her or Lil Kim. "I don't think we can have both because they are a direct reflection of one another," he said at the time. What ensued was a social media onslaught of backlash from Nicki fans who were angered by T.I.'s comments, but he seemed to take it in stride. The "Sabotage" rapper later released his Top 50 list where Nicki was included, however, that didn't seem to satisfy her highly dedicated fanbase. In the most recent episode of Rap Radar's podcast, T.I. sat down with his Rhythm + Flow co-judge Cardi B and hosts Elliott Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller to talk about his new Netflix series, as well as to share his thoughts of "miserable, lonely mothaf*ckas" who he claims have tried to make him choose sides when it comes to supporting female artists. Kevin Mazur/MG18/Getty Images During the chat, T.I. said that he faced some "indirect flack" when he featured a tribute to Nicki and Cardi in the same Trap Museum art installation. "Of course, everybody [was like], 'How could you?! [Cardi] hasn't been rapping long enough! She ain't put out enough!' Hey, whoa. 'You're being disrespectful to Nicki!' Whoa. When does celebrating two queens become disrespectful to one? I never understood that. This is an acknowledgment." He continued, "Both of these young ladies have struggled and overcame obstacles and defied the odds to put themselves in positions to represent them and the next generation. Why in the hell is you tryin' to pit one against the other? They have they own personal differences," he said, adding, "It ain't my job to perpetuate that. And I ain't got to choose a side, unlike you miserable, lonely mothaf*ckas. [I have] my own opinion. I'm a free thinker, and free thinkers think freely." Tidal users can listen to the episode below. View the full article
  7. Colombian singer-songwriter Camilo dishes on the surprise new remix View the full article
  8. GoFundMe has made its name primarily as a platform for individuals to create fundraisers for personal causes — a service that has seen hundreds of campaigns go viral through social media to raise collectively well over $5 billion in funding to date. Now, the startup is taking the next step in its ambition to build what CEO Rob Solomon calls the “giving layer of the internet”. GoFundMe is launching a new free-to-use fundraising platform for nonprofits of all sizes called GoFundMe Charity; and for the first time, it has created a button that can be integrated into any site to donate money wherever people want to do so. Both will roll out in November, but the charity platform already counts nonprofits like the American Cancer Society and the Boston Marathon among its customers. To be clear, providing services to non-profits is not totally new territory for GoFundMe. The company acquired CrowdRise, which focused specifically on non-profits, in 2017 and gradually started to integrate some of the functionality and branding into the bigger platform a year later. And since last year it has offered a service for teams and groups (including nonprofit groups) to come together to raise for the same cause. With this latest launch, teams fundraising remains, but GoFundMe will be sunsetting CrowdRise the brand and transitioning the platform’s nonprofit customers (which include high profile events like the Boston Marathon) to GoFundMe Charity. The giving layer of the internet The news comes at an interesting time for GoFundMe. While its individual causes-based campaigns continue to be created and disseminated across social platforms, it is facing competition of two kinds: that of the platforms themselves (specifically, Facebook, which is using its billions of users to grow its own causes-donations platform rapidly: in September it passed the $2 billion mark in fundraising for causes); and that of user ennui, where people have been facing up to kind of fatigue when it comes to too many individuals asking for money, and sometimes not for the most worthy of causes. Ramping up its business for nonprofits, on the other hand, catapults GoFundMe into a much bigger, older and (potentially?) more resilient sector of the charitable donations market. In the US alone, some $427 billion was donated to nonprofits in 2018, according to Giving USA. That’s up on an estimated $410 billion in nonprofit donations in in 2017. Currently, only around a quarter of donations are made through digital platforms, with the remainder through more traditional channels such as events, door-to-door appeals and direct-mail campaigns. As digitally native consumers become targets for nonprofits, GoFundMe sees an opportunity in taking the tools and services it originally built for individuals, and tailoring them to these groups. “Charities have the same challenges as individuals in reaching constituents,” said Solomon in an interview. “We’re talking about whole generations of people who will not donate to charities the same way that older generations did. Charity has been disrupted by the internet and those older methods won’t work anymore.” Solomon said that GoFundMe is not commenting on whether it expects more nonprofits to pay fees or run the option for tipping among its users, nor would he say if GoFundMe has projected how much it might make from one or the other option. The new business model GoFundMe is introducing with charities presents a much wider range of services for non-profits aimed at making GoFundMe a more useful and flexible platform. Charity groups will now have the option either to pay fees to use the service (donor-covered fees), or use it for free by offering the tipping feature that GoFundMe uses on its consumer-focused site. This is a departure compared to the the platforms that power many nonprofit sites and events, which typically charge for their services. GoFundMe says it will specify what the the donor-covered fees will be public closer to the launch date. Then, moving away from the familiar, basic layout that GoFundMe offers for individual causes today, nonprofits will also be given more design freedom: They will have the option to customise their pages; and nonprofits can run GoFundMe campaigns on their own sites (not yet apps) by placing a customised button for people to donate — similar to how Facebook disseminated its “Like” buttons, or PayPal and other payment services created “buy” buttons. They will also be provided with analytics on how their campaigns are performing, and CRM integrations to link up GoFundMe campaigns with wider marketing efforts. And nonprofits running events where individuals are fundraising — for example, around charity runs — will be able to do this under the bigger GoFundMe umbrella, including enlisting and organising individual fundraisers, or selling tickets to charity events. GoFundMe will also be leveraging its own traction in the fundraising market to grow this business. The idea is twofold here: The first aim will be to bring to nonprofit groups the kind of storytelling and social media virality that has done so well on GoFundMe already. The second aim will be to bring the mountain to Mohamed, so to speak: the platform currently has more than 50 million users, and like other funding platforms, GoFundMe has made a business out of recirculating those donors: once you give to one cause, your details are in the system and that makes it easier to donate elsewhere on the same platform. Now the non-profits will also have access to that pool of users that has been proven to be willing to step up financially. Up to now, the tipping model has been working for the company, although we don’t know how revenues from it compare to those when it charged platform fees. Solomon noted that the company is profitable and has been able to grow its business on the back of the tipping model it now uses for its individual campaigns (it dropped its platform fee in 2017 and then acquired YouCaring, a competitor that built a profitable business on tipping alone). GoFundMe has never disclosed much on the financial front: it has only ever had one round of funding, of an undisclosed amount, from a group of investors that included Accel, Greylock, TCV, Iconic, Meritech and Stripes. We’d heard that at one point PayPal had wanted to acquire the company for about $1 billion, but that never developed, and GoFundMe has continued to grow. Solomon said that those investors will eventually want “a liquidity event,” whether that comes in the form of an IPO, or private equity investment, or an M&A move, but that won’t be for a while. “We’re not focused on that at all, and don’t expect to see anything for another year or two,” he said. View the full article
  9. It's been a wild few weeks for Jim Jones. In the thick of Tekashi 6ix9ine's kidnapping trial, an audiotape surfaced that allegedly featured Jones calling for the disgraced rapper to be "violated." Never one to miss out on an opportunity to troll his fellow artists, 50 Cent shared a screenshot of a social media post that stated Tekashi's court documents listed Jones as a federal informant. It suggested that is how Jones was able to avoid jail time after copping to a plea earlier this year in connection to a drug charge. Although the information was unverified, the rumor went viral after Fif shared it on his Instagram page. "Oh sh*t, so that's why they ain't pull him in," Fif wrote in the caption. "Say it ain't so jimmy." When questioned about his alleged link to 6ix9ine's case or the informant gossip, Jones has kept his opinions to himself, but in a sit down on Monday with his friend Angie Martinez for her radio show, he shared his thoughts before wanting to quickly move on. "You never know that you was at a circus 'til you figure out that you was lookin' at a clown," he said. "When a clown gives out information, everybody laughs. For the most part, everybody knows that I'm a substantial individual. I've been doing this for a very long time. People don't read the facts, they read the Gram. It's a big difference, you know what I mean? People use the media to do what they do. They blow everything up out of proportion, but, as far as my feelings? No, it doesn't feel right." Jones admitted that he was upset when he first caught wind of the disparaging meme, but he was able to assess the situation and get ahold of his temper. "Of course it took me somewhere else at the moment when I saw it, but then calmed down, sat back, laughed at it, looked at the person who was dishin' it," he continued. "Thought about it. Thought about tryin' to be just as facetious as the person was, but then it doesn't make no sense. I'd be doing the same thing he's doing and that's lightweight doing what we don't like to do. I just leave it alone, but I do say one thing: Where I'm from, real n*ggas don't do bullsh*t to tarnish people's name. At all. That's not honorable. We don't gotta talk about that too much. If you know me, you know me." Check out Jones's interview with Angie below. View the full article
  10. The Fort Worth police officer who shot and killed an unarmed woman in her home on Saturday has been arrested and charged with murder. Atatiana Jefferson's neighbor grew concerned after he noticed that the front and side doors of her home were open. After time passed, he wanted to make sure that everyone in the home was safe, so he called a non-emergency number and asked for someone to come by and perform a welfare check on his neighbor. Former Officer Aaron Dean arrived on the scene and, as reportedly seen in his body camera footage, within minutes he looked through a bedroom window and saw something moving. He yelled, "Put your hands up, show me your hands" without announcing that he was a police officer, and instead of waiting on someone to follow his commands, he opened fire through the window. Atatiana was inside of her home playing video games with her eight-year-old nephew when she was shot and killed. Activists, celebrities, and concerned citizens stormed social media to air their grievances, and on Monday, Dean reportedly resigned from his position before the Fort Worth Police Department could officially fire him. The New York Times now reports that Dean has formally been arrested and charged with murder, and is currently being held without bail. "Nobody looked at that video and said there was any doubt that this officer acted inappropriately,” the Interim Fort Worth Police Chief Ed Kraus said. James Smith, the neighbor who called for the welfare check, regrets contacting the police. “It makes you not want to call the police department," he stated. "Because not just Dallas or other incidents, if you don’t feel safe with the police department, then who do you feel safe with?" Smith said. "Do you just ignore crime or ignore something that’s not right? They tell you if you see something, say something. Well if you do that and you cause somebody to lose their life it makes you not want to do that and that’s sad.” View the full article
  11. Indie-rock band preview The Deadbeat Bang of Heartbreak City with heavy single "Bam Rang Rang" View the full article
  12. Lil Nas X has become a superstar because of his chart-topping, record-breaking single "Old Town Road," but the song didn't become a smash hit until it was remixed by country great Billy Ray Cyrus. As we all remember, "Old Town Road" was steeped in controversy when it first gained a buzz due to it being removed from the Billboard country charts for not being...well...country enough. The song was criticized and exiled by country fans, a move that was regarded by many to be racially motivated, so Cyrus added his vocals to validate "Old Town Road"'s country credibility. Over the summer, the pair shared the stage to perform the genre-blending track, and just recently, they took home two trophies at the BET Hip Hop Awards for their single. "Thank you to the BET Hip Hop Awards and hip hop/rap community for the Best Collab and Single of the Year wins," Cyrus said. "You kept OTR at No. 1 for 19 consecutive weeks. More importantly, you made me feel welcomed into your home and world. I’m dedicating these wins to Mr. Nipsey Hussle—a legend gone way too soon." As polite as Cyrus has been when it comes to occupying hip hop spaces, there have been some who have accused him of being insincere with his approach. The topic was discussed on this week's episode of State of the Culture where Joe Budden wasn't about to let his co-host degrade Cyrus's name. "You're a guest, and that's what Billy Ray Cyrus has done every time he's taken the stage," Joe said. "He comes and he says, 'Thank y'all for having me.'" Eboni K. Williams asked Remy Ma if she thinks Cyrus was "pandering" to his audience. "I'm not really sure," Remy said, speculatively. Joe interjected. "Pandering!? Nah, I'm not gon' let y'all do that." He added, "We gotta stop that as black people. Take a sh*t or get off the toilet. The little n*gga put a record out. The message was, 'Hey, country won't let me in. The white people are white people-ing again'. So, it took for Billy Ray Cyrus ass to come and say, 'No, white people. Y'all gon' take this 'cause I'm on this motherf*cka and I'm country.' He stood up! So let's not do that now that the kid has gotten all of the accolades. Let's not even mention it!" Check out the clip below and sound off in the comments on what you think of Joe's stance. View the full article
  13. For many years the allure of Silicon Valley was contingent on the ability to move here. Its ecosystem didn’t work remotely. “We see a very strong indication that where you’re located does matter… come to Silicon Valley,” intoned Joe Kraus of Google Ventures at the first Disrupt conference I ever intended, speaking for essentially all VCs, including Y Combinator. Easy enough if you’re American. Much, much trickier if you need a visa to get there. Is it still true that the Valley doesn’t work remotely? Or is there another path for startups from faraway countries these days? Last week I sat down with Alexis Ohanian in his ancestral homeland of Armenia to discuss this. Every nation seems to have its own set of incubators and seed investors these days. Armenia is no exception: I met Ohanian at the launch event for Aybuben Ventures, a VC fund “for Armenia and The Armenians.” (As I wrote last week, the Armenian diaspora is a big deal.) But what happens next, when you need to raise a serious Series A, but your local market realistically isn’t big enough to support your company? Even five years ago you would have had a lot of trouble tapping into the Valley. Since then, though, things have changed. The price of Bay Area talent — and real estate — has led to the rise of “mullet startups,” as coined by Andreessen Horowitz’s Andrew Chen. Such comapnies have their headquarters in the Bay to take advantage of the Valley, but their tech teams somewhere cheaper and more spacious. “Business up front, party out back.” Ohanian’s point is that there’s no reason the mullet model can’t work backwards: launch a company with a strong tech team in some remote location, then, when you hit the inflection point, open a Bay Area office, move the executive team there, and turn yourself into a mullet startup. (Aided by the fact that if coming as a company, your visa options widen to include e.g. the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa.) Call it the “reverse mullet,” exemplified by e.g. PicsArt. This model is especially viable for nations which have deep engineering / tech talent, so that the “party out back” tech team becomes an ongoing competitive advantage. (This is part of why Ohanian keeps hammering home the importance of learning to code during his visits to Armenia, something which is probably easier in a nation which already features compulsory chess education.) All of which sounds great in theory — — but it’s not like we see a herd of unicorns with reverse mullets out there … yet. If we do, though, that will be an exceptionally interesting new growth model, with significant ramifications — a way for Silicon Valley to essentially metastasize to the rest of the world. This in turn will, ironically, reify its primacy as the center of the global tech industry, the sun around which all the faraway planets orbit, after so many prophecies of decentralization. Count the reverse mullet unicorns in three years, and if there are more than a mere few, we’ll know the answer. View the full article
  14. Even as female emcees storm the charts and often beat out their male counterparts at award ceremonies, women in rap will tell you that they struggle with obtaining respect in the industry. This is a complaint that has existed as long as there have been women with hip hop fame aspirations, and in an upcoming episode of E! True Hollywood Story, Yo-Yo and Da Brat reminisce about life in the limelight back in the early 2000s. The two female rap icons reflect on what they call double standards that exist in hip hop, especially as it pertains to looks. "Hip hop female artists continuously reinvent themselves," Yo-Yo stated. "You have to constantly stay hot or they move onto someone else." Da Brat added, "You're expected to look a certain way. They want you to be beautiful. Can't get fat, but men can be fat as hell. Look at Biggie and look at Heavy D. Really, the main thing, you always wanna be f*ckable." The pair also discussed the monumental moment when, back in 2003, the Grammy Awards introduced a new category: Best Female Rap Solo Performance. However, the category only existed for two years before it was axed due to the "lack of releases" by qualified artists. "It was amazing when they finally gave women a solo category because we stand alone," Da Brat said. Although the Funkdafied rapper was nominated both years, Missy Elliott ultimately took home the title each time. Yo-Yo, who was on the board for the Grammys, asserted that the council wasn't knowledgable about women in rap so she said they didn't see the value in giving them much attention or praise. Check out the clip of Sunday's E! True Hollywood Story below. View the full article
  15. Unlike the Uncanny Pride Lands of this year's "photorealistic" The Lion King remake, the live-action Lady And The Tramp features real animals, and objectively the best animals. It's also got Janelle Monáe's updated version of "He's A Tramp" (she's playing sultry pound dog Peg). The latest trailer features a snippet of the song, as well as our first look at the updated spaghetti scene. And while the dogs are definitely real, their mouths have been CGI'd to match the dialogue — and to make Lady (Tessa Thompson) and Tramp (a very gravelly Justin Theroux) exchange flirty smiles as they nudge meatballs or tumble into compromising positions. We'll let you decide how weirded out you are by that when it comes to Disney+ (joining every other movie ever made, apparently) on Nov. 12. Read more... More about Live Action, Disney, Lady And The Tramp, Entertainment, and Movies Tv ShowsView the full article
  16. Jeff Beck, B.B. King, Steve Winwood, John Mayer, Carlos Santana, Ronnie Wood, Joe Walsh, Buddy Guy also appear on six-disc Crossroads Revisited View the full article
  17. Japan's nationwide high-speed train system, known as the Shinkansen, felt the brunt of the deadly cyclone Typhoon Hagibis after flooding, relentless rain, and mudslides. The railways run by the Japan Railway Company were battered by torrential downpours, as the storm led to 50 deaths and knocked out power to thousands the over the past few days. Japanese news outlet NHK reported train service shutdowns throughout the weekend. A travel blog from Japan Rail Pass posted warnings about the storm: "Super Typhoon Hagibis forces Japan to cancel hundreds of flights and trains." A Shinkansen train made it across the Tamagawa river after Typhoon Hagibis in Kawasaki on Sunday. Image: WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images The flooded train depot in Nagano kept the bullet trains from moving. Image: JIJI PRESS/JIJI PRESS/AFP via Getty Images Read more... More about Japan, Extreme Weather, Typhoon, Bullet Train, and TechView the full article
  18. We live in an interesting era of music. Artists are gaining worldwide fame and recognition without the backing of record labels while they share their music with millions of fans without radio play. Records are being made and broken left and right, and it seems that every artist has become the first person to change the game in one way or another. Then, as soon as one person takes the title, there's another that creeps in and steals it within weeks. Top Dawg Entertainment president Terrence "Punch" Henderson is over it. The record executive took to his Twitter account to share his amusement with people who try to formulate fictitious achievements in order to make themselves seem more accomplished than they are. "Never been a fan of creating a false narrative to push sales or buzz," Punch tweeted. "They get creative though I’ll tell you that . N*ggas will make up a whole stat that’s impossible to verify. 'My album the first one to sale 314 copies at 3:14am on a Tuesday by an artist with a headache!'" Whether you agree with him or not, that "false narrative" buzz may just be working for some artists out there. Who do you think fits what Punch is talking about? View the full article
  19. Kevin Durant wont be playing any basketball this season but that won't be stopping Nike from dropping new colorways of his latest signature basketball shoe, the KD 12. So far, Nike has released a plethora of KD 12 colorways and all of them have been fairly successful as ballplayers are always looking for some new kicks to mess around in. There has been a pretty dope variety of models as both colorful and more neutral options have hit the market. The latest colorway to be revealed is this vibrant monochrome offering which is being dubbed "Blue Gaze." This sneaker certainly lives up to its name as it is covered in an icy light blue tone that hits pretty hard. It's a gorgeous looking shoe and if you want to stand out on the court this season, these are definitely the way to go, especially if your prefer KDs. According to Sole Collector, these will be dropping on Friday, November 1st for $150 USD so don't sleep if you plan on copping. Let us know in the comments what you think of this latest colorway. Image via JD Sports Image via JD Sports Image via JD Sports Image via JD Sports View the full article
  20. Ultra Music Festival is now officially the world’s largest festival brand with the addition of its newest destination, Abu Dhabi, and return to India. Before returning to Miami next year, Ultra will circle the Indian Ocean, with stops in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Abu Dhabi, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Melbourne and Sydney. In total, the festival will now be featured across 29 countries and 46 cities, with Ultra Worldwide making its Middle East debut in Abu Dhabi on March 5-6, 2020. Details regarding tickets and lineup will be released soon. Following Abu Dhabi, the worldwide tour will continue with the return of Road To Ultra India: Hyderabad & New Delhi on March 7-8, 2020. Ultra first touched down in India with two successful shows in New Delhi and Mumbai in March 2017, hosting The Chainsmokers for their first ever performance in the country, and now it returns with presumably the same caliber of talent in tow. If you were wondering, the previous largest festival brand might surprise you — WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance), co-founded by former Genesis frontman Peter Gabriel. You can find information about all of Ultra’s destinations around the world here. Photo via Rukes.com This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Ultra Becomes World’s Largest Festival Brand With Addition Of Brand New Destination View the full article
  21. EDC Las Vegas sold out in record time this year — GA, GA+, and VIP — but there are still plenty of chances to get your tickets. The best chance of securing your ticket closer to the festival is by joining the EDC LV 2020 waitlist. Since EDC sold out so quickly this year thanks to the layaway plans, many people were able to secure their tickets for a pittance of what they’ll be paying at the end. It stands to reason that many of these people won’t finish making payments on their tickets, and that’s where the waitlist comes in. The waitlist is here to let us know you are interested in attending an event after the tickets have sold out. In the event tickets become available, they will be issued to people on the waitlist on a first come first served basis. In the case that a Headliner can no longer attend or has not made their payments on time, a ticket will become available. You can find more information and join the waitlist yourself here. Photo by Marc Van Der Aa for Insomniac Events This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: EDC Las Vegas Is Sold Out, But Just Opened A Wait List for Cancelled Tickets View the full article
  22. Elected officials are worried about Facebook's proposed Libra cryptocurrency, and Brian Armstrong thinks that's downright un-American. The Coinbase CEO expressed his frustration with senators Brian Schatz and Sherrod Brown on Sunday, writing that letters of caution penned by the two and sent to Stripe, Visa, and Mastercard went a step too far. Specifically, the senators warned the companies — at that point Libra backers — that Facebook had failed to satisfactorily demonstrate how it will prevent the cryptocurrency from being used to, among other things, facilitate terrorist financing. "You should be concerned," read the letters in part, "that any weaknesses in Facebook's risk management systems will become weaknesses in your systems that you may not be able to effectively mitigate." Read more... More about Facebook, Coinbase, Libra, Stripe, and Tech View the full article
  23. WWE superstars will be returning to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia later this month for another "Crown Jewel" event, which will include several highly publicized bouts, including Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez and Braun Strowman vs boxing champ Tyson Fury. On Monday, the WWE revealed some more details about the upcoming Crown Jewel card and their plans to hold the largest Tag Team Turmoil Match of all time, with the winning team taking possession of a newly announced World Cup trophy and the title of Best Tag Team in the World. According to WWE's press release, these nine tag teams will be included in the brawl: The New Day, The Viking Raiders, Heavy Machinery, Lucha House Party, Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins, The Revival, The O.C., Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode and The B-Team. WWE has also announced that Mansoor Al-Shehail, the first Saudi wrestler to have ever competed in a WWE ring and the winner of the first-ever 50 Man Battle Royal, will go up against Cesaro. A five-on-five tag team match pitting "Team Hogan" vs "Team Flair" is also scheduled for Crown Jewel, but the full teams have not yet been revealed. Thus far, we know that Hulk's team will be represented by Seth Rollins and Rusev, while Flair's team consists of Baron Corbin and Randy Orton. WWE Crown Jewel, taking place at the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, will air on the WWE Network on Thursday, October 31, at 1 pm ET. View the full article
  24. Bird, the $2.5 billion electric scooter business, is losing its chief legal and policy officer. David Estrada, who was hired last year from Kitty Hawk, is joining another mobility company, SoftBank-backed Nuro. A spokesperson for Bird tells TechCrunch Estrada is leaving the Santa Monica-based company to be closer to his family. Nuro, for its part, is based in Mountain View, CA. Bird’s former chief legal officer, David Estrada. Estrada, who previously oversaw public policy at the electric aircraft company Kitty Hawk as its chief legal officer, has been responsible for Bird’s compliance and government relations efforts as the company scaled to over 100 global cities. Prior to joining Kitty Hawk, Estrada spent nearly two years as Lyft’s vice president of government relations and worked as the legal director for Google X, partnering with states on legislation around autonomous vehicles, Google Glass and drone delivery. Nuro, founded in June 2016, has emerged as a key player in the rapidly-expanding autonomous delivery sector. The company has attracted a whopping $1.03 billion in venture capital funding to date, according to Pitchbook. SoftBank funneled an astounding $940 million into the business earlier this year at an undisclosed valuation. In addition to SoftBank, Nuro is backed by Greylock and the Chinese venture capital firm Gaorong Capital. The company has been developing a self-driving stack and combining it with a custom unmanned vehicle designed for last-mile delivery of local goods and services. It began piloting grocery delivery in 2018 in the Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale. Bird has overcome a number of unique hurdles with many more afoot, including pushback from local governments who were aggravated by the sudden appearance of hundreds of scooters. At Nuro, Estrada will have the opportunity to focus on the future of unmanned delivery, another sector faced with regulatory challenges and political barriers. View the full article
  25. Ted Gioia's "Music: A Subversive History" is daringly ambitious but, laments critic Robert Christgau, disdains the pleasure of "mere entertainment." View the full article
  26. It’s that time of year again. Yes, that time. One of the most controversial award ceremonies in music is coming up… the DJ Mag Top 100. Every year we try to take an educated guess at who will be in the Top 10 of the Top 100 list, and this year is no different. Official results are announcing this week on the 19th, but in the meantime enjoy our speculation at who will come out on top given the past year of music and touring. For reference, here is the DJ Mag Top 100 for 2018. This year, I’m predicting the biggest change of all: a dethroning of Martin Garrix from the coveted #1 spot. The primary reason I am nearly certain this will happen is the new interview that Garrix just conducted questioning the validity of the entire list. The major DJs involved in this program are undoubtedly made aware of their ranking at least a week in advance of the award show, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Martijn came out with his most strongly opined interview halfway-condemning the Top 100 so soon before it is being announced. In his stead, I suspect Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike will reclaim their #1 spot. I believe this to be the case as Tomorrowland has done a stellar job at encouraging its attendees to vote for their biggest artist management clients, and with this being the first year of Tomorrowland Winter, it’s no doubt they accrued more votes than before. Also, Martin Garrix has had a less stellar year in comparison to years past. Not to say he hasn’t released some quality new music – my personal favorite being his collab with Macklemore and Fall Out Boy, “Summer Days.” DVLM, on the other hand, have launched their own eSports organization, appeared in the new Mortal Kombat game, collaborated with Paris Hilton and even gotten into acting. Not to mention, they actually campaign for votes unlike the young Dutchman Martin Garrix. Aside from the #1 change, I foresee David Guetta moving to #3 as he continues to make waves despite the impressive length of his DJ career. He was just crowned #1 on the 1001tracklists Top 101 Producers, as well, so there’s precedent. I think Armin van Buuren will stay at #4, as he has presented himself as the absolute definition of consistency. From there, I believe Don Diablo will continue to rise among the ranks and reach #5 as he has simply redefined the game when it comes to embracing his brand and marketing it to the masses. Tiësto will no doubt find himself in the Top 10, but I can see him falling a spot to #6 to some of the artists putting in more work this year as he has been recently preoccupied with his wedding. I expect Marshmello to gain a few spots, even though a large amount of his audience probably doesn’t care about DJ Mag. I have him at #7 for this reason, but it would be unsurprising if he landed as high as #3. Below them, I have Steve Aoki at #8, as he remains one of the hardest touring DJs in the world. The Chainsmokers at #9, as they continue to tour world arenas and release radio hit after radio hit. And, last but not least, I have placed Skrillex at #10 for making his return to the EDM arena this year and working on multiple international collabs where fans are more likely to be casting DJ Mag votes. These are all simply my guesses, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on who should be in the Top 10 this year. Will Illenium make a meteoric rise to the Top 10? I’d love to see it – but don’t get your hopes up. 1) Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike 2) Martin Garrix 3) David Guetta 4) Armin van Buuren 5) Don Diablo 6) Tiësto 7) Marshmello 8) Steve Aoki 9) The Chainsmokers 10) Skrillex Photo via Rukes.com This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: DJ Mag Top 100 Predictions – 2019 View the full article
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