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The return of metal!! All hail Dragon Force

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Thanx for the info and welcome to Beatking

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I heard them on sirius a couple days ago....brings back memories of Saxon and Iron Maiden type music.

Edit: Lyrically speaking

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Comedy metal? I thought Lordi was the band for that?

i thought it was motley crue...

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Dragonforce at the Powerstation, Auckland, NZ...


There's a comedy festival on in Auckland. Dragonforce weren't on the programme.

It's a shame because they might have been the funniest show in town on this particular night.

Dragonforce are funny not just because they appear as a fully formed hair metal band, time warped to earth from the planet 1984. And not just because of their lyrical absurdity - they mostly sing about fighting epic battles against dark demon lords in ancient fantasy realm type environments.

The fighting fantasy stuff gives them a strong following amongst the World of Warcraft gaming enthusiasts. As if to prove the point someone up the front of the crowd wields a giant blow up sword.

But this is heavy metal of a sort.

The fans - particularly the frenzied teenagers baying down from the upstairs underage zone - certainly haven't come to laugh. This is not another Spinal Tap, Tenacious D or even The Darkness.

The fans have turned out because they love the galloping rhythms and the searing dual lead guitar attack. The bombastic caterwauling of lead singer ZP Theart is exactly as it should be - Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickenson with a smattering of David Lee Roth and Jon Bon Jovi thrown is for good measure.

Guitarists Herman Li and New Zealander Sam Totman are certainly fast and accomplished in the speed metal style.

In one dual,where they both showcase their tapping skills, it's kind of like watching Eddie Van Halen and Steve Vai do battle. Undeniably impressive.

The downside to the Dragonforce show - though clearly not for the fans who can chant the words of every chorus - is that the song structure can get a little repetitive.

And they do rely on their songs to carry them.

Some other metal and hard rock acts to hit our shores this year - Isis, Mars Volta, Slayer and Mastodon to name a few - are far less song focused but can wow the uninitiated with sonic landscapes and sheer heaviness that demands attention.

Dragonforce just aren't that heavy. So despite the speed, the volume and the acts of musical dexterity the show can lose intensity between the chorus driven peaks.

But back to the comedy. What makes Dragonforce really funny is that they play to the two-thirds full Powerstation crowd as if it was the old Wembley Stadium.

It's kind of endearing that they don't hold back their exaggerated stage moves and theatrics for the smaller crowd. The art is demanding we pump our fists in the air from almost the first song.

Generally, the chance to see big acts at small venues is a blessing for Auckland rock fans.

But Dragonforce probably need a bigger venue and bigger crowd to really hit their straps.

The guitar and keyboard heavy sound needs some space for the high notes to echo in the night air.

In the confines of a small venue you need the ears of a hardened elvish warrior to keep up.

source:NZPA/Liam Dann



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Dragon Force Interview with some cool footage

Dragonforce are without doubt one of the best shredders in the world, Herman Li (i think) has won best shredder for like 3 years in a row now.

watch the solo in "through the fire and flames" it will, wow you past extreams.

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